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Let's revisit the previous Community SP themes



  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,808 Member
    With TLS on the way the only ideas we haven't seen yet - in any form - are "Wedding Stuff" and "Dangerous Stuff".

    Eco-friendly -> "Laundry Day Stuff Pack"
    Starter Home -> "Tiny Living Stuff Pack" and some stuff also came with "Discover University" (e.g. mini-fridge with microwave on top).
    Arcarde -> At least an outfit made it into "Get Famous".
    Dangerous -> We never saw concept art for this one we don't exactly know if we already got an outfit or b/b item from the concept they had in mind for this theme.
    Wedding -> I hope that some of the concept art will make it into a Farming EP in 2020.
    I'd love to see a singing career (rock and pop branch) in game, EA! You can't let the singing skill go to waste!My TS4 EPs: GTW, GT, CL, C&D, S, GF, IL, DU, EL, SE, CoL, HSYGPs: OR, SD, DO, V, P, JA, SV, RoM, DHD, MWSSPs: LP, CK, SS, MH, RG, KR, B, VG, BN, F, T, LD, M, TL, NKKits: /
  • MAUVE5MAUVE5 Posts: 31 Member
    @Sigzy05 I wanted the modern one as well, the clothing looks like the everyday outfits here! I hope we get a self sustaining eco-consious pack with a modern vibe
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    edited January 2020
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    These were the objects/clothes that we got to vote on for Laundry if anyone is interested btw:

    The male clothes in the vote were all so cute! I wish we'd gotten them all ahahaha

    I will say, the strongest aspect of laundry day is the CAS stuff. It really is a shame the eco-friendly idea got shoved aside for laundry.

    I actually like the Laundry, but I'll never undestand how we went from eco living to laundry... Where's the eco in it? Like... Besides the wash tub and clothesline, there's even a way to make eco-friendly soap to wash the clothes or something...

    @Erja888 I hope they do the Arcade one with the asian theme, since we got a lot of modern stuff in the game. We need more asian themed objects! Also, smaller/single player arcade machines, pinball machines, etc... A new arcade lot type too... Oh, it would be lovely.
    And, hm, altough I want more wedding/romance stuff I hope they focus on the farming aspect instead of adding the wedding sp theme in the EP just because it had a country wedding artstyle to pick.

  • candybootcandyboot Posts: 126 Member
    I would love a wedding stuff pack or dangerous stuff pack, though I don't believe the gurus I would make a great wedding stuff pack. For example, I don't believe they would include wedding veils that cover the face, or bridesmaids, or a best man.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 2020
    I wasn't around for the voting, but I love all of these ideas! Hope they can add them later on somehow. Especially the Arcade stuff; would love to build an elaborate arcade.
  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 663 Member
    I want the wedding stuff pack so badly. It would need to come with slow dancing for me.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,309 Member
    MAUVE5 wrote: »
    @Sigzy05 I wanted the modern one as well, the clothing looks like the everyday outfits here! I hope we get a self sustaining eco-consious pack with a modern vibe

    me three...I totally wanted the modern style.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,309 Member
    I was hoping the danger pack would have been an option this time around. I really wanted that over the happy haunts. I wanted my sims to experience danger and more randomness. "Happy" haunts didn't feel dangerous enough. It was more about ghost and spirits and less about sim danger and death. I really want funerals and a real graveyard lot already. This is up there with dancing face to face...I just don't understand why some of these things are not in the game already, at the very least a Graveyard lot option.
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 5,097 Member
    I really liked the danger pack too, for dangerous random things but most of all for funerals. I keep hoping they'll add those one of these days. It doesn't have to be super complicated, just a new event with specific goals and behaviour. Graveyard lot type or possibly trait would be great too.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    @musteni Sims 4 does need more danger.
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