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FireflyGamer107 / coolsim9999999 --- Monthly Building Challenge

coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
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On Twitch, I hold a building tour of builds you’ve created for my challenge.
See the date below:

I’m FireflyGamer107 on Twitch and Twitter and coolsim9999999 on this forum and in the gallery.
I play The Sims 4 on the last Tuesday of every month (for now due to a shoulder and arm injury) and occasionally Stardew Valley.

July room challenge:
Construct a room for a house with 2 parents and their 1 child. All 3 Sims have 2 different interests and different color preferences.
Lily, the mom likes white and gray, fishing and gardening, the dad Luke likes cooking/grilling and handiness, as well as the colors brown and black. Linda, the child, a five-year-old girl, loves frogs and bunnies and is tired of being cooped up in an apartment so the family has worked and saved to buy a rural property where the child can run and play outside, catch frogs and maybe befriend a bunny. The child loves all the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink, as well as different shades of colors, such as turquoise --- although orange and yellow are Linda's two favorite colors of all, but she does like all bright colors.

However, the parents don’t mind some splashes of colors that the child likes throughout the house.

Jojo and I wrote different parts on this month’s brief because colors and interests was her idea.

Any décor style

Base game ONLY just for this month!!!/b]

Note about how to disable packs:

“Do you have the load sequence to load your game as base game only? I find this helpful when I need to not use packs.”

Staring here, the source: is to give credit for the loading option
Open Origin and head to My Game Library
Right click on The Sims 4 and select Game Properties
Select Advanced launch options
Enter the text in the box below in Command line arguments


Remember to includes the dash before the words disablepacks
so it's -disablepacks

Alternatively, I just check off basegame in the filters in build mode.

Please note: You’re also going to want to check off colors.

From a house shell (please use the hashtag for that month which someone will make each month, please choose a room to create from that house shell. Feel free to add landscape and put activities in the yard of the house shell. For the house shell --- any size lot is fine. I was thinking of using a larger lot like a 50X50 lot. Make sure to give yourself credit for creating the house shell with a hashtag. The main areas of the house and outside landscaping/anything outside that isn’t a room could be a collab and will also be in the stream. This month, @JojoMOMSTER volunteered again to create the shell, but anyone in this challenge may add to the main areas.
Then, everyone, please upload your rooms to the gallery with the
hashtag: # #fireflycolors
Room types:
Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, study, kids room, outdoor room --- or other type of room --- as long as we get each of the rooms above in the build. Of course, we may not always need a kids’ room. Also, I'll let you know how many of each room we need for the challenge.
Please tell me which room you want to do as soon as possible.
I will keep track of which room types are left.
The hashtag for the whole challenge this month: #fireflycolors, so please use that hashtag too so I can find everything.

On stream, I’ll tour the house.
However, I’ll nominate each room in the challenge for a Maxis fave. I’ll also be able to tell who did which room in the finished house.

I'll post it in announcements on discord, on my Twitter and here on the TS4 forum!

Hashtag: #fireflycolors

Deadline: Sunday, July 25 by 11:59 a.m. EDT, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. EDT
Tours on my Twitch stream: Tuesday, July 27, 2021 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. EDT
Any budget, lot type
No Custom Content (no cc) allowed.
You may use cheats to build or for your Sims to play test your build more efficiently.
Hashtag: #fireflycolors

In addition, please post your rooms to the gallery using the hashtag. That way, I can easily nominate everyone for a Maxis fave!

Entry Form:
Forum ID:
Origin ID:
Gallery Name of Room:
Gallery Link:
Building tip feedback wanted?
Creative notes about your room:
Back Story:
Please Include:
one screenshot showing most of the room
A bird’s eye view of the room
3 to 5 additional screenshots of your room

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s rooms :)!
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  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    Thank you very much @rosemow B)! I'm happy you like my new challenge and are anticipating the entries B)!
  • Archer_GirlArcher_Girl Posts: 202 Member

    Gingerbread Cafe

    Forum ID: Archer_Sim
    Origin ID: saturnspoon
    Gallery Link:
    Name and town of the lot used: Willow Creek - Ophelia Villa

    Building tip feedback wanted? No thank you, but thank you for hosting such a fun challenge. It really made me happy to build this!

    When I was a child I didn't believe in Santa Claus. When I was VERY young my father said to me, "There's no such thing as Santa! I'm the "MFer" who puts in the overtime at the truck plant and your mother and I buy your gifts." (sorry, but that's what he said...he was a blunt man) Ironically, today would have been his 67th birthday if he were still alive. I'll be 47 years old this Friday, and looking back, I understand why he said it and I'm not traumatized over it. In addition, my Mom was a practicing hardcore Evangelical and Santa didn't have much of a place in our Christmas traditions. I still always enjoyed watching other kids, who did believe in Santa, meet him to have their pics made and to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I might have been jealous of their excitement. I loved how there would always be a backdrop with a fireplace, decorated tree and piles of presents. I appreciated the work that went into the decorating and also the kindness and patience that was always exhibited by the person playing Santa. So that is why I incorporated the special area of Gingerbread Cafe just for Santa's meet and greet.

    Additional Photos:


  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,250 Member
    This looks great @Archer_Girl :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,339 Member
    Gingerbread Cafe is a lovely place for Sims to enjoy visiting! @Archer_Girl :) Very pretty exterior design, Christmas lights on roofing, snowflakes prints on wall, strings of stars and starry night lights and Christmas wreath on the roofing. The colourful circles footpath, coloured floor lights, cute snowmen and nut crackers , party hats and pretty Christmas tree and presents in the front area are lovely! Very beautiful fireplace area where kids can enjoy meeting Santa! The festive wall and window decorations,candles and cards on the fireplace ledge, patterned floor rug. and the Christmas tree are lovely! Very nice interior dining area! It looks very nice the way the dining tables and chairs have been set up for Sims to enjoy eating and drinking what they have bought at the cafe.
    It is a very nice gingerbread build :)
    Happy birthday for Friday! <3
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    Awesome gingerbread house @Archer_Girl B)<3! I'll go in game to look at it tomorrow B) ! It's very creative and cute B)<3 !
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,250 Member
    Entry Form
    Forum ID: AlJay
    Origin ID: AlJay2000
    Gallery Link: Plumbobs and Gumdrops
    Name and town of the lot used: Rustic Residence in Windenburg
    Building tip feedback wanted? Sure!
    Creative notes about your build:
    I tried to make my gingerbread house as candy filled on the outside as possible without taking anyone else's ideas (there are some great gingerbread houses out there!) but the interior is decorated just generally festive. I used some of my own Christmas artwork on the walls.
    Back Story:
    No back story yet...hopefully wonderful Christmas holiday memories can be made for your sims here :)
    Street view
    A bird’s eye view
    Additional Screenshots
    Link to slideshow
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,339 Member
    Plumbobs and Gumdrops is a lovely gingerbread cottage! @AlJay :) The name of the home is great! Very nice pretty exterior design! The plumbob candy on the roofing, candy on the chimney, the festive coloured floor lights on edges of pathway, the festive candy themed wall decorations, pretty Christmas tree, the sleigh with presents and the cute snowmen and nutcrackers in the front garden are very great! Very lovely festive furnishing and layout of the interior! The red,green festive colours and brown gingerbread colours are very nice! The festive furnishing is very beautifully done! The garlands and banners are lovely on the windows, very nice festive fireplace with pretty candles on top of it, very nice festive patterned floor rugs, and festive wooden dining table and chairs is nice and homely. Very nice armchairs fireplace reading nook.Your Christnas wallart through the home is lovely!
    It is a very pretty and festive gingerbread home! The night time screenshots with the plumbob lights on are lovely! :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    Awesome house @AlJay B)! Awesome gingerbread house B)! I'll get back to you and @Archer_Girl very soon. Sorry for the slight delay!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,250 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    I love all the quirky details in your house @Archer_Girl B)! Those enlarged building blocks are an awesome touch! Nice layout and design! The rugs you used to create the path to the house look great, and the night lights are so cute! Awesome area for Santa to listen to what the kids want for Christmas! I love you back story, by the way, and it’s nice that you made your gingerbread house a café! I like all the decorations, the little separate kitchen and the arrangement of the café inside! Thank you so much for contributing to my challenge <3!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    edited December 2019
    Awesome cat wand fuzzy “plants,” snow man “arms,” present pile in the sleigh and fun details, thoughout @AlJay <3! The Christmas tree forest and the decorations outside, make your gingerbread house magical! Inside, the Christmas dinner looks great on the table and in the kitchen, the layout is nice and the decorations are very festive! Nice open kitchen/dining room/living room combo B) ! Thank you for entering my challenge :)!
    I really like your house B)! I would put some stone or brick under the fireplace to more likely prevent a fire and to break up the floor covering and add even more visual interest than you already had.
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    I love your screenshots @Archer_Girl and @AlJay B)<3! I forgot to mention that :D!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,250 Member
    Thank you so much @coolsim9999999 Great advice about the fireplace!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    You're very welcome @AlJay :)! I'm so happy you entered my challenge B)!
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 395 Member
    After doing a Victorian build for the Literature challenge, I am officially in ultra-modern wacky build mode.

    A preview of coming attractions.

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,339 Member
    Your gingerbread cottage WIP is looking very great! @wendyology :) Very creatively designed triangular exterior design with colourful candy on the exterior! The mini Christmas trees are pretty and great! Very nice trains on the festive red,white and green flooring!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    I love your WIP @wendyology B)<3!
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 395 Member
    edited December 2019
    Okay here it is! I ran out of time but might work more on it at some point in the future.

    Entry Form
    Forum ID: Wendyology
    Origin ID: Wendyology
    Gallery Link:
    Name and town of the lot used: Midtown Meadows
    Building tip feedback wanted? Sure, I consider this to still be a work in progress.
    Creative notes about your build: This started out as a modern A-frame build, but eventually I decided that if I'm going to do extreme angles with roofing, I might as well really go for it.

    Baby Yoda gets a present.
    Top level, display tree you need to teleport to.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 159,339 Member
    Your Gingerbread house is lovely! @wendyology :) Very creatively designed triangular Christmas tree exterior and the colourful candy on the exterior walls looks great! The small mini Christmas trees with presents nearby are very nice! The Baby Yoda statue near one of them is cute! The festive red,white and green flooring around the base of the home looks great! The train on the edges is a great touch.Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior! The festive red and green colour scheme is very nice and the circles floor rugs in the bedroom adds a special look to the room. Very nice room off from the bedroom for Sims to enjoy doing art on the easel, using the computer at the study desk and have fun playing chess.
    It is a very nice gingerbread home! :)
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    Awesome build, @wendyology --- I'll write more about it today.
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    edited December 2019
    The Christmas trees, toy train, presents, additional Christmas decorations, Baby Yoda and intricate tiling pattern outside, make your gingerbread house magical @wendyology B)! The lava lamp “candy” and spire on the green roof look yummy and like a candy Christmas tree <3! Inside, the layout is very nice, the present closet and the candy rug in the bedroom is cute! Your A-frame idea certainly evolved into such a very creative and complexly-roofed A-frame <3! The roofing is the centerpiece of this very magical build! ! Thank you for entering my challenge :)!
    I love your screenshots B)<3!
    I really like your house B)! I would add more decorations on the first 3 floors (I’ll bet you would’ve done that if you had more time before Christmas), put a light in the usable closet in the bedroom, put more clutter around the house and used more rugs or different at least two flooring choices in each room to highlight special parts of a room, such as under the kitchen cabinets or TV nook.
  • wendyologywendyology Posts: 395 Member
    @coolsim9999999 Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. I agree with all of your critiques.

    Can you tell that I furnished the top level first? After all the time I put into the roof and lava lamps there wasn’t time for anything else. Ugh, adulting before a trip takes a lot of time.
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    edited December 2019
    The gingerbread contest is closed for Maxis fave nomination.
    If you post after this, then, I will still tour your build on my live stream on December 27 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST B)!

    Everyone had such creative builds <3!
    Thank you very much for doing my challenge, everyone B)!
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,236 Member
    edited December 2019
    You’re very welcome, @wendyology :)! Yes I thought you completed the top level before the rest :)! The roof and lava lamps were incredible B)<3! It’s totally fine :)! Enjoy your trip B)!
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