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Legacy and History Discussion

One thing I love about The Sims IS THE LEGACY/HISTORY of the game. Which I sadly feel should be more important to TS4. Reading up earlier about SimNation the world and how it has so many aspects to the game is fascinating.

The Landgraab family has the largest corporation! But the shady name of LAND GRABBING hm.

The mystery of Bella Goth is interesting tale.

The love triangle of Cassandra/Don/Nina and then Mortimer marrying Dina.

The wonderful Pleasant family.

The Capp vs Monty feud

In my game, I fill my world with Sims from Sims 1 - Sims 3 and keep some from Sims 4 to repeat the history.
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  • ObaniMoonObaniMoon Posts: 18 Member
    I kind of wish there would be a game set on another planet.
  • SarahSoda9SarahSoda9 Posts: 19 Member
    couldnt agree more, TS4 dropped the ball when it came to story telling and continuing the storylines of the families we played through in previous sagas. I hope the next town/world we get is loaded more with fleshed out stories and relationships.... we can fix the builds EA... but make the world feel lived in and not so empty.
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