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The Sims 2 — Creating Rich Townies

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone cracked the code in how to place rich custom townies into their neighborhoods. Other than Ms Diva and Mr Big? A rich sim has 50,000+ simoleons “read to use”.

I’ve tried making my sims money then placing them as townies but not even that works (they get about 3000 to 4000 if I test and make them move in with someone. I guess I can just use the Diva and Big and place them into my hood (it’s a wealthy people neighborhood). How many of them can I place? If anyone knows.


  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,044 Member
    Im not sure if its possible, townies are actually part of a townie household that has its own household funds,instead of each having an individual amount. Im guessing the diva/mr big townies are specially scripted to provide x amounts when moving in.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,057 Member
    There are already two Mr. Bigs and Divas in NL. One set is considered good looking by players, the other set not so much. Especially the one with the preset face of very big lips and bug eyes. Maxis sure did like to exaggerate facial features back then. You might corrupt your game if you clone those townies. They have special traits others don't get. Such as the hidden Power aspiration. If you notice Mr. Big is a mixture of Pleasure/Romance/Fortune/Family Sim. But he also has a hidden Power aspiration. The lessor Mr. Big and Diva probably have those same mixes of aspirations and why they seem so different than all the others. They are all outgoing but have attritbutes of all the other traits. It's amazing to me how they were able to mix all those aspirations and traits into one Sim.

    If moving a Sim in and using FamilyFunds to give them 50,000 then the NPC maker to make them townies doesn't work then I don't know how to help. The only thing I can think of is when you are using the NPC/Townie maker that you get the right Sim, many Sims in the game have the same first name, so it's possible sometimes we pick the wrong Sim. There used to be some mods on MTS or at Simology to make your own townies that may work better than the tools supplied by Maxis in the boolprop objects.
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