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Which SP to vote for?

alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,329 Member
Which is your favorite?
EDIT: For Simmers who didn't watch the live stream: We can vote for a new community stuff pack. Voting starts next week.

Which SP to vote for? 331 votes

Arts & Craft
Bluegayleauroraael14BreeSashaKita5399alexspoom13aprilroseHellewellthAngel_mixPlayerSinger2010MonaSolstraalesam123MikkinessIsb917jenny7020tegteg87babajayneCynnaDESERTFLOWER1981kokoro80Mariefoxprice83 154 votes
Self-Care Routines
kippy300jcs7219greeneyedgryphong01denswanLordkiribatisimmerwhitneyNeesha99lexus20alexandra5illustratedhappinessstrf85NindigoladynightMirkaKaroliinaSimsandraCaleSimslvndr_Sandra_YagoVixenirisierra 20 votes
Fun Tech
Rnssncgrl5duhboy2u2elelunicybrookiepeoplesEnkiSchmidtgodfatheroz2PurpleStarBoy 7 votes
Science & Astronomy
rudy8292IObelleLoriTSpFelicity1169MasonGamerSimsMinecraftAxeEclipticaCementDestin2016RedShoe7candycottonchuAtreya33simms745SERVERFRAizecsonCheetahAlyssaKimmerMaed 18 votes
Ghost Hunters
bshag4lvLeGardePourpreDerellaIdontrcallJasesunhair2008IceyJMadstarletstoryyBlkBarbiegalManderMurduhrudolphaAyradyssAprilDawnCamkatNianaSimpatsyannWritin_RegBloosmooFishyNamor 132 votes


  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,934 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Definite Arts and Crafts, with the Self Care in at a close second <3
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,329 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    I NEEEED the haunted pack!! I wand the ghost hunter profession back!
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 3,532 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Arts & Crafts seems the least repetitive of the choices offered, my second pick would be Happy Hauntings the other three seem to heavily recycle stuff we already have...but I reserve the right to change my mind as we learn more.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,193 Member
    Arts & Craft
    I've wanted more arts and crafts for years. The haunted one would be my 2nd choice.
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  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,283 Member
    Self-Care Routines
    I voted for Self-Care Routines, but I'm actually unsure if I'll vote for that one or Science & Astronomy. I'll probably vote for Self-Care Routines because of blenders.
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  • CapitolSimmerCapitolSimmer Posts: 18 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    I'm tied with Ghost Hunters / Arts & Crafts. The latter just doesn't have a lot of items I really intend to use in game from what the livestream had mentioned (minus knitting, that can be so much fun. maybe even CAS items to wear).
    But Ghost Hunters? that looks super promising and I love the little spooky touch. Clothes wise we could even dive a bit into the 80s????
  • NianaNiana Posts: 211 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    I can’t quite decide between arts and crafts and ghost hunting. But I do Like them both. Science and fun tech just seems to be more of stuff we already have enough off.
  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 194 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Arts & Crafts seems the least repetitive of the choices offered, my second pick would be Happy Hauntings the other three seem to heavily recycle stuff we already have...but I reserve the right to change my mind as we learn more.

    That is what I felt too. The other packs feel more like things that should have been included in other packs. I would be okay with any, but the ghost hunter pack is probably my least favorite.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,214 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Arts and crafts or Fun Tech.
  • liliaethliliaeth Posts: 1,083 Member
    Arts & Craft
    I'll probably vote for Arts and Crafts, though I wouldn't mind if the Science and Astronomy won instead.
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 555 Member
    Arts & Craft
    I don't think I'd be mad if any of these won as they all have something that would interest me, but I've wanted a pottery wheel in the game for awhile so I've got to pick arts and crafts.

    I'd probably go:
    1. Arts and crafts
    2. Science & Astronomy
    3. Ghost Hunters
    4. Fun Tech
    5. Self-Care
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,329 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    In each case we need the portable telescope. It fits into each of the 5 packs.
  • hyrulerosehyrulerose Posts: 872 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Glad to see that Arts & Crafts is looking like a popular choice so far. I always want more casual, home hobbies for my sims.
  • GeminiChickGeminiChick Posts: 12 New Member
    Arts & Craft
    I hope the Arts & Crafts pack wins the vote. We don’t have any hobbies in the game.

    The self-care, fun tech, and science packs are already represented in the game. The vegan trait and some of the other stuff from those packs could easily be a free update to flesh out existing gameplay.
    The Ghost pack should have been part of the Realm of Magic pack. While nice, that pack felt anemic and now I can see why. It’s like the Cats and Dogs pack that later got its own stuff pack to add hamsters. It felt like stuff was held back to later release at additional cost.
  • WallSims4everWallSims4ever Posts: 755 Member
    edited November 2019
    Arts & Craft
    Arts and Crafts and Ghost Hunters are the best.


    Ps: please, EA, don't make us buy a pack just to get a freaking Telescope. We had those in all previous base games.
  • GeminiChickGeminiChick Posts: 12 New Member
    Arts & Craft
    To add, I would love to have to Ghost pack as well, as it would flesh out the ROM gameplay.
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    So hard to choose! Every pack is containing at least 2 things i've wanted for a long time, some of which should have been already in base- or other game packs. I want a mix and match pack of all of them XD
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  • IzzabelleIzzabelle Posts: 153 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    Happy Haunts because very few things support cute goth sim lifestyles.

    Arts & Crafts as a big 2nd.
  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,162 Member
    Kinda want them all tbh.
  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 4,329 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    happyopi wrote: »
    Kinda want them all tbh.

  • Ceres_MeirionaCeres_Meiriona Posts: 5,006 Member
    edited November 2019
    Ghost Hunters
    I liked Arts and Crafts, but Happy Haunts stole my heart and soul. I will hands down be voting for that pack because I want both career options and TS4 has too much cuteness and perfection in it. I think this pack will help balance that out for me a little.
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,531 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    I'm with almost everyone here in choices, love both arts and crafts and ghosts. Truly, either one would work for me just fine. There's much in both that I'd love to have that I wouldn't be upset if either of these are picked...if any other pack is selected I will be upset. :D
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  • BluegayleBluegayle Posts: 3,104 Member
    Arts & Craft
    Although I am not crafty in any shape or form I would like my sims to have more hobbies. Probably next would be Science as that is where my interests lie. Oh wait I love the Ghost one.
    Okay pretty much any of them will add gameplay I would like. Maybe not self-care routines so much. I get enough lectures of that in real life. I want my Sims to have fun.
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  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,162 Member
    Do we not have the Haunted lot trait already though ? Am I missing something ?
    Why is something we already have a prominent feature of a ghost hunter pack
  • katka_kynclovakatka_kynclova Posts: 79 Member
    Ghost Hunters
    Definitely Happy Haunts! I don't think I could be more excited about any other theme :smiley: I always wanted more hobbies in the game but the Happy Haunts theme is just perfect and so unique.
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