September 18 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!

Sim Avengers, here I come

So I was really getting bored with the game being too bubble-wrapped and safety-sealed, and had run to the end of my leash on the little mods I was using. So I checked again with a very popular mod series that has a lot of amazing choices (and the person really does deserve a full living off the work he has done, I hope he makes a lot from it, because wow)

One of them lets me play around more with the "electrified" state that happens when you get struck by lightning twice. I loved that state when I could have it happen, but was disappointed that it basically didn't do much but look cool. With one of these mods, I get to do superhero or -villain things in that state.

So I think Anders is going to leave the humdrum solo life in which fame and fortune have left him more able to buy things in his loneliness, and let him become what he always wanted to be since he was a teen: ElectroMan! or something like that.

So many possiblities!


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