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Which Artsyle for the Arts & Crafts SP do you like the most and WHY?



  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,202 Member
    I would pick the pink room. It looks like the kind of furniture I wish we had more in the game. Most furniture so far are either super old-fashioned or super mordern.

    I won't get any hopes up this time tho. A lot of people mentioned elders with the first vote so I guess the granny style will make it, to suit the image a lot of simmers have in mind. But that's just a guess.

    The granny room looks a lot like a room from Cats & Dogs. At least there are plenty of furniture in that old-fashioned style.

    The modern room - I wouldn't even call it modern tho - reminds me way too much about City Living furniture :# Or maybe it's just the brick wall. I don't really see this room as modern anyway. More like less old-fashioned than the granny room :p
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,263 Member
    edited December 2019
    I'm split between #1 Granny Chic and #2 Industrial. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the support for the neutral/industrial style. I think this vote is much more of a plurality, split among the three styles. #3 is just not my taste. #2 is the closest to my taste. I guess I like the "workshop" style. I also see that as being as much for a grandfather as a grandmother. I said this elsewhere, but I'd like #2 better with more warm elements but I guess those could be added with the knitting.

    I agree with the concerns that Granny Chic is stereotypical and really kind of dated. I'm sure I could make use of it though. There are also some objects in the Granny clutter that I like such as the Tiffany lamp, the rugs, door and hanging plants. I actually don't think the Granny style is that similar to C&D which was really New England / Coastal. It's more like old antiques. #3 seems like some stuff that we've already had in other packs.

    Out of these three, I prefer #2 Industrial Workshop/Cozy Crafts Stuff. I'd just like it better if there were more objects beyond the knitting that were clearly included. It's true that #2 would also work well with other crafts. I like the brown leather chair, the brick wall and the general aesthetic. Yes, I know not to get attached to specific objects. Like I said, I'm still interested in Granny. If #3 wins unless I love the clothes and the actual objects, I might be really uninterested. Knitting was not my first choice, I was really interested in arts and crafts as a whole.

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  • TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 960 Member
    I didn't see the announcement, but I like the-Granny Chic, did you call it?- one in the left hand corner.
    When I saw it, the first thing I thought was "Hippie Chic," and that sealed the deal.
  • BlueSargent300BlueSargent300 Posts: 24 Member
    The design mockups look nice overall, but I definitely prefer the middle, neutral one. The pink room is way too bright (and I love bright), the yellow granny room is pretty gaudy and tacky, and I feel the middle one is more universal in age, gender, and use. I would definitely buy the pack if it looked like the middle one, but not so much the other two. I feel like we got the granny look in Cats & Dogs already and the pink room reminds me of Parenthood. I will say one thing, the images have definitely dashed my hopes that we might get another one of the arts & crafts activities (such as glassblowing or sculpture) included as well, which breaks my heart. We shall see how the next vote goes.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,385 Member
    A reminder that the vote is starting on the 23!!!
  • Jon the WizardJon the Wizard Posts: 264 Member
    I'm torn between Granny Chic and Cozy Craft Workshop. Do-It-Yourself Delight I see the appeal of, but it is definitely a distant third in my opinion.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,340 Member
    I like the cozy best for myself, but for my Sims I voted for granny. Cozy is not so different from what we already have, and the granny option gives a more unique style to make my Sims more individual.
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 575 Member
    edited December 2019
    Koteyka wrote: »
    Torn between Granny and Cozy... I really like the furniture shape in Granny but the colours... urgh... they remind me of Movie Night... I can't decide :s

    I feel fairly certain that there will be at least a few natural swatches for Granny Delights. And, speaking personally, I loved Movie Night's boho style, since to this day we still don't have anything like it and it also fits really well with Sulani. If Granny Chic wins I feel as though it will fit with Laundry Day, Cats and Dogs, and Seasons objects the best. The Cozy one is obviously designed to suit the Parenthood objects/ decor style really well.
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 16,679 Member
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  • KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 521 Member
    I feel fairly certain that there will be at least a few natural swatches for Granny Delights. And, speaking personally, I loved Movie Night's boho style, since to this day we still don't have anything like it and it also fits really well with Sulani.
    I have a love/hate relationship with Movie Night. I love the shape of literally everything, but I hate the loud colours so I had to download CC recolours for all of the outfits and furniture. I like my game to be calm and soothing. :)
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 737 Member
    I went for the pink one, not because it's pink, I expect there will be other swatches available, but for the style. I love the big work desk, the hanging wicker balls and the wall displays. I'm hoping there will be a rocking chair in the stuff items simply because....I miss them. While I don't think of knitting as a grandma activity I couldn't go with Granny chic because yuk! I liked the Cosy Crafts too, but it lacked the big desk and the Grim Reaper career. Seeing as Happy Haunt didn't win I'm glad my second choice came in (minus the glass blowing! Glass! We could have done glass!)
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,814 Member
    Granny is my Fav. Reminds me of movie night which is my favorite pack when decorating sims homes.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 2,592 Member
    Granny is my Fav. Reminds me of movie night which is my favorite pack when decorating sims homes.

    I don't get a movie night vibe from the furniture at all. Much more of a Cats and Dogs vibe - specifically all the parts of Cats and Dogs I don't use.

    Now the clutter, and some of the deco items I can see it in, but not the furniture.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,499 Member
    edited December 2019
    I like the Granny style, not so much for the stereotype, but because I have always liked yellow walls (had them as a teen), the living chair looks extra cozy, and the ball of yarn on the floor suggests something the cat might play with. I also like the yarn shelf style better. The DIY delight simply has too much pink for me, though I love the yarn animal in the box. The Cozy Craft workshop has a lot of good features, but the art style just reminds me too much of the one chosen for Laundry Day, and I want this one to be different. However, new desks shown in the other two rooms are features I really would like. We need more desks and desk chairs in the game. Also, going off on a tangent, I never understood why TV sets couldn't just be put on dining tables, counters, or certain dressers, and the soap container clutter really should fit on a small slot on the side of the sink. (Since EA reads and uses the suggestions here, I thought I would put that out there.)

    Back on the subject of this thread: I really wish they had separated the art style for the CAS from the art style for the Build Buy.
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  • MalekExsecrorMalekExsecror Posts: 3 New Member
    The taxidermied squirrel in "Granny Chic" is an interesting touch.
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 189 Member
    Granny Chic for me probably. I like the Cozy Craft one well enough, but it looks like stuff we've already seen in other packs. I would be disappointed to see DYI Delight win, it's too dark and dreary for me. Plus I hate the industrial design style.

    You have switched them up.
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