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My Sim Got One of His NPC Roommates Pregnant

My sim is living in the dorms at Foxbury, and he has been woohooing a girl that lives in the same building as him. I had Risky Woohoo on, and I checked after their last woohoo and she is pregnant. What's going to happen when she has the baby? Will it just stay in the dorms with her, or will she have to move? Or will it just get deleted? The term is almost over so I might just be able to try and move her into a house before she gives birth, but I'm worried about what will happen if she has the baby before the term ends.


  • Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,058 Member
    Wow. Yeah, good question that I would love to know the answer too. But I think, I haven't tried it myself, that you can use the testingcheats and then shift click on her to move her into your Sim's household, which just means that she will stay put in the dorm with your Sim but will be playable. Then your couple can maybe move into one of the residential housing that the universities provide. That should keep the baby safe as it is a residential housing but not a dorm. Or you could move them to other neighbourhood and go to school from there.
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,227 Member
    In the trailer it shows a girl with a toddler while at University.
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  • MysteriousConcludeMysteriousConclude Posts: 347 Member
    They can't have babies in the dorms. It has been said they will be encouraged if pregnant to move out of the dorms to their own place at the end of the semester, but what happens to npc dorm babies, I would have no idea.
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