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Pros and Cons TS 1/2/3/4



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  • barracuda1574barracuda1574 Posts: 57 Member
    Pros: It was new and exciting as the first of its kind (nostalgia)
    Personality points/interests
    The personal biographies for the sims
    Angry sims were hilarious
    The expansions were fun
    The music
    Sandbox-style play

    Cons: No aging
    Babies were objects
    The bugs - I hated those things
    CAS very limited

    Pros: There is so much I love about this game I couldn't begin to list it all. Just a few standouts would be -
    The dancing. Sims could slow dance, Hula, Slap dance...all the different dances but especially the Smustle, which is the greatest Sim dance ever.
    The romantic interactions, sims could actually cuddle.
    Sims would get jealous/angry/sad and stay that way for more realistic periods of time
    The children and toddlers were adorable and their play animations were great
    The memories
    Neighborhoods had more than 4-10 lots
    You could create your own neighborhoods
    So many ways to die
    again, I could go on forever...

    Cons: You couldn't really build a good basement
    Limited CAS

    Pros: I didn't care much for this iteration of the Sims, it is my least favorite and I didn't play it much.
    It had a lot of the things that Sims 2 had
    There were improvements to the building
    More variety in CAS

    Cons: The Sims look bad, in spite of the CAS having more diversity/options
    I did not care for the open world
    It was difficult for rotational play
    Babies are objects again
    It was more goal-oriented play and less sandbox-style

    Pros: The Sims look pretty good and CAS has a lot of options
    The basement tool and building, in general, is awesome
    The multitasking is great
    The pathing of Sims is better, less getting stuck
    The expansions are good
    Clubs were a great addition, making it easier to socialize
    The vampires are much improved
    It strikes a good balance between goal-oriented and sandbox-style play

    Cons: The romantic interactions are sorely lacking
    The dancing is lacking - no slow-dancing, no Smustle!
    It is too hard to kill Sims
    Babies are objects
    Sims' emotions are too fickle, they get over their spouse cheating in like 15 minutes. The only one that is close to good is grieving after a death.
    You can't see the needs of the pets or control the pets
    The neighborhoods have too few lots
    You can't create your own neighborhoods

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    Been too long since playing TS1 to coment, thought I do remember playing for hours at a time with no problem at all doing so. I also remember there being lots of cool features (hot dog carts, fish feeding ponds, sail boats in ponds, the wandering musicians, etc.) that have not seen since. The only con I can think of is retroactive, the camera limitations.

    TS2: Pros: would take a book to list, though the greath depth of sim characters, intense and often unpredictable gameplay really stand out, especially in comparison to now. Cons: I know there are some, but need to think about it, after all it's made by fallable humans. I simply enjoy the game so much I tend to not notice/forgive any shortcomings. As for the graphics, remember this was ages ago so they need to be judged on how they were for their time. Can't look at 2005 graphics from a 2019 perspective, and same goes for sim structure and clothing.

    TS3: I remember it as ugly, not relating to my play style, and almost impossible to get into. Bailed quickly and did TS2 exclusively.

    TS4: Pros: Graphics are great, CAS is fun though face selection sorely limited in comparison to TS2, some aspects of build mode are actually improvements (move house/room, basements). Cons: as listed above and the tons more I expect will arrive in due course. Takes too long to list 5 years worth of bugs, failures, omissions, and all the rest of it.

    A note on TS2 building, you must plan ahead, at least for the basics of size, layout, placement on lot and such. There are many more tools to work with and the results can be astounding even without CC. If I can build Titanic, you guys can build great houses, shops, and parks.
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    Sims 1:
    Pros- Sence of humor, the concepts of the expansions (Hot Date and Super Star were my favorites). I was a young tween when I started playing and I played for enjoyment. So many funny and cruel things you could do.
    Cons- No aging, no real costumization, no family ties, no genetics.

    Sims 2:
    Pros- Best gameplay and animations. I love that my families feel like family. So many things for my sims to do. I loved the Open for Business Expansion and it was so much fun to build different shops. There were so many activities for almost all the life stages. I love that the sims themselves had personality and they were all different.
    Cons- CAS- no separate shoe/accessories categories, Build/buy- Nothing really seemed to match and lack of cabinets and curtains. Building houses is a lot harder than I remember.

    Sims 3:
    Pros- Open world (I never really had problems with the lag), Family relationships (I love that sims know who their step-siblings/step-parents are plus other family relationships such as aunts and uncles) My favorite expansion packs were probably Generations and Seasons as they add a whole lot to gameplay for all life stages. I love the little details in the game as well.
    Cons- Sims don't look that great, build/buy is really ugly as well and I downloaded a lot of cc for this game. No connecting worlds or being able to travel between them.

    Sims 4:
    Pros- The CAS is amazing and the sims look amazing, too. My favorite looking sims out of all four games. The build/buy is also great. It's not hard to decorate and a lot of the pieces fit together great. It's easy to make sims and build houses. I love the stairs tool we got not too long ago. The toddlers are the best out of the last 3 games (I wish they had put as much effort into the other life stages as well) The game runs well and I've never had lag and overall the game looks great.
    Cons- No open neighborhood/world, no family relationships to speak of. It's almost like a bunch of random sims just live together doing their own thing. No personalities (all the sims feel the same), no drama, the sims themselves are too happy all the time. Reused animations everywhere. It lacks the most in gameplay which can not be covered up by how great everything looks unless you're only playing to make sims and houses but I actually would like to play the game too but it bores me to death.
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    I think the Sims games are an individual thing and not a particular formula to follow - like life is different for every one or can be. I can find almost as much enjoyment in anyone Sims games as I find in any of the others with hardly no effort at all just by playing my way or varying the style entirely - and never letting the games dominate my choices. I have only been limited by my imagination eventually once we have enough stuff in the games. At least that is my experience. I will say the first Sims game was the hardest for me to find that place in Simming - but I truthfully love them all and my 20 years of playing them. This is MY opinion; no one else s - - nor do I suggest it is for anyone else. It is how I play and spend many enjoyable hours more days and weeks and years than I care to discuss. LOL.
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    Writin_Reg wrote: »
    I think the Sims games are an individual thing and not a particular formula to follow - like life is different for every one or can be. I can find almost as much enjoyment in anyone Sims games as I find in any of the others with hardly no effort at all just by playing my way or varying the style entirely - and never letting the games dominate my choices. I have only been limited by my imagination eventually once we have enough stuff in the games. At least that is my experience. I will say the first Sims game was the hardest for me to find that place in Simming - but I truthfully love them all and my 20 years of playing them. This is MY opinion; no one else s - - nor do I suggest it is for anyone else. It is how I play and spend many enjoyable hours more days and weeks and years than I care to discuss. LOL.
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    Sims 1 - as a big pro, it was my first sims game and i enjoyed it as hell. Hot date was a great ep too. The biggest con imo is the sims not aging.
    Sims 2 - the details is my big pro. Also, the wants and fears. Personality measured with points is a con imo.
    Sims 3 - First time that we had traits (huge amount), sliders for almost everything, open world, expansions with tons of content, a lot of stuff to do... my pros would never end :) as a con, there's the need of a great pc to make it work without lagging.
    Sims 4 - the pros imo are the gallery, much easier build mode, runs fast, pets are great... As cons, sims don't have distint personalities, most packs bring few content, whims were never updated...
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    Pros: turn ons/offs, wishes and fears, interests, mix-and-match swatches on build/buy items
    Cons: time hopped around, lack of CAS diversity

    Pros: open world, story progression, traits, favorites
    Cons: art style, lag, microtransactions

    Pros: art style, user interface, the gallery, multitasking (albeit poorly executed), perks system (for occults and fame)
    Cons: neglected age groups, missing NPCs, poor pack integration, not enough traits, overpowering emotions
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    Microtransactions? You mean the Store? Following that theory all DLC can be considered microtransactions.

    "Free-to-play games that include a microtransaction model are sometimes referred to as "freemium". Another term, "pay-to-win", is sometimes used derogatorily to refer to games where buying items in-game can give a player a disproportionate advantage over other players, particularly if the items cannot be obtained by free means. The objective with a free-to-play microtransaction model is to involve more players in the game by providing desirable items or features that players can purchase if they lack the skill or available time to earn these through game-play. Also, presumably the game developer's marketing strategy is that in the long term, the profits from a microtransaction system will outweigh the profits from a one-time-purchase game."

    That doesn't fit the Store at all. Not least because loads of people have the entire thing without paying a penny. (there, I said it)
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    • Open world
    • Toggles for ages,seasons,supernaturals
    • Danger like criminals
    • Lots of content in expansion packs. I rarely felt like I got cheated when buy the packs.
    • Lag
    • Can't play rotational easily
    • Stuck in one world
    • Nice aesthetics
    • Sims are also nice looking
    • Can travel to multiple worlds with ease
    • Can play rotational

      • Most of the scenery is just for looks
      • Loading screens
      • Small worlds
      • Sims have no personality
      • It's too easy to gain relationship
      • Not enough content for anyone not YA/A
      • No toggles to customize your experience
      • Most expansion packs are small and not worth 60$
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    Never heard of Sims 1 or 2 when my daughter & I discovered Sims 3.

    Here's my Pros & Cons for Sims 3 & Sims 4:

    SIMS 3
    Pros: Color Wheel, Textures, Hairstreaks, Body Hair, Shorter Teens, Playable Babies, Fairies, Werewolves, Genies, Open Worlds, Cars, Motorcycles, Time Machines, Spiral Stairs, Heartshape Beds, Underground Beautiful Hot Tubs, Variety of Personalities, Better Relationship Interactions, Better & Bigger Worlds, Holiday Seasons Festivals, More Pets, Horses, All-In-One Bathrooms & Cooler Parties.
    Cons: Game kept freezing up, had to uninstall games to install in the order of release dates & game couldn't hold much in the PC.

    SIMS 4
    Pros: Aliens, Mermaids, Spellcasters & Vampires so far, Zigzag Stairs, Traits for everything, Windenburg, Brindleton Bay, Strangerville, Brooms, Bicycles, Better Graphics, Murphy's Bed is back, & Game doesn't freeze up.
    Cons: Missing Color Wheel, Textures, Open Worlds, No Drivable Cars, No Fairies, No Genies, No Werewolves, No Motorcycles, No Horses or other pets, No Spiral Stairs, No Heartshape Beds, No All-In-One Bathrooms, No Seasons Festivals, No Time Machines, Lack of Personalities, Lack of Bigger Worlds, Lack of Better Beautiful Hot Tubs, Lack of Relationship Interactions, No Playable Babies.

    That's all I can remember.
  • silentcyborgsilentcyborg Posts: 153 Member
    Never played .

    Sims 2 (haven't played a lot)
    Pros: personality, hobbies, mrs crumplebottom, animations/expressions, challenge, better bb swatches than sims 4

    Cons: closed world feels claustrophobic (better than ts4 though), keeping a job, the ever-changing wants/fears (I'd like it to be set for at least a day), the look

    Sims 3
    Pros: Open world, sims with personalities - traits & aspirations, supernaturals + mermaids, better relationships, world adventures, diving, into-the-future, genetics colour wheel, into-the-future, the ui categories, make a world (fussen world <3 ), bonehilda, better babies, ladders/curved stairs, newspapers

    Cons: Unstable, unable to save in bb, bb, too many patterns, the look, the ui look, open world over open neighborhood, no proper mrs crumplebottom, separated cas categories, no clothes for kids, toddlers etc, the store

    Sims 4
    Pros: Look and ui style, vampires, stability, the talking toilet, woodworking bench, bb, cas, same cas for teens/adults/elders & female + male, the gallery

    Cons: Ui categories, supernaturals apart from vampires, seasons lacking, personality, traits, aspirations, hobbies, closed world, no genetics colour wheel, non-matching swatches, no mrs crumplebottom, no bonehilda, lack of challenge, family gameplay, relationships, badly textured clothing/out-of-date stylings, lack of heels, no world adventures/into the future, strangerville, mfp, no diving in IL, IL, hot tubs, no space-saving objects, townie fashion, buggy festivals, phone always on, autonomy, bars/parties

  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,313 Member
    Sims 1
    Pros: the adventure of it all, wholly new gaming territory to be explored and mastered, screenshots tied to house holds with ample caption room-great for telling stories, the little pond where you could feed fish or sail little boats, CC friendly, packs worth the $
    Cons: in CAS if a sim skin didn't have a mesh the whole game crashed instead of just no outfit for the sim

    Sims 2
    Pros: to try to keep it simple... sims had deep and complex personalities, gameplay rich varied and often exciting, CC friendly, screenshots as TS1, obvious the makers cared a lot and put much effort into the game - down to tiny details, got your $ worh in packs, CAS able to produce highly customizable and individual sims, the incredible web site we had that focused on the simmers not the company
    Cons: I know there are some, as it's made by imperfect people, but most complaints I've seen seem to be in comparison to later versions that have more advanced technology. For it's day it blew the doors off the competition.

    Pros: color wheel, novel ideas in game content and play - world adventures, horses
    Cons: sims all look the same regardless of age or gender, loss of story ability with screenshots-all dumped into a common pot, meh graphics, pretty much confined to 1 household per world. I just could not get into this version, which may well be another con. 1 & 2 can grab my attention for hours, especially 2.

    Sims 4
    Pros: beautiful to look at, CAS, some build mode features
    Cons: a legion of them, too many to list and any effort to try would be depressing. We all know what they are as these forums are filled to overflowing with simmers expressing their woes and frustrations.
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    Since it’s being used as a con for Sims 3 so much I must add this con to Sims 4 (because it absolutely is for me): identical sims. More so than in Sims 3 I see everybody playing with the very same 3 or 4 default sims in the game (for both genders). I have no idea why but I personally don’t have that issue in Sims 3. I even often recognize who made a certain sim in that game, simmers manage to give their creations their own ‘trademark’ somehow.

    P.s. Doesn’t this topic fit better in the new Franchise section by the way?
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    JoAnne65 wrote: »

    P.s. Doesn’t this topic fit better in the new Franchise section by the way?

    yeah probably
    made the topic before new categories so can't change it myself
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    Simmingal wrote: »
    JoAnne65 wrote: »

    P.s. Doesn’t this topic fit better in the new Franchise section by the way?

    yeah probably
    made the topic before new categories so can't change it myself
    Yes, wasn’t criticizing that, the section indeed is new. It just crossed my mind.
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    I'm going to start with 4 and work my way back I apologize if I offend anybody.

    Sims 4:

    Pros - Creating in CAS and building is easier. Being able to change aspirations and start a new one once you're done with the one you are on or you can change your aspiration and not lose progress. Easy to move around from world to world. Graphics are nice. Rotational play is easier to do. Same-sex pregnancies. Teens can live on their own. LBGTQ positive influences in the game. I adore Brent and Brant and just want to go up and hug them when I play. Or Morgyn who I am guessing is supposed to be asexual and intersex. Some of the free stuff is cute and cheesy.

    Cons - Playing Vanilla tends to be boring. I feel I need to use mods and CC to have added gameplay. Though some packs are fun and I like them there is a need for improvement with all the occults. Some like the vampires and spellcasters a little less improvement is needed but the mermaids and aliens need a lot of improvement. Please take no offence to this it's not meant to be mean but useless and stupid stuff, game and expansion packs. Do I have to remind any of you of "My first Pet" stuff pack? I think they need to come up with an apology expansion pack just for thinking of that one. The game breaks almost every time Maxis or Origins does an update. Tons of bugs. Traits mean nothing in the game. It tries too hard to be politically correct. Life is never politically correct and EA makes too many "safe" decisions in my opinion. The game as a T, not an E rating. You can do things that are um not for an E rating. No burglars. No consequences for sims actions. For the stuff, game and expansion packs we get very little content. Modders do a better job with their added content (Mermaids, fame etc) than the official release does. Lack of customization I miss the colour wheel for clothing and hair from Sims 3. No spiral stairs or ladders. Too many tiny worlds some of them need more room for us to build. Hats are separated in CAS from hair.

    Sims 3:
    Pros: You could start as premade sim or create a sim of your own in CAS. the little things. Game, Stuff and expansion packs loaded with content. Sims 3 store. The Gallery, Create a World. (I know some of you didn't like that but I found it fun) Create a pattern. Customization of hair, makeup, skin, eyes etc. through the colour wheel. I loved being able to give my sims ombre hair. I never needed mods to add to my gameplay or for fun CC. Traits meant something. If my teen snuck out after curfew and a cop found them they could be dragged back home. Kids were paid to go to school. More jobs, traits, etc. You could choose your sims favourite colour, music and food and choose their zodiac sign. There were consequences for actions. Being able to own multiple homes and businesses. CAS is pretty to create in. Rich in gameplay and fun can still play nonstop for hours at a time. is pretty to create in. More Occults and Supernaturals.

    Harder to travel between worlds. Forgetting others when you moved to a new world. Graphics, ok but not as nice as Sims 4.

    Sims 2:
    Pros: I never felt I had to use mods. Interesting gameplay. a little darker at times. Consequences, for your actions. Fears and wants. Memories.

    Cons: Some crazy quirks and the game would crash sometimes.

    The Sims:
    Pros: I think it was innovative at the time. Fun gameplay. Kids were a lot more fun to play in a household. It was fun, different, cute. It definitely made my ex and I laugh a lot. If I was having problems he would take over my game and I would do the same for him.

    Cons: Lack of customization. Trying to keep my sim happy and alive through a lifecycle could be really hard. I lost more sims that way.
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    I found something I like better in TS4: the conversation tree. Going back and playing TS2 for the first time now, I find myself missing the single-layer tree divided by type of interaction. In TS2, it took me an entire date to find backrub, and I'm embarrassed to say that I still can't find woohoo. :s
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