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Only in the sims will this EVER happen. (photo)

LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,594 Member
edited January 14 in The Sims 2
After she got off work, she met this guy walking down her sidewalk in front of her home. She was needing to gain one more friend to help with her teaching requirements. So they decided to hang out when all of a sudden a wild skunk decided to .... well I'll let the photo tell the story.


Only in the sims would two people just keep sitting there when this little black and white critter decides to show up. Most people would be running for the hills. lol

Also, this happened...

My sim was giving her dog a bath when something happened that caused him to stay in the tub. What did my sim do? She decided the bubble bath was just too much to resist.



  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,602 Member
    Hi @LaBlue0314

    hahaha awesome so funny and completely agree :)
  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,594 Member
    edited January 14
    When I didn't think things would get odder with my sim, who by the way her name is Pinky. Pinky decided to catch her breakfast on fire, even though she has 5 cooking skills, and the best stove money can buy. After the firefighter put out the blaze and was walking out the door, Pinky started laughing, so I put the game in pause when I saw her doing this.


    Hmmm, makes me wonder if she did that on purpose.

    I about died laughing.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,822 Member
    Lol! Awesome~ She's so proud of herself. :lol:

  • JadesimmerJadesimmer Posts: 53 Member
    is this funny act caused by bug :D:D
  • kamra19610kamra19610 Posts: 460 Member
    I love all these but really love skunk and dog in bath because I do have real life moments like that. When I was a young teen, I got off the school but and saw a skunk down the road walking around. I walked slowely over to it and sat down on the ground. I skunk did not act afraid and so I got some bread out of my lunch box and held it out to the skunk. This was very long ago so don't remember all the details of how long it took or anything but the skunk came over and eat the bread out of my hand. Then nosed around me for more and put its little paws on my leg. I fed it the last and then slowly got up and went home. I know this was a stupid thing to do, but I was a farm girl and loved animals.
    Present time I have a Shih Tzu that is with me all the time. She won't even let me alone for me to have a nice soke in the tub. I will be laying in hot water eyes closed relaxing and pounce she has jump in on top of me. She curls around and lays on my stock in the hot water. Love her but this really gets old. Thanks for reading my little stories and again, I love your sims and their actions.
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