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Not enough community involvement in Stuff Pack 2



  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,193 Member
    I still think it's weird that so many items that can't be knitted were chosen.
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  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 445 Member
    Nikkih wrote: »
    I think yes and no, I think the team probably wanted a variety of things to be in this pack, For example lets just say all the hats were high on votes so possibly the only create a sims essences could of been just hats maybe wouldnt of been a bad thing for some simmers but everyones different, they probably picked a few of the hats that had most votes out of the rest, so we could also have other clothing aswell, they picked the highest voted top etc and the same with build and buy, I dont think its completely rigged

    I agree that it is not rigged, but if what you say it is true then I wish we would get more categories to vote on. For example, why not divide CAS up into the categories we have in game so that there could be individual votes on, say, Hats, adult female tops and bottoms, adult female full body, boots and shoes, adult male tops and bottoms, adult male full body, child tops and bottoms, child full body, toddler tops and bottoms, toddler full body, accessories etc. And for the build category, instead of that huge picture with a ton of different concepts all jumbled together, they should have had separate votes for craftables, and then for the various categories like decor, comfort, surfaces etc. It would also be nice if we could be told roughly how many assets in each category we can expect, or perhaps even be allowed to vote on the distribution of assets so that if for once we wanted less adult female clothes and more male and kid/ toddler clothes that would be an option.
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,296 Member
    That would of been a good idea what your saying, would of made things alot clearer and easier, But I think what I said its probably how they worked it, I could be wrong however @simfriend1968
  • _000key_000key Posts: 168 Member
    We need a multi hobby pack that is the main issue not only a knitting in pack. Then sooner or later after this one there will be a sewing pack and then a clay pack. 4 different hobbies for 4 different packs, nobody has money for that. This cycle needs to end. Cats and dogs should have been different pets in addition to the common ones we all have.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,935 Member
    Unfortunately the knitting pack is so boring ... We could have got ghost hunters and fortune tellers instead.

    If Happy Haunts had won there would have been posts that said, "We could have had knitting but we got more plum ghosts instead." For players who are more realism based this is the kind of pack they wanted. And maybe the popularity of Happy Haunts will have the devs consider expanding the theme into a GP which would be way better than an SP.
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