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Showdown treats

Anyone else fed up with how expensive this is? I’ve gone from having 1 million coins to under 300,000 since the events have started, and there’s not enough time in between to build up the coin reserves without logging in every hour and doing heaps of quick events to earn coins. They either need to space these out more or make it less expensive to participate (or even give us more money for going to work). Anyone know how I can complain to EA about it?


  • BlueMagic253BlueMagic253 Posts: 2 New Member
    To be honest. I've gained more by not spending anything. Go through events with the mind state of" I'm not gonna finish, but what can I get while I try". Thinking your gonna finish an event 100% is blasphemy. And wasting your simoleons on an event 😂 is something you should have learned "not to do" when the game first came out.
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