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The Sims 2 lags a little

Hello everyone! The Sims 2 runs kinda well on my PC but it has only 30-40 fps when my sims out of homes.
I tried Graphics Rules Maker. It helped me a lot compared to what I started with. But I want MORE. I just wanna have 60 fps at least when my sims are at home. PLEASE HELP ME!

My PC's specs:
1) Inetel Quad Core Q8400 4 cores 2.6 Ghz
2) AMD RX 550 2GB
3) 7 GBs of RAM


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,057 Member
    1. Do not load TS2UC through Origin. Never log into Origin to play the game. Never install the patches from Origin for TS2UC these will tie the game to Origin forever.

    2. Bypass the Launcher that was introduced with Bon Voyage and all the comp packs such as Fun With Pets etc.

    3. 7GBs of RAM, I assume is shared RAM on your pc? If this is separate sticks then an uneven number of the amount of RAM is never a good idea. Any memory sticks you install should always be equal. Such as 2 sticks with 4GBs each and never an uneven amount on one or the other, and never at less speed of that RAM from one to the other. All memory sticks installed should have the same speed capability.

    4. Never install CC more than the RAM your video card can handle or the dedicated memory. Your card has 2GB, don't have more than 2GB of cc installed. Maybe less would be better, especially high poly content such as hair and some couches etc. If you have any installed at all.

    5. Lower the distance of how many houses you can see (in NL) around your Sim's home. This slows down some machines if the game has to render all those. Less is better if you are having trouble with your FPS. Small or Off would be better in this case.

    6. Turn off Neighborhood decorations. If they are on.

    7. Some of the lots built by Maxis are known to drag or lower FPS, such as the Wrightway large lot. In your case play smaller lots.

    These are just a few suggestions. The Origin problem and the Launcher problem being the most evident.
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