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Friday Highlight November 8th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,037 EA Community Manager

It’s been a wiiiild week! B)

Woke up Monday. Came to work. Reporting day.
SimsCamp was announced. You wanted more info. And a trailer.
Which brings us to Tuesday. You met Julia. Things got busy - interesting busy. :smiley:
No week without Wednesday. Looots to read. Ran from meeting to meeting.
Thursday arrived. Some secret stuff. Also a feedback review.
Oh, and I realized I had a bunch of trainings to do, and my manager wanted me to finish them this week. :flushed:
So I multitasked like a pro. Got them done.
Friday arrived. And I started later because - LIVESTREAM!
Watching it now. Hope you are too. If not, no need to say more. Go watch it here! #AllTheInfo

Now! What are you here for? Some topics to highlight this week!:

So... what do you think? ;)

Happy livestream, and happy Simming weekend!


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