September 24 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!

Which did you vote for?



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    Idk why people are using "It's too pink" as an excuse against the DIY Delights.

    Guys... it's just a wall, you can CHANGE that in SWATCHES.
    I wish the wall was the issue have you even looked at the objects in the room? Everything is loaded with pink and obviously we have no clue if the other swatches will switch out those pinks or just the main color such as white shelve black but the yarn dolls and container still remain pink. Also the pink wall was chosen because it matches the entire room with the swatches seen besides those lanterns they match with nothing.

    Agreed. I found it garish on the whole. I guess we'll have a better idea in general once we find out which theme won, and the team start showing us the possible objects and CAS items that we can vote on later.
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    Doilies, those plant holders, the rug, the round hoop decorations on the wall, and the loom to show off quilts would've been used so much. When I look at the other two, I only see stuff that blends with what we have already so much that I don't care for them.
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