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What's sad about these packs is what we DON'T get



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    even though i voted for the one with the blender i assume that elders as their called in game would have had knitting experience already. oh i don't mean you go in game and they do it right the first time. but in real life its been my experiece that younger people do learn how to do knitting from their grandparents so it is a way of bridging thr gap between generations. just my opion not fully awake yet so i mght have missed something
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    I liked both the Happy Hunts and Arts and Crafts style from the beginning. Now that knitting is the primary focus, I have lost interest. It’s a lovely addition for the elderly, however, I would’ve liked if they incorporated a couple other craft skills along with it. I would have LOVED pottery or glass fabrication. Such a cool concept and fitting for more age groups. I will not be paying $10 for the elderly to be able to knit. As an artist in real life, we are LACKING in unique creative skills. So many creative talents out there these days that I would love to have in game.

    Sigh... insert long tirade about how knitting is not just for the elderly, and there are a lot of cool modern and youthful (as in Teen-YA) patterns out there...

    I don't mind if you would have preferred Happy haunts or some other craft, but "knitting is for the elderly" is an ageist excuse.
    Yeah I have been knitting since I was a kid myself. I started with the lanyards and looms when I was super young, then moved onto knitting long before I hit age 13. My aunt is also talented and would teach Bunka classes which is Japanese embroidery.
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    I agree that they should stop making Stuff Packs at this point and focus on GP/EP content, because they usually have more playability, but I'm thinking that this is goign to be one of the best stuff packs... a whole new skill for us to play, were we can produce things to sell etc... Before Moschino SP they had so little to do in that pack type, and I feel much more invested in that than in having a pack with 10/15 objects and one of them having new interactions, but being stuck to the sp and never getting any new versions of that furniture...
    And, no... I don't support the hot tub being taken away from everyone that paid for that pack, but an object being exclusive to something angers me as we are never going to get more versions of it to match with other furnitures styles...
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