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Let's Talk Fairies! (And Werewolves)

LiELFLiELF Posts: 6,010 Member
edited November 2019 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Okay, I've been thinking about this for a while now, and although I made a thread some time back about Mythology for Fairies, I think that idea may have been a bit too ambitious, so I have a new one that I think would work better with Sims 4. Ready?

"Simms' Fairy Tales!" (Yes, it's a play on Grimms' Fairy Tales. :p )

Okay, hear me out. People want Fairies, people want Werewolves, people want stories. People even want Imaginary Friends. This is the pack for all of that. You might be asking, "but LiELF, how do Werewolves fit into this theme?" Well, because "Big, Bad Wolf", silly! I see this pack as being inspired by the fairy tales of old, but with the grit of the Grimms brothers, whose tales were a little darker. So Fairies could be both "Seelie" and "Unseelie". Light and mystical and fun, or Dark and mischievous and terrible. Winged pixies, bent-eared Goblins, Elves, Woodland Dryads, Werewolves, Wisps, and Shadows could all be part of this theme. (And, of course, Gnomes. :D ) This pack should be malleable, and full of tales for the player to tell, whether they want them to end in joy, tragedy, horror or banality.

World: I picture a world of magical Fae Kingdoms and woodland magic and cottages, with maybe a little bog area and a secret cave or treehouse. It should have both the light and the dark areas. Maybe somewhere is a bean stalk leading to the clouds and a secret lot. Various magical trees with portals to take you to different parts of the map. Maybe some lead to adventure and the Sim returns changed! Perhaps there are places where children get lost, like in the child-stealing tales of old, that parents used to tell their children to make them behave. Perhaps there are things in the world that only children (or those with childish natures or blessed with Glamour) can see. Who knows? The Fae can be stranger than even Aliens.

CAS: The new Occult types should have two forms. Not just for Werewolves, but for Seelie/Unseelie Fairy Folk as well. Perhaps a selector to choose this so that the "aura" is either dark or light. There should be all kinds of new features like longer pointed ears, snouts, new teeth, warts and moles, facial lines, horns, wings, and nails/claws and body hair/fur. There could be new tattoos of caern spirals and tribal designs and representations of the Wyld and chaos, in varieties of colors. Hairs would be very strange and asymmetrical, some looking like bedhead and some with flowers and pebbles and feathers woven into them. There should be new makeup with face markings that sparkle or change, and new skins to resemble opals, bark, and fur. And clothing could have leathers, hides, leaves, furs, webs, flowers, vines, and of course, Grandma's nightgown. New Traits could include Prankster (autonomous mischief maker), Child of Gaia (happy with plants and nature, bonus to gardening), Carnivorous (must eat meat - Werewolves), Empathic (mimics other Sims' emotions).

Build/Buy: More Fantastical stuff! Tree house builds, plant houses and stony cottages. Magic mirror objects, toys that have "spirits" or come to life and move on their own, more "natural" furniture, viny beds and thorny sets. A cobbler's station. A spinning wheel with a new spinning skill that at master level allows you to spin straw into gold. Enchanted fruit that puts Sims to sleep. Magical fish. Fairy Dust that makes everything sparkle, or Goblin Ash that turns things mossy. Moss and algae for bog pools. Willow trees.

Gameplay: Okay, so I don't have this idea completely worked out, but I think that the main gameplay in this pack should maybe revolve around a brand new create-a-story tool. Something that allows the player to set up their own Tales and play them out, kind of like StrangerVille but much more expansive and varying. Even if there were a variety of templates to choose from and the player filled in the specifics and got to choose the Sims involved. The Sims 4 is heavily promoted as a "tell your story" game, so I'm calling it out and challenging the devs to give us a storytelling feature of our own, lol. (Psst. And please make it easily moddable so that modders can give us new story options. ;) ) But if we can't get something like that, then I'm sure there have been many, many other creative ideas posted on these forums revolving around Fairies and Werewolves that can be taken into consideration.

And lastly, even though they're not my favorite, I'm going to recommend a Plantsim update for this pack. They would fit right in. ;)

I see this pack as being something enjoyed by both Family Players and Occult Players. It would take the wild imaginations of children and bring them more to life in an entire world. Children are known to be revered by Fairies for good or ill in these old tales. They should be important. Imagine a sprite giving candy to a toddler and then watching them float and giggle and sparkle. Or a Goblin stealing them away to their household. >:)

For those who stuck with me through this, thanks for reading and feel free to add your thoughts. :)


  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,756 Member
    edited November 2020
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  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 6,010 Member
    bellagoth_ wrote: »
    i love your ideas

    it could be a supernatural pack that come with more than one world, like realm of magic, and one of the world could be an expanded sylvan glades (honestly i love it so i wish it was bigger and livable), i would also love to see back genies, zombies, imaginary friends, etc

    Thank you! :)

    I'm all for it being a full Expansion Pack, of course. The bigger the better! Genies would probably fit in, and Imaginary Friends, but I'm not sure if Zombies would. But I have a completely separate idea for a glorious Death pack that would include Zombies and Mummies. <3 We should have both!
  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,756 Member
    edited November 2020
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  • ValeahValeah Posts: 98 Member
    I LOVE your ideas. I would buy a pack like that in a heartbeat. People have been asking for a pack that has more fantasy and/or occult elements. I hope someone finally listens. Love the idea!
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,744 Member
    This is a great idea for the pack. I'm not a fan of werewolves but I see lots of other aspects I would use in fantasy themed saves.
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  • DOSDOS Posts: 1 New Member
    Since werewolves are irrelevant human animals, I would love to see them do a lot. Since the world is closed make them catch fish without a fishing pole.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 6,010 Member
    DOS wrote: »
    Since werewolves are irrelevant human animals, I would love to see them do a lot. Since the world is closed make them catch fish without a fishing pole.

    I'd love to see that!
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,867 Member
    edited November 2019
    We also need a serious update to PlantSims - the ones we currently have just ain‘t it sis.

    First of all they should become permanent. Then they should regain all their cool abilities like growing a PlantBaby on the spot, (which you care for like a plant) using spores to influence other Sims and have leafy clothes and hair.

  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 4,557 Member
    I would love to have horns and other fantasy-CAS without using CC <3

    Treehouses, I would love a map that was up in the trees and the roads were little bridges between the platforms. Some lots were inside trees like apartments and some were usual lots.

    The plantsims should be permanent and have leafy clothes.
  • GeddonTowerGeddonTower Posts: 29 Member
    @LiELF I like this idea as well :smiley: in one moment I thought about gnomes too. I imagine them as the size of toddlers lol, but of course with gnome body features. Wolves are always the evil characters in fairytales, so having Fairies, Wolves and Gnomes in a same pack is very in context!
    However, I think Elves would be better together with Orcs.

    And now that I think after reading the lore you wrote about the possible world and mixing it with an idea I just got reading yours lol. What about an expansion pack with 3 worlds in war with 3 alliances, the first one humans with dwarves, elves with fairies and orcs with werewolves! The war would be about the lands and a possible gameplay would be trying to unite all 3 alliances and bring peace to this world.

    I don't see how we would include Genies in this lore though :disappointed: . Maybe making it 4 alliances and Genies would be allied to Wizards. Yet I'd love to see Zombies in the game too hahaha. I get very excited about what we could get in a supernatural pack!

    @FreezerBunnyCowplant I strongly agree with you, they really need an update.
  • Cupcakes4lifeCupcakes4life Posts: 28 Member
    I feel like I would play it a few times, like I did with vampires and magic and not touch it until I get an urge to. But I'd start to get annoyed if they drained your sim like they do in vampires, I'm talking to you Vlad! But yeah, I'd get annoyed after awhile 'cause I'm usually a family player and love legacies
  • Cupcakes4lifeCupcakes4life Posts: 28 Member
    Also I would like imaginary friends back, I miss my only children not having a imaginary friend!
  • IdontrcallIdontrcall Posts: 19,349 Member
    I absolutely love this, LiELF. It sounds like so much fun to me.

    So much for a single pack, though. I'd even love this if it were a spin off like Sims Medieval or something.
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  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,851 Member
    It's funny because I actually made the The Grimm Brothers, along side Shakespeare, and Walter Disney and immortalized them as Authors, In my Game. They wrote all my Sim's Books. But The twist here is Grimm Brothers, live and watch the stories play out in "Real Life" as they write them down.

    While I'm totally on board for Orcs, Nymphs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Faeries, Wisps and Shadows.
    However, I still believe Werewolves at least need their own pack. They cannot share a stage with Fairies.
    If a Life state is to be a part of any pack they need to be center stage and be the main component.

    Also, I don't want pop culture, or folklore to define these creatures for me in the game. I want to define them.
    Maybe I don't want all my Faeries to have a Mischievous Trickster spirit, or Werewolves behaving like dogs, or beasts.

    My Werewolves actually exist in High Society, in the 17th-19th Century. Think Industrial Revolution, Steampunk, Vintage. So I need more stuff that fits, that.

    Lord Adam Jordan is my Werewolf Founder, He is from London, he comes from wealthy Noble (Werewolf) family.
    A magnate and Philanthropist who built his own wealth off investments such as foundations, technology, and Building Projects. Although he was born into wealth, he was raised with a good heart, and always encouraged to be creative and compassionate. He was always sort of a Loner, apart from what he believed, his parents never really showed interest in the family equaling out to a Pack. Adam is Ruggedly Rustic, a charming man of great taste, Intelligent, has always been a True Visionary and Renaissance man.
    In 1860, at age 18 He and his at the time Lover, and future wife, Diane hopped a Ship to America, to escape the reprisals of their werewolf family, Breaking engagements, and marriages to wealthy supporters.
    Once they Married, He and Diane built a new Life and Family. The built an entire city, with the help of their four close wealthy friends, they Had three kids, Bruno, Annabelle and Caleb.

    But this great family is about to face it's seemingly demise at the Hands of a 16 year old Girl, and her clan off Magic Hunters. marking only the beginning of the vendetta between their two families.
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  • GeddonTowerGeddonTower Posts: 29 Member
    @MasonGamer Actually you're right about Werewolves not to be related to Elves or Faeries, for example. Though it would also be too many supernatural creatures in game if we take into account all the other ones we have mentioned.

    Remember also that Wizards and Vampires had their own gamepack in TS4, maybe they plan to add the supernatural slowly, as it happened with Aliens in Get to Work, Mermaids in Island Living or Simbots now in Discover University. Ghosts also had their own update early after the game was released.

    Said this, I think that if they are ever adding supernatural Sims from previous versions of the game (which would be awesome), Imaginary Friends may probably come as part of another type of pack (it should have actually have come in the Parenthood gamepack lol), the same might happen to Genies (we got Jungle Adventure as part of a vacation type gamepack, so maybe in a future Arabic oriented vacations gamepack lol). And zombies, well, maybe they can fit with this Happy Haunts stuff/game pack since they also suggested having a career as Death.

    About Werewolves and faeries; they could just actually be mixed in a Supernatural even though not being related one to the other, but it would be more awesome to have them added with a lore as @LiELF suggested.

    So, back to the previous ideas hahaha... Maybe the gamepack could be something like "The Sims 4: World in War Gamepack". Elves and Faeries VS Orcs and Dwarves. The map could be divided into 3 islands, one for the Light alliance (Elves and Faeries), one for the Dark alliance (Orcs and Dwarves) and one that's the land that the two alliances want to take over. So the objective would be to bring peace to this world.
    Werewolves would be out, but they could have their own gamepack, as vampires lol.

    It's a bit complicated, but oh well! I hope we keep getting the good stuff in this game hehehe...
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 6,423 Member
    edited November 2019
    I think it be cool to have some fairy tale material in sims :3
    there is some tales, not only grimms that would be interesting to see in sims

    like when kids get born out of nowhere for example xD
    it would make random townies feel so much more interesting
    and actually give them reasons to be random :joy:

    like ''oh hey i met this girl but her mom is a tree???''
  • PoppyErstwhilePoppyErstwhile Posts: 29 Member
    As a huge fairytale fan I would completely love this expansion (and I am honestly surprised that fairytale EP is not a reality yet because I've seen the ideas for it discussed many times over the years)! Love your ideas, thank you for this thread! <3 I often incorporate modern fairytales ideas into my gameplay; e.g. Once Upon a Time (tv series) or Fables (comics, which I am rereading right now btw) are great sources of inspiration.
  • RaichisimsRaichisims Posts: 61 Member
    Yes to everything! I love fairies <3
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,892 Member
    I love all the ideas.
    I also think that the fairies should be based on Pixie Hollow & the Dark Fairy from
    Once Upon A Time.
    Werewolves should be based from
    The Twilight Saga & Bitten.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 6,010 Member
    Thanks for all of the input everyone!

    While I would prefer to get a Werewolves pack, realistically speaking, I just don't see them doing it. I feel like the Werewolf lovers are a smaller, niche crowd among Sims players, unfortunately. So if it came down to no Werewolves at all or finding a way to put them in another pack, I'd rather have something I can work with, as opposed to none at all. So I figured they could put them in a Fairy Tale theme but still give them some good CAS choices and a few special abilities.
  • mandyssims93mandyssims93 Posts: 122 Member
    Yes! I want this so much. Great ideas. :)
  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 573 Member
    Great ideas. I think werewoves and fairies could also work well with a circus/ theme park pack. Werewolves are very agile and strong they could be good acrobats..and fairies could use their magic to put on a show.
  • faeriedustefaerieduste Posts: 42 Member
    I can see fairies coming with a farming pack and werewolves having their own gp
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  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 259 Member
    edited March 2020
    Yes. Yes. Yes. We need this. So badly.
    If we did get them, though? I want werewolves to a. have special interactions with dogs and b. have special interactions with vampires (fey (see edit below) with spellcasters). I also feel that there's more of a chance for a werewolves pack than a fairy pack, as fey (see edit below) have appeared before (in sylvan glade and as a familiar in ROM) whereas werewolves haven't.
    I want them both so bad.

    Edit: Is it fairies, fairy's, fairys, faeries, faery's, or faerys? I have no clue. Let's just go with fey, which is great as it's also a catch-all for all fary-like creatures, such as goblins or imps. Oh, I have no idea.
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  • KuriousKurious Posts: 5 New Member
    They had fairies in sims 3 I believe it was. It was really cool and I'm sorry to see alot of the epic content from past versions arent included in the 4th edition. I would very much like to see them return, I really enjoyed having your own little fairy home that you would sleep in and could bless other sims with your magic. Think I'm gonna have to start playing with the older additions now 😅✌🏼
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