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It's all about Money

Here are some examples I have found in The Sims Mobile of the game being too greedy. These are my opinions and I'd like to hear what you all think.

Different colors of objects cost more money.
You can receive the same Heirloom multiple times, seems like that could be changed so easily.
The Risky Actions work against you. Your chances of a successful risk action are never as high as they say they are on the meter.
Any deals such as the 'Surprising Choice', will want lots of money from you for very little effect.
The game makes you pay lots of money for things like cupcakes and fashion gems but if traded those for money it would give you little to nothing.

All of these things would be forgiven if the game had more to do in it. Sweet Treats is a fun activity and the prizes are worth it but we need more than click and accomplish micro tasks.


  • YoliYoli Posts: 3 New Member
    I feel like the game does need some tweaking. People shouldn’t be able to just walk in your house that you paid for, the amount of time they give you to complete a task is whack because the llama truck is gone before you can finish all tasks, it gives you quest to complete that you can’t... for example you have the photo heirloom place it in the studio but I don’t have it to place. I can go on and on... and do we have to pay for different colors of item when we are purchasing the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ item anyway?? That should be free considering the amount we spend just to get the stuff. We should also be able to sell items we no longer want. And how come I never see my retired sim around?
  • SelenaSimsMobileSelenaSimsMobile Posts: 11 New Member
    The whole multiple colour thing is ridiculous. Especially when the Sweet Treat Showdown is such a money grab and then they just give us a couple identical colours of an item with no cool interactions and the other items and colours remained locked forever! Like just make the Sweet Treat Showdown a way of introducing new items and letting us get them for free before adding them to the home shop. Please please please let us buy them afterward. Also, it would be awesome if we got all the items first before we started getting random colours.
  • acolonfacolonf Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars now trying to unlock all the jobs and hobbies and it keeps giving me the same heirlooms over and over again. This game sucks up all the money you add to it within a day or two.
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