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Sims 4 new Pack non official exit poll

What I want to do is get a feel fro you fine simmers and canvas the neighborhood. See if now that you voted where this new pack is heading. Voting here is non official. Just one of those exit poll things. So what did you vote for and why?

Sims 4 new Pack non official exit poll 285 votes

Happy Haunts
CK213OneAdorkableGirlDerellaIdontrcallIceyJBlkBarbiegalUnDutchablesillehbeeAprilDawncandystormdanacnbrettjadevkBloosmoojustChrisUkAnmirlarobyngravesJesskiCeres_Meirionascoedfruitsbasket101 120 votes
Arts and Crafts
Akl500Pauroraael14icmnfrshheidi11576winkeljohn78CaptainTHPS4Erja888jeepjeepcatalexspoom13Nighteyesaprilrosestoryysims2freak737HoneydewPlayerSinger2010SimpatsyannmcruddIsb917keekee53asimbsim 128 votes
Self Care
SageRainWillowg01denswanTrishalecroyMariLxAngelEb95Cherrybug90evelewisSharonialvndririsierraReeganY 11 votes
Fun tech
mock68cheetosash15EnkiSchmidtChazzzyzefronfinnhTM3305 7 votes
Science and Tech
MeteoraStormIObelleLustianiciaduhboy2u2JADETIGERladybugjosie23SummerStreakSimsMinecraftDestin2016Simtown15charlesbergMarduc_PlaysBrandontaylorSERVERFRAsusannesimsMaednoodleelfsRhain420QueenSaraphine 19 votes


  • frogkiss1frogkiss1 Posts: 243 Member
    Happy Haunts
    For me nothing says fun like a chance to be the grim reaper. Also this pack says me in real life so much.
  • NyteRoseNyteRose Posts: 1,558 Member
    Happy Haunts
    I want more occult-themed content and voted for Happy Haunts. Hoping for some more Goth/Victorian stuff with this pack if it's made :)
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  • EA_SpectreEA_Spectre Posts: 198 EA Administrator
    Happy Haunts
    frogkiss1 wrote: »
    For me nothing says fun like a chance to be the grim reaper. Also this pack says me in real life so much.

    This! :D
  • peragogoperagogo Posts: 152 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    It was a hard choice between haunts, arts and crafts and the science concepts but there were good ideas in all.
  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 1,277 Member
    Happy Haunts
    Everything in this pack sounded so fun with much more replay value than the other choices! And who would say no to being a grim reaper?!!!! Or a ghost hunter!! So many stories and scenarios can grow from all of the happy haunts option. But how long or how many times can I watch sims knit? Or run on a treadmill? I like themes that allows me to create stories. My favorite was the haunted lot trait! It seems nobody really liked that one but it sounds so adventurous!
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  • loutredorloutredor Posts: 404 Member
    Happy Haunts
    I voted Happy Haunts first for the ghost hunter career and Self Care second for the Healthy Living aspiration and career. The Arts and Crafts sounds really nice too, especially knitting, but compared to the other two it would be more similar to what we already have gameplay wise (since we can already craft wooden objects, paintings, flower arrangements etc.). I am really craving for new gameplay and new playable careers. There were a lot of interesting ideas in the poll though. I like the voidcritters and the virtual golf simulators ideas too.
  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 515 Member
    edited November 2019
    Arts and Crafts
    I would buy almost all the themes. So I’m really glad we got to rank them because they can get a bigger picture from that data. This poll won’t be a good representation of what will win because each vote has a different weight and they’ll all add up to something that the majority wants in their top 3 choices, or something like that.

    I was open to HH last week, but when I read the details yesterday I just had no interest. I wouldn’t use any of that stuff. To each their own; I don’t have Vampires, RoM or Spooky Day Stuff and there’s zero chance I would buy HH. I guess we’ll see what happens.
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 2,661 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    It’s the only one that feels completely new. But I am really torn between it and Happy Haunts because psychics and séances are awesome too.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,672 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I voted for arts and crafts first, science second. I could really take a bunch of this stuff in a pack. I'd probably take the healthy living stuff mixed in with other stuff, for example.

    I said this before but I'm just less of a supernatural player. I'd probably play with the psychic but the ghosts, etc, just aren't my area of interest. Even then, I'd probably have one psychic. I'll get a lot more play out of other objects.

    If it is arts and crafts, I hope they will include multiple styles of hobbies and crafts. I've also said this elsewhere but I'd be completely happy if they release multiple packs from this including one from Happy Haunts.
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  • KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 461 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I voted Arts and Crafts! Happy Haunts - great concept, I see why a lot of people want it. It's just not my cup of tea. I prefer the little things. Tucking your child to sleep with Parenthood, having a snowball fight with Seasons, snuggling your dog on a couch with C&D, etc. Those are the things that matter to me, make my game more fun and lively. Honestly, if I ever buy university it will be mostly because of the bikes. So I'll be very very happy if my sims will have the option to knit on a cold winter evening. :)

    Also I'm overall sick of the lack of hobbies in the Sims. We need more variety!
  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,121 Member
    Happy Haunts
    I voted in solidarity because Arts&Crafts will probably win and I don't really care either way, so rooting for the underdog.
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,753 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I like a bunch of the proposed things from each of the packs but ultimately Arts and Crafts is the closest to my heart and I'd love to see most of the gameplay features in them (couldn't care less about edible art but the rest of it:? yes please).
    I'd love to see the other themes implemented as parts of other packs but not as a whole standalone concept.

    That said, if the Arts pack grows into a GP instead, I wouldn't be mad :D
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  • meljonesmeljones Posts: 45 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    The first forum poll I voted for Science & Tech but after reading their description of it in the official poll I changed my mind. Arts and Crafts and then Happy Haunts. The others sound awful the way they described them.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 18,489 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts because I want activities for elders and two of the packs felt too close to the fitness and spa day packs we have already. I was hoping for something more original for fitness anyways like an X-games pack with real sports not just fake looking simulation ones.
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  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 1,311 Member
    edited November 2019
    Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts because it had the largest number of sub-options that I was likely to use. - edit by which I mean that no matter which sub option wins as the primary gameplay, I'm likely to have a use for it. Unlike some of the others, where there were only one or two sub-options I'd have actually used.

    And I like doing crafty things, even though I'm not an elder (Yes, that's a pet peeve of mine.)
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  • SAEldarinSAEldarin Posts: 345 Member
    Happy Haunts
    Initially, my first choice was Arts & Crafts, but I thought an active Ghost Hunter career could be fun. Ultimately, I won't be disappointed if either Happy Haunts or Arts & Crafts wins.

  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,071 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts because I want more for kids and toddlers to do, more normal everyday activities and hobbies, and I just don't care about any of the other options.
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 326 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts because I am tired of the only artsy things my sims can do is PAINTING (maybe flower arranging counts too, sort of). I like the idea of the pottery - it might come with a color wheel / painting feature like pets got.

    Second highest was happy haunts because it sounded like the potential for VERY FUN gameplay.
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 1,931 Member
    Self Care
    I actually voted for the self care pack with arts and crafts second. I don't particularly find any of the pack options that appealing though. :D
  • KhrisstyneKhrisstyne Posts: 181 Member
    Happy Haunts
    The grim reaper freelance career and the ghost hunter freelance careers seems really interesting.
  • alexspoom13alexspoom13 Posts: 7,289 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    Arts and crafts first, fun tech second.
  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 778 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I voted Arts & Crafts because I am in desperate need for my Sims to have more things to do in their normal free-time.

    Other careers sound fun and all, I just feel like we will still have the same issues where there’s large swaths of the day with not much to do unless you’re at work or laser-focused on building a skill. I’d love for there to be more things to dabble in that aren’t necessarily career building.

    The Sims team seems exceptionally focused on hardline THEMES in TS4. I feel like more random things were part of TS1-3 packs which gave them a much more diverse feel. Arts & Crafts should just be part of a general Free Time GP that has lots of different things to dabble in. Even Uni has VERY SPECIFIC features whereas previous iterations had more breadth and randomness.

    I liked some of the items from the other themes, but on the whole, they were very virtual reality themed. Talk about an inception — me watching my Sim talk to its virtual friend?
  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,256 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I like it when my sims make things.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,652 Member
    Arts and Crafts
    I voted Arts and Crafts because I need content for my elders and I don't expect this game to ever do anything for them since they are so against giving us Generations expansion.
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  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 488 Member
    I liked Self Care and Arts and Crafts, one for the new aspiration and one for the more mundane things. There's a big amount of silliness in the game already, and I strongly prefer the everyday life type objects.
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