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Need some help with python [solved]

Sigma1202Sigma1202 Posts: 39 Member
Can someone tell me what's wrong with my code?

I am trying to get all the objects on the lot with the specific tuning id, but the get_objects_of_def_id_gen function doesn't seem to be returning anything, I don't get any last exceptions or anything, and I am 100% sure that I inputted the tuning id's correctly
import services
import sims4.commands

@sims4.commands.Command('GetObjects', command_type=sims4.commands.CommandType.Live)
def GetObjectsTesting(_connection=None):
    output = sims4.commands.CheatOutput(_connection)
    definition_ids = [115540, 116915]
    object_manager = services.object_manager()
    list_of_Objects = object_manager.get_objects_of_def_id_gen(*definition_ids)
    output('\n'.join(map(str, list_of_Objects)))

this is how the original function looks
    def get_objects_of_def_id_gen(self, *definition_ids):
        for obj in self._objects.values():
            if any( == d_id for d_id in definition_ids):
                yield obj
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  • Sigma1202Sigma1202 Posts: 39 Member
    Nevermind, I am just dumb, definition id and tuning id are not the same thing
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