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Responses on Ideas & Feedback

Due to the age of some of the topics still being updated in this section, I am curious as to what kind of structure is in place to respond to users ideas & feedback?

The Dark Mode thread for instance, was created in July but no members of staff have responded to this even with a diplomatic "We are currently looking at ways we can implement a new forum skin to address this and we will let you know in due course if this is a possibility".

Feedback is a two-way street and you can't expect users to be engaged in your online community if the staff do not appear to be.

Are particular admins and moderators responsible for specific sections?
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  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,548 EA Community Manager
    Hi Ayeffen!

    Everything posted here in the Forum ideas & feedback section is reviewed by myself and in most cases you will see me answer around here. When or how depends on the situation - for example, if it's something I know we can't do, it's usually faster as there's not much to think about. But things are not usually that clear and a lot goes behind the scenes when we are reviewing your feedback (not only about this forum, but all our forums for other games as well!). There's many things for us to consider but rest assured I'm always keeping an eye around here as it helps me know what you would like to see change on the forums, and which ideas are the most popular :)
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