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Happy Haunts as a future Game Pack?



  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 876 Member
    RavenSpit wrote: »
    I say we deserve our very first occult EP and the Happy Haunts idea is just perfect for it.
    Themewise I guess better ghosts and zombies would be a better fit than fairies or werwolfs, I could imagine playing a zombie to be really fun(ny) if done right, collecting recipes for brainstew, brainpudding, brainpie and so on, trying to keep your skin from falling off, fighting against the urge to do a classic zombiewalk and sound (and failing every now and then)......and imagine (un)life as a vegetarian zombie! What a struggle...

    OR zombies could work like pets, you could either make one in CAS and add them to the household (they will have to be fed....and maybe walked?) or if you have a certain skill you can revive dead sims as zombies and they will join your household (could be added as a spell to spellcasters too). Maybe they can also do chores and tricks but due to them being zombies it won't always work as intended.
    They will of course make zombie noises instead of the normal sim voices.

    I can see so many ways to have fun with this ^^

    I'm loving your idea for zombies!! I want them so badly.👌👌👌👌👌

  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 516 Member
    @Babykittyjade right? I never thought much about zombies before this thread, but now I really want them :D

    also psychics, besides all the cool stuff that could come with them (ouija board, crystal ball), I imagine it could be really fun as a semi-active career, you could get a portable fortuneteller tent to just pop up anywhere and open for business, it could also be combined with the ghost hunting part, just have two branches of the "psychic career" one could be medium and the other ghost hunter.
    As a medium you'd go to peoples homes and commune with their dead ones and as a ghost hunter you'd free homes of evil ghosts, kinda like one is friendly with ghosts and the other is not.
    Also adding a new party/event option: "Seance".
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