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Do You Like Killing Sims?

I guess I kill a lot of Sims in the Black Widow Challenge but outside of that I HATE killing Sims!
What about y'all? Do you like killing Sims?

Do You Like Killing Sims? 374 votes

Of course all the time
bshag4lvjeepjeepcatCamkatWillowG145mcorralbarracuda1574Jonathan777FelicityThangwenrede2scrapFelicity1169drakharisOnverserRedDestiny92ScobreCementColton147147LissmelsOEII1001AfterMidnight 34 votes
Occasionally but usually NPCs
Frn0731GRIMMYIcewolfalan650111SimmervilleTWSimGamer82lisamwittSasquatch7Montrase102SablesashaBloosmooStrangerthanThunderbat87GoldenBuffyAnmirlaIObelleElegantblkchina1BluelleSxcDannii202Amj1995 126 votes
Only in challenges
GalacticGalsimm621cchant86luthienrisingRamenDoodlesloubylouloumarcel21NezImanithecatsredAquariusMomKhrisstyneMoonfoxNightcryZenAlchemistpoliceofficerswifeloutredorSAEldarinHayleeSimsPatch__2008AshleyAOSERVERFRA 23 votes
Never I love my Sims too much
CK213OneAdorkableGirlGoldmoldarLoreaKita5399Sara1010PMstybl95HejixLaBlue0314NighteyesstoryyAlexairudolphaColorist40RainbowSimQueenAllearsOnyeka001bekiPlayerSinger2010Mi9shaoscar 166 votes
I cheat so no one dies lol
SimmySimianjoelygirlsims2MeteoraStormKementarifriendlysimmersWyrrenNivyxsekojranaLizzychicagoMissmagoo2AnnLee87cheifeagleeyerjssimChazzzynabob052JPNekoGeniusSimmerGirlsmurfy77sparkliliKUSHSIMMER 25 votes
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  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 3,955 Member
    Other: Occasionally. Period.
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 1,927 Member
    Other, it depends on my mood and the save file.
  • Patch__2008Patch__2008 Posts: 289 Member
    Only in challenges
    Other, it depends on my mood and the save file.

    I agree. I got mad at some NPCs once for getting in the way of feeding my baby that nearly starved so I locked them on my roof and left them to starve.
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  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 2,388 Member
    Occasionally but usually NPCs
    Go ahead steal my drink/food order.
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 583 Member
    Usually Sims that I just don't like. Downloaded a few mods that allow you to kill other Sims just in case I get that university dorm mate who picks fights with everyone. Or neighbors who constantly make noise late at night but then complain about you because you invited your family over and it's 10PM.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 1,634 Member
    Never I love my Sims too much
    Never. I get sad when they just die of old age. Murder is not an option. :D
  • Huiiie_07Huiiie_07 Posts: 1,080 Member
    Occasionally but usually NPCs
    Yes, when they annoy me, for example neighbors who complain about my sims literally doing anything at 5 am. I usually use the book of chaos mod for extra fun.
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  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,574 Member
    My answer would be "Other". No, I don't enjoy killing any sims.

    When I play, I am kind of an impassive though mostly benevolent "God". Death is a natural part of the game. I don't enjoy it but I usually don't prevent it unless a death interferes with an outcome that I've particularly planned for. Death is basically an inevitable part of life in a generational or legacy approach.

    I don't have the urge to see visible death added for townies. I make them over in CAS to be acceptable or they face death by deletion. They could just as easily have moved away though.
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  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 1,836 Member
    edited December 2019
    Occasionally but usually NPCs
    I don't really enjoy killing sims, especially not my own. On rare occasions I will kill one of my sims (usually they return as ghosts though) or a NPC if it's part of the story I am playing at the time, but mostly I take good care of them.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 952 Member
    edited December 2019
    Never I love my Sims too much
    Never killed a sim. Never will. I get too attached to them. The only thing I do for sims I don't like is delete them. And aging off is permanently on.
    It seems strange when people asks for new deaths, but I'm aware there are many different playstyles. :D
  • DevilNDisguiseDevilNDisguise Posts: 2,165 Member
    I can't answer that I love killing my Sims, because I don't, but I also can't answer that I never kill them. :# I play with ageing off, so it's basically up to me when they all die. Sometimes young, sometimes old; all varying causes, just to mix up my storylines. But I try to keep things moving along, so they do have to die at some point, as much as I hate killing them off.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 483 Member
    edited December 2019
    Never I love my Sims too much
    I tried black widow challenge and I couldn't even think of my Sim marrying premades and then killing them. I thought I'll download some Sims with awful traits for her to marry & kill, but after the third husband's death I gave up. I felt horrible killing them, even if I didn't even like them. I just don't like deaths, not in real life and not in games either.
  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 302 Member
    Occasionally but usually NPCs
    I guess it depends on how I'm feeling that day, the sims in question, and what happened to warrant their murder.

    I also tried the Black Widow challenge but my heart just wasn't in it. My first victim was Don Lothario. I married him, evicted the women and left him to starve in a room. It took days, obviously, and I watched him suffer the whole time. I started to feel bad for him. The second victim was Johnny Zest, I think since I was still in Oasis Springs. I killed him via starvation too, and once again, it was torturous to watch. I gave up after that - I just felt so bad watching these premades die.

    On the other hand, I did the Pufferfish Challenge (with some fire and starvation thrown in for the sims who refused to eat) and short of one premade I deleted on purpose prior to the challenge so I didn't have to kill them, I ended up with the gravestones of every single premade sim in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Windenberg, San Myshuno, Del Sol Valley, and Sulani. Yes, including the child sims. I decided that the last two sims left would have a death match of sorts. The last two premades in the world were Anaya Jang (who survived multiple servings somehow!) and Makoa Kealoha (who I guess wouldn't eat it due to his Child of the Ocean trait). I locked them in a room with nothing but one bed, and after two agonizing days, Anaya gave up and fell to the floor.

    That challenge was fun. I don't know why killing them all was so easy there but killing two sims in the Black Widow challenge was so hard.

    I also kill sims who 🌺🌺🌺🌺 me off on sight. Sims that just annoy me, hurt my sim, steal my food or drink, is just plain obnoxious, or if I'm on the rag and I spot a townie with that stupid pear-shaped body and they have a horribly annoying face and just... exists? I use MCCC to kill them immediately.
  • KhrisstyneKhrisstyne Posts: 81 Member
    Only in challenges
    I do this "challenge" everytime I play which is if the sims are on fire and don't put themselves out, I do not interfere.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,439 Member
    edited December 2019
    Never I love my Sims too much
    Never. I even use the cheat so they can’t get killed.
  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,086 Member
    Never I love my Sims too much
    I have other games if I feel like killing pixel characters and they're much more satisfying.

    If a sim dies while I play though, well that's simulated life.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 2,386 Member
    Never I love my Sims too much
    Never haha
  • CelSimsCelSims Posts: 460 Member
    edited December 2019
    Occasionally but usually NPCs
    I kill them if they annoy me. And I'm annoyed easily. But I mostly just go through the households list once a week and delete all the monstrosities the game has spawned. I'm much more likely to actually kill them in game if I'm playing my beloved vamp brothers, as they don't take any plum from anyone.
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  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,183 Member
    Never I love my Sims too much
    I wouldn't say never, but yeah, I'm pretty attached to all my sims & have plans for all of them, so I don't want any of them killed at least until they reach adult stage.
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  • alyssa123alyssa123 Posts: 304 Member
    Of course all the time
    *maniacal laughter*
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,987 Member
    I've never killed a sim and have no plans to ever do so.
  • quækquæk Posts: 35 Member
    Never I love my Sims too much
    I used to do it all the time in Sims 1. Young me thought about how unrealistic it is to have a neighbourhood without a cemetery…so I made my own in the biggest lot in the neighbourhood. I would move in families of eight and dispatch them as quickly as possible. I would also plant the flowers and NOT water them so they would dry out and add to the spooky aesthetic, and I love the creepy dead trees that came with Makin’ Magic.

    I am a changed person in Sims 4, I swear.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 370 Member
    Not at all. However, I'll punch people in GTAV all day long.. :lol:
  • AquariusMomAquariusMom Posts: 211 Member
    Only in challenges
    I rarely kill my sims. Usually it's some random situation that leads to "let's see what happens." In which case, I usually save, go ahead and kill just to see what (laughing to death, embarrassment, angry, etc.) looks like just so I can say I tried it, and then I revert back to my save and continue as though nothing ever happened.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 17,879 Member
    edited December 2019
    Of course all the time
    Yes very much so. Every Sims game I look for new ways to kill Sims. It is so much more therapeutic harming Sims than it is real people. I do it as a way to deal with chronic pain and fire is my favorite method usually except Sims 3 jellybean tree death was very fun too. Killing Sims in the Sims 4 is really child friendly compared to some of the more dangerous mods out there which I don't use. I am really into murder mystery books, so gore never appeals to me but the whole problem solving thing of how someone dies in a fictional story is I think why I enjoy it so much in all the Sims and side games. I admit I don't like killing kids Sims which is my limit or animals. But if intentional deaths happen it is with YA/Adult Sims since they tend to take over the Sims world anyways, so easily replaceable.
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