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Gameplay Suggestions for our Knitting Pack

SimalleyaileSimalleyaile Posts: 814 Member
@SimGuruNinja - please consider how these ideas could be incorporated into our Community Stuff Pack Project. Big thanks from those of us who are looking forward to the pack.

Players - please add your gameplay ideas. What 'experience' do you want from playing this feature? How do you want your simmies to do it? What should the benefits of doing it be? Even if you didn't vote for this option, what are ways this could be useful to your simmies? Share pics for inspiration!

1. Change the very specific "knitting" theme into a more generic and inclusive "Yarn Crafts" theme. It could then include decor items such as
macrame hanging plant baskets, crocheted items such as sofa blankets, needle point wall art, wool weaving tapestries etc. All under the same skill, but unlocking different abilities and different products.

2. Finger Knitting for children - please allow the "wool craft" skill to be accessible to child sims. They could craft specific items just for them, little decor items when viewed gives them fun, toys to actually play with, bracelets and necklaces to wear and share with their friends. If they max the child skill, they can advance to the adult skill - with needles.


3. Fun - we have many "hobbies" in the game, but they do not increase our sim's fun need (eg baking, woodworking). Please make sure this is fun for our sims.

4. Social - please include a "knit together" option, and when sims are knitting together, please let them develop relationship points as well as increase their social need.

5. Inventory Enabled. Strangerville added the ability to dress into an asset directly from our inventories - the hazmat suit. As we unlock wearable assets, please let them appear as an object in our inventory we can then GIFT to other sims, who can then wear the items. We can also sell the items directly from our inventories < don't forget to attach a decent price to them! More advanced items should of course be more expensive.

6. In the advanced levels, include a Create New Pattern that appears ONLY when our sims are inspired. The pattern we create can then be added to CAS for our all our sims to wear via the computer: Upload new pattern to - whatever the name of the sims crafting site is!

7. Wool Craft site on the computer: Viewing site gives sims inspiration. Increases wool craft skill. Chance of unlocking a new pattern. Advanced skill can add new patterns to the site.

8. Pattern Book - reading increases Wool Craft skill.

9. Knitting reduces tense moods.

10. Knitting for a period of time results in a VERY FOCUSED mood.

11. Knitting is a self-interaction. Click on our sim and they knit anywhere - sitting, standing, alone or in groups.

12. Limit Instant Gratification. Even though this is a stuff pack, please have most of the assets included be craftable unlockable items, whether they're CAS or Buy mode, as the theme is crafting. If we want all the new stuff, we have to craft them. Unlocking and crafting items is really the only gameplay we'll be getting in this pack, so let's make it a satisfying experience when our sim is finally skilled enough to make that ultimate item. (They should of course also appear in debug for those who don't want to craft but have instant access to them, along with a cheat that will unlock all assets in CAS, for builders and sim makers not interested in live mode).

13. Medium level skill -maybe 5 or 6 - should add a social interaton: 'teach knitting' to any sim. That way friends can teach each other - including children please. Big brother can teach little sister, daughter can teach father, grandpa can teach grandchild etc. Knitting skill, relationship, social and fun should all increase.

14. Some - as in a VERY small amount, even just one each -CAS items should have an emotion attached when wearing them. eg, funny hat > playful; bracelet > inspired; sexy socks > flirty; low skill poorly made > embarrassed.

15. Items for EVERY age group. Maybe the pack can be released alongside a base game patch feature of freeing babies from their cribs, so baby outfits could be included too!

16. Wools and Threads Storage: Gameplay object, basket and boxes full of materials to craft with. A place for TODDLERS to play in (use current 'play in' animation), and CATS to play with wool.

17. Please include at least one item (with many colours) we can craft for our cats, and small and large dogs.

18. Consider a knitting machine - very expensive, but very fast way to craft. Suggestion: Can only be used at level 3 or 4 of skill?
Can break and needs fixing via handiness skill. Needs cleaning and maintenance. Costs to replace wools. Has upgradable options like NEVER Break, always Pristine. Handiness and Programming Skill needed to add Digitalised Upgrade which makes the machine SUPER DUPER FAST and efficient, resulting in higher quality garments that sells for a huge profit. Great for sims who want to open a business store selling All Things Thread!


19. Possible Buy Mode Items to unlock and craft.


20. Gameplay object: Hot water bottle that replaces "uncomfortable" mood with "comfy cozy night's sleep" < Good for cheap uncomfortable beds. Have it in sims inventory when they go to bed.



21. Visual Difference in skill levels


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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,156 Member
    The two things I care to see...

    1. Allow my elders or any teen+ Sim with knitting skill to teach children how to knit with a animation of the child watching the other Sim while attempting to knit themselves
    2. Lock all CAS items from knitting I don't want them to be available unless my Sim creates the outfit
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 2,573 Member
    Love your ideas op. 🤗 someone had suggested for child sims being able to sit on adults lap and learn how to knit and/or knit together. I thought that would be soooooooooo sweet 💗💗💗💗💗💗
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,193 Member
    edited November 2019
    My main wish for the pack is the ability to create pack-specific clothing items that are locked until a sim has the right level of skill to use them, like we had for the sewing machine in Sims 2. The sewing machine allowed a variety of clothing items from sims from toddler right up to elder, and that was when each life stage had separate clothing meshes. This time teens and upwards all have the same mesh so at least it would only be 3 different meshes per gender. (I am not sure how the meshes work when you have transgender sims or females wearing male clothing etc).

    I would like any of the following wearable items to be made available, with a variety of swatches each to cater for different styles. Ideally I'd like a mixture of old-fashioned, modern, bohemian etc.

    -Scarves (we really need them as accessories)
    -Jumpers (sweaters for those of you not in the UK)
    -Christmas jumpers
    -Blanket shawls (keeps sims warm in winter - I love mine!)

    Some other fun items for the home:

    -Wall hangings
    -Cuddly toys
    -Blankets to add to beds for extra customisation.

    It would be great if kids could learn knitting as part of the creativity skill. I also agree that the activity should build fun, and outfits could be put into a sim's inventory to be gifted.
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    My main hopes are based on what was said for the description that was given on the site. “Master Knitting Skill and teach others. Create sweaters, hats, gloves, and slippers for the whole family. Have your Sims purchase patterns to knit toys and stuffed animals. ” So I want to actually see that.

    More than anything, I don't want everything locked to young adults and over. Let children knit and let toddlers be able to be taught to knit. The description I posted above said we should be able to teach others to knit, that should include everyone. Despite what a lot of people want to falsely assume, adults aren't the only ones who knit. Children can find enjoyment in being creative and making their own crafts as well. Knitting can be incorporated with scouting for the art badge. It can be a great way to add meaningful interactions between parents, grandparents, and siblings. Same with the toddlers. The ones in this game are old enough to be able to watch mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa knit and try to learn themselves with toy knitting needles. They can try to make their own toys, which of course probably wouldn't result in an actual object, but it would be cute to see them playing around with yarn, trying to make a toy for them self that they can actually play with.

    Give focus to the elders. Elders have been neglected in this game for so long and knitting is on activity primarily associated with them. This is the best time to give them some attention. I'd like for them to be able to have a higher knitting skill than adults and under. Give them the ability to make a huge array of extra crafts that adults and under can't make until they age up. Or maybe make it so adults can make everything, but only in basic colors and lower quality options, while elders get more colorful and creative options. Either way, there needs to be something that allows elders to stand out and give them sometime that the life stages under them don't have.

    I'd like a lot of different ways to knit. Knitting needles and chair (hopefully rocking chair) should be a definite, but I'd also like a professional knitting machine for a family with more space to be able to put one. One for children and one for older sims.

    If we can get a baby overhaul next year, please let all of this apply to them as well. I'd like to see handmade toys made for a new baby. The option to knit them clothes to wear,handmade hair accessories for baby girls, and a handmade blanket to put in a crib.
  • KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 520 Member
    YES PLEASE to all of these! Especially "knitting a a self-interaction"! I'm having high hopes for kids to be able to knit. Also please let toddlers mess around with items, like ruining a half-done sweater, tangle yarn and stuff...
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 445 Member
    I love all these ideas, especially the gameplay ideas from the OP (thank you!) What I would really like to see in addition to all these ideas is items (and not just clothing) which can be given as gifts and which come with unique moodlets and moodboosters. It would be particularly nice if toddlers and kids could have several new toys, not just a simple knitted bunny or teddy or whatever, including knitted animals of various new types like tiny elephants, woolly sheep or round pigs, knitted dolls and knitted clowns (each perhaps with a few different swatches, some of which could only be unlocked at certain levels or with certain patterns). It would be even better if these came with unique animations (including hugging and squeezing) and play together options that don't currently exist with the small toys.

    Other gifts could include baby blankets, bonnets, sweaters and booties, with the same for toddlers, warm afghans or throws for sims to put on couches or beds and then snuggle in while watching tv or movies, tea or cup cosies, hand and shoulder bags, knitted terrariums and hanging plant holders, and toques, scarves and mittens for all ages. And of course jumpers (sweaters), matching across different ages so an entire family could wear them.
  • cheescaekscheescaeks Posts: 900 Member
    those would all be great and worth the price. i want a very well down pack if this is all gonna be focused on knitting.
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,997 Member
    Cats should be able to play with balls of yarn B)!

  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,086 Member
    I hope that in order to knit, you have to use a knitting machine and that it’s roughly the size of the rocket ship.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,193 Member
    The last thing I want is a large knitting machine. I want something that fits in a regular house.
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  • cheescaekscheescaeks Posts: 900 Member
    I hope that in order to knit, you have to use a knitting machine and that it’s roughly the size of the rocket ship.

    god i hope not hahha. i hardly use any of the objects like the cupcake machine and telescope and stuff cause its so ❤️❤️❤️❤️ huge and just doesn't fit in a regular house build.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,904 Member
    I'd be on board with getting sheep that can be shorn though that is more likely in a larger country/rural pack. Raise your sheep and make your clothes but not in San Myshuno ...
    Champ and Girlie are dogs.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    edited November 2019
    More ideas: I hope the knitting integrates with other packs. I mentioned this in another thread, but it would be cute if C&D and MFPS owners could make things for their pets. Handmade clothes, toys, and even beds would be nice to be able to make ourselves. Seasons owners should definitely be able to make warm winter clothes that actually keeps sims warm in cold weather. Not only that, but handmade toys should be able to be given as gifts for holidays.

    It would be a huge missed opportunity to not take advantage of the things offered in other packs.
  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,873 Member
    edited November 2019
    I love all these ideas!

    I would love to see a new aspiration, Master Knitter (with many of the ideas incorporated above as different requirements for levels). I'd like it to be something more than doing the same things over and over, involving more complex projects over time.

    The unlocked trait could be Nimble Fingers or something like it which should allow Sims to craft items faster or higher quality crafts (not merely restricted to knitting, but would also include woodworking, painting, handiness, floral arranging, children making arts and crafts, possibly Gourmet cooking (crafting a fine meal) or baking. The ideal mood would be focused.

    Basket weaving would be amazing and could be a fun activity for Scouts. And Sims could put laundry into an interactive basket they weaved.

    Ugly Christmas sweaters... we could get interactions like 'give knitted sweater gift,' 'pose for knitted sweater picture,' etc.

    Knitting goaled parties could be fun. Knitted Spooky Day costumes could be fun too. Unlockable pet costumes too.

    Sims could wish for a knitting skills increase at the wishing well.

    I would love to see more build/buy items including wool, yarn baskets (and a cats and toddlers interaction is a must), box of scrap fabric, wool blankets, tea cozies, tissue box covers, knitting needles as decor, pattern books, world's largest yarn ball for a communal lot, etc.

    Purchasing knitting and craft supplies at a street vendor or the flea market would be fun. Ooo... Sims could be able to sell knitted items at the flea market.

    Or maybe there could be a crafting festival or fair (City Living add-on) with crafting competitions, a knitted fashion show, admire world's largest yarn ball, pose for a picture with world's largest yarn ball, vendors for purchasing Knitting supplies, with a cookie food stall (like we got Cupcakes in City Living).

    I say cookies because I associate knitting and cookies with grandma (and elders often get neglected in the Sims). It would have different types of cookies available for purchase and milk, maybe hot cocoa, lemonade, coffee, or cider depending on the season.

    One quick edit... I do not mean to say we should have stereotypical grannies. How about the granny from Hoodwinked - take that with knitting needles! :lol: Xtreme Knitting Games! And a Real Men Who Knit Club.

    This pack could include new interactions like 'Enthuse about Knitting,' 'Complain about Knitting,' 'Show off Knitting,' 'Read about Knitting,' 'Blog about Knitting,' ' Browse web for patterns,' 'Admire knitting work or knitted item,' 'Watch Craft Channel,' and 'Share Knitting Tips.'

    Perhaps even 'Demonstrate Knitting Ability' which should immediately challenge another Sim to a Knitting competition.

    Knitting could be a class at University. It could also be a freelance career option, part time job, or odd jobs.

    I would love a new trait like Crafty. This would help Sims to be inspired and/or focused and would allow their fun meter to go up faster when crafting.
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,332 Member
    edited November 2019
    Ability to buy multiple yarn types with different softness levels, with different colors and patterns and stock a yarn basket with them.
    Knitting 10 level skill
    Knitting sweaters, socks, gloves, scarves, hats, for all ages and plush toys for toddlers and kids to play with.
    Different quality levels for the crafted clothes and toys.
    Cats playing with yarn balls.

    And that's pretty much it. Don't see anything else happening. They could give knitted goods quality levels and make it so that knitted clothes give off certain emotional buffs. There are CAS clothes that do so, and that could influence the gameplay. I don't know whether they'll go that in depth or not but I think they should if we are to add more gameplay value to knitting. "Comfy sweater", "Itchy clothes", "Made with love" could be some of the moodlets given by the clothes. There already is an itching animation from the poison ivy from OR that I think they could easily re-use when sims have the itchy clothes moodlet.

    They could also incorporate an NPC in the pack that can give knitting classes similarly to the yoga class instructor.

    I don't really want any sort of industrial knitting machine....I don't think that's necessary, but I think that might be an underlying option when choosing the artstyle for the SP. I'd rather have the traditional knitting with needles while sitting in a couch near the fireplace. It's more relatable as well.

    @SimGuruNinja take notes and steal the ideas if you want xD
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  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,332 Member
    ChadSims2 wrote: »
    The two things I care to see...

    1. Allow my elders or any teen+ Sim with knitting skill to teach children how to knit with a animation of the child watching the other Sim while attempting to knit themselves
    2. Lock all CAS items from knitting I don't want them to be available unless my Sim creates the outfit

    Also hope that all of the assets concerning knitting are locked behind the skill. Otherwise it would lessen the point of knitting at all.
  • KathMHughesKathMHughes Posts: 155 Member
    I made my log in just to say I want:
    1. Rocking chairs
    2. Leather recliners (Laz-y-boy style)
    3. Knitted INFANT wear - hats & booties
    4. Knitted Dolls & Animal Toys
    5. Knitted Mobiles and Infant decorations

    It's grandma stuff, BUT also baby stuff, and I like it.
  • SimalleyaileSimalleyaile Posts: 814 Member
    Gameplay idea: Hot Water Bottle

    You know how we have those cheap beds that are both uncomfortable and takes longer to sleep? How 'bout a simple gameplay object, a hot water bottle with different covers to knit. Must be in the sims inventory when they got to bed, when they wake up instead of the uncomfortable
    moodlet, it's replaced with a "Comfy cozy night's sleep."

  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,489 Member
    It might be a bit difficult to implement finger-knitting for kids - I'm just thinking of really tiny animations - but it would be nice if kids could make bracelets or other items. There are some little knitting looms for 'easy knitting' that are appropriate for kids and that would not be too complicated to animate. For toddlers, I'd be happy if they could only play with the knitting basket (making a muddle of it in the process).

    Definitely ugly sweaters. Recipients could get an 'embarrassed' moodlet while wearing them.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,193 Member
    Gameplay idea: Hot Water Bottle

    You know how we have those cheap beds that are both uncomfortable and takes longer to sleep? How 'bout a simple gameplay object, a hot water bottle with different covers to knit. Must be in the sims inventory when they got to bed, when they wake up instead of the uncomfortable
    moodlet, it's replaced with a "Comfy cozy night's sleep."


    That would be really good. I downloaded a mod to get better mattresses in beds but it works too well and tends to wake them up far too early.
    Better to reign in ❤️❤️❤️❤️, than serve in Heaven.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,309 Member
    i think it be funny if sims that are bad at knitting would come up with different size mittens if they are doing heavily patterned mittens so they have to keep knitting new ones until it matches

    - mostly because that happens to me every freaking time trying to knit patterned things

    just an idea
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,456 Member
    Not what I would've picked. Didn't get a chance to pick because it was so close to the holidays and I didn't get to see it.

    Well, it is a stuff pack in Sims4, so I don't see them putting that much into it. What I would like from this theme:
    Ability to knit: infant blanket, toddler blankies that they cuddle/chew/sleep with, rag doll, sweaters/hats/scarves for all age groups, knit dresses for toddler to adult, doilies, knitted animal toys, tissue box covers, baby bonnet, mittens and gloves, butterfly frig magnet, knitted flowers, knit vest for guys, rugs, banners

    Cats play with yarn

    Different yarn baskets to choose from such as the clothes square one, a stick basket, ect

    ABILITY to get jobs via internet freelance career
    Get together club available
    Increase fun

    Put make beds in a patch, add bed that we can make bed spreads for and have many color choices.

    Packets introduced to make items from and that way, add-ons could be added later in other packs we get from EPs, GP's, ECT like Christmas sweaters

    7. Wool Craft site on the computer: Viewing site gives sims inspiration. Increases wool craft skill. Chance of unlocking a new pattern. Advanced skill can add new patterns to the site.

    I can see a special drop side table for doilies, a rocking chair (old stick & patched pink one), and a Victorian pink lamp, and a bed with changeable spreads(white lace, patchwork, regular), but not putting a bunch of furniture that has nothing to do with the pack at all. Please, let us make many things instead of filling the pack with a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with knitting.
  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,873 Member
    Ooo... just thought of something else while I was out shopping today. Knitting Christmas stockings!! Or Winterfest stockings!!
  • ArialisimsArialisims Posts: 120 Member
    yes they should def pack it with lots of new stuff, clothing options, and the master knitter aspiration is great idea. maybe even a new knitting related trait, that makes you more of a natural at knitting.
    Honestly Id love a couple other crafts though...
  • SimalleyaileSimalleyaile Posts: 814 Member
    edited December 2019
    Remove the footprint of ths object so we can place bed runners on ANY existing bed in game (without needing the move objects cheat), double and single sizes. Maybe it could work like the hot water bottle idea, adds a comfy cozy night's sleep buff. I'm beginning to think we should call this knitting pack the COZY STUFF PACK :)

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