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Risk Actions fail most of the time and offers are overpriced

Does anyone else get a feeling the risk actions and their probability of success is actually lower than what it shows on the meter?
When your sim is feeling a little confident, the meter looks to be around 60% chance of success, but I've tested it so many times and it actually feels more like 30% chance of success. Then when you are highly confident it looks to be around 85% of success, but it feels more like you win 50-60% then. Compare this to the Sweet Treat Showdown, you'll see the Sweet Treat feels much more realistic and fair.

There's also so many other things where the game is working against me. Getting the same Heirlooms. The Surprising choices are always terrible deals. Basically you always pay Wayyyy more for something that the game would never offer you the same kind of deal.
Does anyone else feel the same way about this?


  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 106 Member
    in the Sweet Treat Showdown , i never choose to bake the item until i reach 100% becuz ( based on experience ) i don't trust EA:MAXIS to give a level chance at success
  • AquaSkyeAquaSkye Posts: 1 New Member
    I’ve played every single day for 14 months and I’m really disappointed in this years Christmas challenge. The baking thing was fine at first, but has become tedious. Its unfortunate Sims removed all the other fun winter activities, like the ice skating rink and present wrapping, which were much more festive. But my biggest issue is how hard it is to get a Christmas tree! My 3 nieces can’t use money and definitely won’t make it in time to get one, even playing every day - they’re so bummed. I’m having to pay money to win enough boxes. And a reindeer ski hat?? instead of the awesome hair, a beard, festive tables and wreaths, garland, etc. from last year... where you could collect the needed tokens and choose what you wanted to “buy”. Now it’s all or nothing, with tiny, unexciting decor. I’m frustrated enough, that when I (hopefully) finally get my tree, I’m taking 3 months off... no more baking I beg you, and please bring back the person in charge of last year’s event.
  • Nite0wlzNite0wlz Posts: 26 Member
    edited December 2019
    Omg, Aquaskye, I know! I only have like 20 items unlocked so far. By the time anyone gets the Christmas tree, Christmas is going to be over. Basically everything in this game is designed to take your money and to cheat you to pay for things. I didn't log in last year so I didn't know how it looked.

    Good luck though trying to get your Christmas tree!
  • VermilionSphereVermilionSphere Posts: 106 Member
    edited December 2019
    so how many peeps got to have a Christmas Tree in the game this year ? i , for one , did not . too expensive . the amount of Energy Boosts required - unreasonable . couldn't even have a Tree for Christmas
    Post edited by VermilionSphere on
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