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What should we be able to knit?


  • RedSunBluesRedSunBlues Posts: 143 Member
    Blankets, scarves, afghans, tapestries, animals, cup coozies, placesettings, headbands, wristbands, gloves, mittens, glove mitten combos, fingerless gloves, hanging stockings, long underwear/thermals, sleeping caps, slippers, baby boots, turtles and turtlenecks, earmuffs, socks, stockings, sweaters, dresses, a wedding dress, flower decorations, quilts, baby blankets, bonnets, doileys, pillows, rugs, toilet seat covers, hanging plant holders, capes, boot height socks with pom pom tassels, animal clothes.
  • pinneduphairpinneduphair Posts: 918 Member
    Blankets! My grandmother used to make blankets for... well, everyone. :) And I still have several of her blankets throughout the house. That’s what I think of first when it comes to knitting.

    In general I think it would be better for there to be more than just CAS items that can be created through knitting.
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,835 Member
    My mom passed away almost 8yrs ago. Crazy how time flies. Anyway, we recently moved and while unpacking I found an old scarf my mother knit me. She was always knitting ppl scarves, tho I’ve never seen anyone wear them. Truth be told I never wore mine either but now, it’s the most precious item in my closet. 😢 I’d appreciate it if we could knit scarves and gift them as accessories and decor. Thanks
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    Hey party people,

    We’re really excited that Knitting was the winning theme that was voted on by the community! Now it’s time to start thinking about what you actually want to knit! What kind of things do you expect your Sim to be able to sit down and create? What are your expectations? What would you like to see?

    For example, as a kid I fondly remember how my Great Auntie would always knit me & my siblings holiday slippers. Each and every year we would get a new pair. Mine were always blue. Even though she passed away many years ago, this is something that I will associate to her forever and in fact I still have the very last pair of slippers she ever made for me.

    So please let us know what is important about knitting to YOU and the kinds of clothing and/or objects you’d want to create with it! This collaborative exercise will greatly help to determine some of the possible options to include in the upcoming asset votes.

    Thank you so much for your time and interest and let’s collectively make this the best stuff pack yet!

    Hey @SimGuruNinja. I hope that you are doing well and nice to see you again. Being an avid knitter and crocheter I love to make different things.

    Usually I make scarves and hats and being a colorful girl, I use very colorful yarns. It is nice to make fingerless gloves too. I made my old dog who since passed a dog sweater too. I've made slippers before too. Being an auntie myself, I love making things for my nephews and niece too. My nephew with autism who is toddler age loves wearing scarves which comforts him. Usually when I knit I using multi-colored yarn or I knit with two yarns, one cotton and the other one is called fun with fur or eyelash yarn. There are many different types of yarn and different types of stitches, so time for me to nerd it out yarn style. My mom and I have been teaching my eldest nephew how to knit too and he has been enjoying it.

    Here is just 18 of them:

    Fun Fact: You can even make yarn out of dog fur. I admit one of the reasons why I wanted a farm pack was because of knitting with yarn made from sheep and alpaca and llama, so I'm happy there will be a hobbies and crafts pack. Just all the game play ideas with it really appealed to me, so was happy it won.

    History of yarn:

    Types of yarn:

    Sorry for the picture spams, so going to stick it in a spoiler. I am very passionate about knitting.

    Here is the fun fur yarn with the kind of knobby yarn I have knit with before. I've been working on a poncho.

    Some fingerless gloves:

    When the patch with Baby Yoda came out, I looked up if there were any Baby Yoda Plushies and at the time Disney didn't have any, but people did make some out of yarn which came out really cute:

    So I would love to see I think some Voidcritters made with yarn plushies for toddlers and children and childish Sims to play with.

    I love the look of knitted bags too and I know Sims don't have any CAS bags, but would be a neat feature to have:

    There are knitted seats:

    Some finger knitted pillows which is fun for kids to do too:

    Shark blanket:

    Flowers are fun to make too:

    Flower blanket:

    Hanging plant holder:

    Baby knit outfit:


    Waffle scarf:

    Hooded scarf:

    Knit shoes:
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • Liz52Liz52 Posts: 3 New Member
    BLANKETS!!!!! That they can actually use on the couch or chair or on their bed! Maybe some stuffed animals(toys) for toddlers and children
  • Liz52Liz52 Posts: 3 New Member
    Pillows too!
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,835 Member
    I’d appreciate some new animations for toys. Maybe we could knit a rag doll and all ages could use it. Toddlers could walk and carry it around. Kids could play with it while sitting on the floor or on the couch watching tv with it. Adults or teens can cry while holding it laying on the bed, maybe feel better afterwards.
  • Cyberqueen13Cyberqueen13 Posts: 2,835 Member
    I’d like to knit and gift the ugly Christmas sweater 🤪 Also would be nice to have some totally awful tries at sweat making and gift sweaters where one sleeve is waaaay longer than the other, but the sim wears it anyway to be nice. Oh, and knit the pink bunny outfit from the Christmas Story movie, 🐰😂
  • KendallkorKendallkor Posts: 1 New Member
    Definitely scarves! I have been wanting them to be in game for a long time and I think it would be a perfect pack to do so. I also think sweaters, definitely mittens, socks.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,946 Member
    edited January 2020
    Potholders & knitted oven mitts that can be hung on the wall!
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  • TracySim11TracySim11 Posts: 2 New Member
    Apart from the obvious choice of scarves, mittens etc, I think knitted toys would be a fantastic addition to the game. I think the little Sims deserve something nice for a change :) And I do realise it's a stuff pack and this probably won't be possible but one can dream .... blankets that you can actually use as throws on the bed or couch!! Instantly the beds would look different and more personalised ... would LOVE this! <3
  • sweetliljasweetlilja Posts: 39 Member
    One more thing:

    There is an object in tree with yarn in process, on the desk in the Cozy Craft concept art. Don't know what it is called, but I had one as a kid myself, would appreciate if one was in the pack and kids could use it with yarn to create small gifts to their parents and other Sims.
  • BarefootedMamaBarefootedMama Posts: 2 New Member
    sweaters, hats or beanies, blankets
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,946 Member
    Macrame wallhangers
    But these should probably be part of build mode and not be crafted by our Sims, since macrame is a different technique than knitting

  • annacklesannackles Posts: 1 New Member

    Thank you for asking for our suggestions.

    I would love if we could knit outfits for babies, because I play a lot with families, babies deserve more and I am tired of those yellow or green clothes :D
    I also would like some knitted objects that we can put on shelves, because we definitely need more objects that are shelf compatible.
    It would be nice that kids can knit, bracelets for example.
  • sofasimsofasim Posts: 128 Member
    blankets, preferably those that are passed on through generations like memory quilts. otherwise pillows.
  • nelliebnellieb Posts: 2 New Member
    I would like knitted blankets, scarves, toys, hats, pillows, toddler booties, sweaters
  • lisi_jalisi_ja Posts: 542 Member

    There are already so many awesome ideas here! I think it would be great if kids could already learn to knit since I learnt it from my gradma.

    I also like the idea of it being incorporated in the charity activities of parenthood or maybe a mix with city living where you can sell your knitted items in the flea market and donate your earnings.

    Another idea is the meditation aspect of knitting. Maybe you could learn to teleport as in the meditation skill.

    And last but not least... It would be awesome if clothes would get holes at some point and could be mended by knitting or stitching like this


    Thank you for the amazing work!
  • LadyFuLadyFu Posts: 4 New Member
    About new objects our Sims could knit I would like to see scarfs, wool hats (beanies?) and gloves. Furthermore some cute wool dolls or puppet our kids can play with. Oven cloth to hang against walls in the kitchen and - really important for me! - table cloths. Those cute knitted chrocheted ones to place on neary every table, dresser and underneath the TV in my granny households.
    Knitted blankets for our comfort seatings or beds.

    And here's a suggestion: As a modder I see there's a "material tag" for CAS items which also includes a "wool" flag. So why not let our sims knit and get a CAS item for them which has the "wool" tag? Knitting Sims could gift thos clothes to the Sims ... old ones or maybe new CAS items which get unlocked in this way? Could this be a thing?
  • RetroLlamasRetroLlamas Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay so growing up and still to this day I never see my grandma without her knitting needles. At the moment she's knitting for a charity who are sending these ( I think pouches ) for the koalas in Australia.
    But something's I'd love to see in game that I've seen and had over the years of her knitting are
    Scarves (for all ages)
    Jumpers ( for all ages )
    Gloves ( fingerless and non fingerless )
    Blankets ( adult, kids and baby blankets)
    Baby clothes
    Jumpers for animals ( her dog has atheritis spelling? So it helps her in the cold )
    Stuffed animals and toys
    Christmas decorations
    This is all I can think of off the top of my head ATM.

    Like someone stated above it would be cool to see events or something along those lines were sims can volunteer for to knit for charities.
    E.g homeless , hospitals etc
    Its something my grandma does and it fills my heart with poor joy knowing that even if she can't donate money she's still doing something to help improve upon a bad situation.
  • Agrippine_23Agrippine_23 Posts: 96 Member
    Cushions and pillows that we could then place on beds and sofas!
  • TheMaenadTheMaenad Posts: 3 New Member
    I would love to see that we would be able to knit stuff that we could actually use, like most people here say. So CAS stuff, toys like teddybears and the like (how cool would it be if you started off making ugly sock puppets when you're a very low knitting level, and then knit your way up to beautiful voidcritters like someone mentioned earlier?!). Maybe even toys for cats and dogs. And also deco objects that we can actually place down. That would be awesome!
  • EsiaEsia Posts: 61 Member
    As an actual real life knitter and simmer I didn't want anything more than a knitting stuff pack.
    I would love to see not only typical designs from granny sweaters but also some stuff that younger knitters like myself would make.
    I made sweaters with robots, llamas, bugs and skeletons, gloves with Cthulhu and a scarf with magnetophone cassettes on them (I can prove it, go here, so I would really like to see some quirky hipster designs in the sims.
  • HanyoKitsune96HanyoKitsune96 Posts: 4 New Member
    Beanies, maybe with fox ears and such.
    Wall decorations - drapery or little orante things
    Decorative pillows
    Things that hold plants?
    Sweaters I guess.

    Seems kinda limited on things to do
    Oh rugs and maybe decorative blankets?
    Sock puppets with a sock puppet interaction that someone else mentioned sounds fun. Can always use more gameplay interactions.
  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,875 EA Community Manager
    Some seriously cool ideas being posted in here.
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