What should we be able to knit?


  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,845 Member
    Blankets that can go on beds

    Sweaters, hats, socks
  • JWgirl28JWgirl28 Posts: 39 Member
    Toys , clothes, hats , scarfs ect
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,868 Member
    Anything that sims can use in game (I love painting and photography because objects appear in game)
    Hats especially with a pompom on it
    Chunky gloves
    Plant hangers
  • Valkyrie040Valkyrie040 Posts: 42 Member
    I would love to have my grandma Sim or any other Sim who has the knitting skill to be able to create beautiful throws/afghans, which can be used to decorate couches, beds, chairs, even walls. They can even make knitted throw pillows or any kind of decorative pillows for that matter. Maybe make blankets as well, if possible, especially for winter and they can even gift this to friends and family. Maybe they could also crochet, not just knit? :smile:

    Other suggestions:
    1. Scarves
    2. Hats
    3. Hula hoop rugs (which you can also use as wall decor)
    4. Maybe decorative knitted chick baskets for Easter
    5. Christmas stockings or any holiday decor
    6. Maybe bags as well like a cute tote (they could either be decorative or they could be used for school or university)
    7. Boot cuffs that appear in CAS
    8. Sweaters with cowl neck, any type of knitted clothing would actually be nice even for summer outfits
    9. Mittens
    10. Booties for babies
    11. Decorative potholders that you can hang on your Sim's wall
    12. Gloves

    All of these could actually add to the gifts that Sims can give to each other and the recipient could either love it or hate it, depending on their taste or what they really wish to get for Christmas or birthday or for whatever special occasion they're celebrating.







  • PassiveSimmerPassiveSimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like if you could knit a blanket and I would also like to knit a onesie for all my sims. Theres also knitting gloves, socks, hats, sweaters and scarves.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,444 Member
    knit warm slippers to wear on cold winter nights or slipper socks
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  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 9,172 Member
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    I'd love it if we could knit..

    Toys for toddler and children
    -teddy or other animal plushies like bunny's,penguins, lions, etc
    -I love the idea of void critter plushies

    Clothes for all ages
    -Hats, scarves, gloves and/or mittens, earmuffs, (there's knitters and crocheters who make a hat and scarf combo that's one piece so maybe we could make those?)
    -Slippers (not just your traditional slippers, would love some slipper socks, animal slippers for children and toddlers)
    -winter sweaters
    -ugly christmas sweaters
    -Toddler dresses and outfits
    -Baby booties, hats, blankets (if we can't put them on the babies can be decoration)

    -Plant warmers that we could put around potted plants
    -poufs to sit on
    -blankets to put on the wall or bed if possible
    -throws to put on couches or love-seats
    -shawls that sims can use to wrap up in on cold night or even some summer shawls or ones just to wear with outfits when going out
    -Pet beds for big and small pets

    that's all I can think of for now
  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,379 Member
    Knitted teddy bears, freezer bunny, voidcritters, baby yoda :wink: , sweaters, blankets, winter gear. It's probably too much to animate but it would be cool if the blanket could be whipped out when laying on couch or something.
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  • brookiepeoplesbrookiepeoples Posts: 10 New Member
    It would be very cool if we could put knitting goods up for sale on an Etsy type site. (Along with other base game arts and craft items like paintings and sculptures) where people could place orders for the sims to fulfill. Maybe too much for a stuff pack, but would be fun!

    I’d love to see scarves as separate accessories, sweaters that become available in CAS after being knit or received as a gift, and baby/children’s clothes and toys. Thanks for letting us give our input! :)
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,845 Member
    I have fond memories of hugging knitted teddy bears. It would be lovely if kids can hold them. Other than that I'm up for anything 🤭
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    I'd like it if the items you can knit were different based on age.

    Simple toys: Beanie babies, hand puppets (as someone else suggested)
    Small blankets
    Friendship bracelets

    Everything kids can knit + Mittens, gloves, socks.
    Medium sized toys; stuffed bears, bunnies, and other animals.

    Everything teens can knit + sweaters, pants, shirts, jackets, hats.
    Toddler clothes.

    Everything adults can knit and the following
    Pet clothes
    Pet bed blankets
    Baby Clothes: Booties, Socks, Hats, Accessories, Pajamas, onsies. Baby blankets.
    Toys for babies-kids: Small, medium, and large sized stuffed animals and void critters.
    Clothes for all ages. Scarves and slippers.
    Blankets, holiday ornaments, holiday decorations
  • SiggDiggitSiggDiggit Posts: 143 Member

    My nan (great-gramma) used to knit all her grandkids and great-grandkids touques for Christmas; took her all year since there was over 90 of us but she always made each one different and they were wonderful.
    I myself am not too fussed about knitting; so I don't mind what we get. Touques, mittens, socks and sweaters would be nice.
    I'm not sure how scarves would work; clipping seems like it would be an issue, perhaps there could be a nondescript or basic sweater with a colourful scarf or snood?
    Imagining you could unlock CAS outfits through knitting skill or something like that; a dress with a shawl would be nice or perhaps a poncho outfit? (...I would really love a knitted poncho, lol)
    Anyways, I think it's cool they're asking us what we'd like to see and in the end, i'd be happy with whatever. They haven't disappointed me thus far.
  • MmdrgntobldrgnMmdrgntobldrgn Posts: 6,680 Member
    Someone (several simmers actually) mentioned the idea of a leveling skill for the knitting.

    If it does become a skilled activity, like the flower bench, it would be cool if level 10 knitting unlocked the ability to knit a fence like this woman did.lace_fence-1024x372.png
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  • JRmilekJRmilek Posts: 4 New Member
    Curtains, ponchos, hats, socks, fireplace socks (atachable), pull overs, pijamas, friendship wrist laces, teddy bears, new version of voodoo dolls, animal clothing (for those who own cats and dogs). And protectors for houseware... like the tea makers...
  • Kln700Kln700 Posts: 3 New Member
    I would like to be able to knit sweaters, mittens,hats, scarves and blankets. Also it would be great is you could give them as gifts too. Also give them to the family as winterfest gifts and the kids have to says thank you even when they wanted toys.
  • EllePlumBoEllePlumBo Posts: 4 New Member
    Knitted Scarves that can be unlocked as accessories in CAS

    Same Concept for Hats (in the hat category) one of the hats must have an attached knit beard and sweaters (in the tops category) and gloves and socks, and knitted necklace, bracelet and earrings

    Knitted voidcritters and other plushies- preferably interactive or at least giftable with seasons

    Knitted pet hats and sweaters and costumes

    Knitted baby onesies that can be viewed on babies born after the knit is complete

    KNitted stockings for winterfest - with present placing and receiving interactions please

    blankets seem obvious but I can't for the life of me envision how they would function in the Sims 4 environment except as noninteractive clutter. (please prove me wrong)

    Ah yes...and Dollies that can be placed on surfaces ( please pretty please make a small slot version we have so few things that actually fit on the shelves in game)
  • VYXVYX Posts: 19 Member
    I'm not that knowledgable about knitting but it would be nice to be able to give/sell/decorate your furniture with knitted items you make and make it accessible/wearable to all life stages instead of only one/two :)
    Read a lot of scarves mentioned (great for the cold weather outfit!) but what about shawls? Some knitted items that you can decorate your baby basinet with. And give the pets some knitted accessories/clothing as well! Also might be fun to have some clothes that are fixed with patches of knitted fabric and throw in some extra colors.
  • goofycorinogoofycorino Posts: 7 New Member
    I would love it if my Sim could knit comforters to cover up with while rocking in a chair. Also, hats and mittens for children. :) P
  • jessicalorelaijessicalorelai Posts: 11 New Member
    The should totally be able to knit clothing, as well as gift it. And they should get moodlets based on quality, like the fashion faux pas one they get for wearing the Celestial crown.

    I didn't vote for knitting but if we're gonna get it, I want it to be fun lol... this would definitely make it more fun.
  • AmazonAmosAmazonAmos Posts: 1 New Member
    I really don’t care as long as there is a color wheel so we can at least slightly Different personalized items.
  • alina_fialhoalina_fialho Posts: 3 New Member
    I'd love to see scarves, blankets, bonnets, mittens, stuffed animals (toys) and sweaters.

    Some baby/toddlers clothes would be amazing as many knitters create these as well (would be amazing for grandparents or parents to be able to knit something for a baby yet to come if someone is pregnant).

    As for levels Vs. what/how they create:

    Lower levels would create scarves, blankets and the sorts with one single colour;
    Intermediate levels would add bonnets, stuffed animals, pet clothes (?), socks and multi colouring;
    As they gain more skill levels they'd be able to create mittens, sweaters and items with braids and more fantasy stitches.
  • TheEclipcerTheEclipcer Posts: 1 New Member
    I fondly remember how my Granny knitted a blaket for each of her grandchildren when they were born. It would be great to have knitted blankets! <3 I also remember how my other granny knitted me a doll for my birthday! I would love to be able to knit stuffed animals and dolls! <3 :D
  • hotchocolateprohotchocolatepro Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like my sim to be able to sit down and knit a mug sweater (sweater for a mug, that is), mittens, and hats. These are items my sister and roommates actually knit, and the idea of being able to do it in the game sounds quite homey. Things we don’t actually knit, but I would love to imagine a world in which we do knit them: yarn friendship bracelets, scarves for trees, plant warmers for potted plants, reusable shopping bag, cosy for a book, cosy for video game console, cosy for laundry basket, and bookmarks. The idea of my sims knitting these makes me feel happy and hopeful. Being able to sit down and knit a decorative item of “baby’s first shoes/socks” would be also cute, and being able to hang them on the wall. Also, putting eccentric braids into one’s hair with yarn in it sounds cute. I also have in my head the image of an eccentric artist with out of control hair wearing their hair back with a knitted headband, for what's that worth.
  • RedSunBluesRedSunBlues Posts: 143 Member
    Sims should get a new couch/chair interaction if they have a blanket in the inventory to snuggle up with the blanket on the couch or chair. Like a cross between nap and relaxing on loungechairs but with their blanket. Maybe older or tired sims could fall asleep sitting in comfy chairs with a blanket. That would be cute. But they should be a able to watch tv or read with the blanket too not just sleep.
  • CheekybitsCheekybits Posts: 1,030 Member
    Xmas stockings
    Couch covers
    Wall fabrics
    Table cloths

    Hopefully what ever we get it’s an item that we can sell in a shop too.
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