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Bulk CC

I'm a 51 year old artist and photographer who enjoys the Sims 4 in building mode, but I rarely play the game itself...just not enough hours in my day...or nights. I just started playing again after being way too busy for the last few months. I've always had trouble finding CC for my game and most sites I felt like I was chasing my tail just to find out the CC was no longer available. I have subscriptions to the sim resources, but I see on youtube all this wonderful CC and want to use them. I especially love the clutter and decorations, but I also love to build different buildings such as industrial and to create retail spaces. I used to be able to get links to the CC on youtube and now I can't even find the links after watching the video. Quite frustrating.

Is there a way to just purchase bulk CC? I'd much rather pay $$ for a large download than spend a hours just getting a few free CC items. At this point, I think I'd be willing to pay someone for just their time to do my downloads for me. Any help on bulk downloads?


  • GIJaneDoeGIJaneDoe Posts: 19 Member
    If you're aware of someone who has a patreon that I could subscribe to for objects and building mode items, please let me know. Thank you!
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