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    Challenge Number: 1
    Origin ID: breezle206
    Gallery Name of Build: Brick Beauty
    Gallery Link:

    Here's my entry! First time posting any build on the forums, so idk if i'm any good or not but here goes!


    ***edited to show my ACTUAL link for my gallery build and not nucleonide's home lot in error ;) thanks @rosemow!!
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    Hello @breanna206 :) It is great that you have entered the challenge! The links though that you have posted go to Nucleonide’s home not your own. You accidentally posted the wrong links.

    Your home is lovely ! Very nice hedging on the lot edges, and the hedge entrance archway is very nice. Very nice picket fenced front porch. Sims will enjoy sitting on the porch seating in the sunshine. Very nice furnishing of the living and dining room area! Very nice fireplace and tv area! The bookcases look very nice either sides of the fireplace. Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the seating watching tv or reading near the fire. The crockery cabinet is a nice homely touch in the dining area corner nook and the pink flowers on the table are pretty :)
    This is the link to your home on the Gallery
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
    Nice house @breanna206 !
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    Wow, some gorgeous builds since the last time I was here. Great job everyone! Despite busily spending most of the last week+ with hunting activities, I've managed to almost finish my build. I just need to play test, fix anything that needs it and take some screenshots! \o/ Hopefully have it finished completely and uploaded sometime within the next few days.

    I'll post comments on individual builds at that time too! :)

    Happy Simming (and building) Y'all! <3
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,550 Member
    Very nice house @breanna206 :)
  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
    This looks like fun! I'm going to try.
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  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
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    Challenge Number: #BB1
    Origin ID: JoRN1414
    Gallery Name of Build: Kona Cay
    Gallery Link:
    Additional Notes: I took a sledgehammer to a lot of these walls! LOL. I used art by #taoron24121, thanks!

    Space for Pictures: (No more than 2 please)IrEMAtU.jpg?1
    "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" -Auntie Mame
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,973 Member
    Kona Clay is a lovely island beach home! @joRN1414 :) Very nice exterior texture and the tropical plants and trees are very nice. The interior furnishing is very nice, and great beach, sea and deck areas! Sims will have fun on the slippery water slide and enjoy sitting on the colourful seating around the fire, keeping warm and chatting. They will enjoy cooking and eating food from the feast firepit. Very nice pergola for them to enjoy eating the food on the patterned picnic tables, and they will enjoy sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar. They will enjoy riding the watercraft and relaxing on the floaties.
    It is a very nice home for Sulani! :)
  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
    Thank you @rosemow. You always pay attention to the details!
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  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
    Nice beach home @joRN1414 Thank you for using my art!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,550 Member
    Great looking beach house @joRN1414 very creative!
  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
    Taoron wrote: »
    Nice beach home @joRN1414 Thank you for using my art!

    YW, Tao. I dl'd a few of your walls and a few of Rose's for future use.
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  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,637 Member
    AlJay wrote: »
    Great looking beach house @joRN1414 very creative!

    I had fun! I feel I could have put down more rugs, but I just love the look of wood floors.
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  • nucleonidenucleonide Posts: 216 Member
    AlJay wrote: »
    @nucleonide your build looks wonderful! I get nervous sometimes too, but I love seeing all the creativity of everyone, to be able to glean from their ideas and watch our own building develop :) Thanks for participating.

    Thank you @AlJay and thanks for this challenge. :)
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Yay! I'm finally finished! *wipes sweaty brow* <3

    Challenge Number: 1
    Origin ID: Karababy52
    Gallery Name of Build & Gallery Link: Island Family Retreat
    Link to slideshow:
    Additional Notes:

    I'm not sure what to call the build style, perhaps Modern Contemporary Mid Century Rustic?

    I had a lot of fun building this house. As mentioned before, I've never built a home quite so large except for a TARDIS once for a challenge. I'm more of a tiny/small home builder since I normally play with one Sim or just a couple with one child, so this was a true challenge for me. I like that!

    The color scheme was meant to be black/white/orange with touches of red & yellow, but it ended up with a few other colors as well. Especially in the child and toddler rooms. I tried to follow the blueprint as closely as possible, but a few areas were changed slightly out of necessity to conform the plans to Sims build tools. Plus, of course the backyard overhead trellis is an addition to the blueprint.

    I hope y'all like it, I took my time and put a lot of love and care into this build. Thanks again @AlJay for creating this challenge. I'm looking forward to whatever the next round brings!

    Happy Simming! <3



    I need to get some ZzzZZs now, but I'll be back to comment on all the lovely builds submitted so far. *Hugs*
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,973 Member
    Island Family Retreat is a lovely family home! @Karababy52 :) Very nice exterior design and the white flowers on front edges and flowerd/lights on the pathway edges are very pretty! Very nice kids play and gardening areas! The greenery covered trellis outdoors living and dining patio is very nice! Sims will enjoy relaxing on the loungers and eating meals at the table that they have cooked on the grill. Very lovely furnishing of the interior! There are so many special details and features through the build! Very nice design of the living room fireplace area! Very nice chess corner nook! Very lovely design and colour schemes of the bedrooms! There are very special rooms for Sims to enjoy sleeping, sitting, reading and kids to play in. The soft toys are cute! Very nice kitchen and dining areas! The orange, black and white colour scheme of the home is very nice.
    It is a very nice and detailed home for a family to enjoy living in :)
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
    Hey! You got sweat on my screen!

    Lovely looking build. Very homey and peaceful looking. I love the secluded spot it sits in, surrounded by nature. Makes it all that much better.
  • VedenhaltiaVedenhaltia Posts: 16 Member
    Challenge Number: Blueprintbuilds 1 (november)
    Origin ID: Vedenhaltia
    Gallery Name of Build: Plant lovers house
    Additional Notes: I finally got ready my version of BB 1 challenge made by @AlJay. Can't yet post pictures, but the house is in gallery and can be found with #blueprintbuilds. I had lots of fun doing this challenge. Can't wait for next one. :smile:
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 161,973 Member
    Plant lovers house is a lovely family home! @Vedenhaltia :) This is the link to it on the website version of the Gallery
    Very nice flowers and plants in front garden, on front porch and on the side edges of home. The floral wreath is pretty on the front door. Very nice gardening box and planters nook for Sims to enjoy growing plants. The interior furnishings are very nice :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member

    I love how you put a trellis over the front porch, very cool! The living room looks so cozy and inviting. I can never seem to fit those large coffee tables in my builds, the rooms never seem large enough. But you managed quite well despite the smallish space without it feeling like it's squashed in there. I like how you seamlessly made the small hallway look as if it's a part of the living room.

    Beautiful dining room. Love the wallpaper and design of the bathroom. The colors meld very nicely. Great idea using a fishbowl in the hallway and the counters displayed with antiquities showcases them very well.

    Lovely Kitchen! Gah! I was going to use those overhead lights and forgot about them. Opps! They work well in there. Love the teen bedroom. Are those metal file boxes used to create a dresser? Love it! The child room is so colorful and eclectic with the posters and different colored walls yet it all works together very well.

    Love the wall lights you used in the Master bedroom for a feature wall behind the bed. Smart putting that GTW shelving in place of the en suite linen closet. I wasn't sure what to put there myself. Great looking walk-in closet! Guessing you don't have the Laundry Day pack, but no matter you still created a room that clearly screams, "Hey, I'm the laundry room." :) Love what you did with the sliding glass door combined with a halfwall, very unique.

    The trellised back porch feels very airy, open and inviting. I can almost smell those flowers. I like the garden walkway area too with the fountain. I can see a Sim couple strolling through there and having a romantic moment. Great job!


    You're so funny with the sweat comment. lol Sorry, hope it wasn't too much trouble to wipe away. o.O :P

    Wow, love how you managed to make the siding, porch steps, floor tiles and chimney all match! I struggle with that sometimes, there's very few of those items that actually go together. I almost used those flowering white trees myself, they're beautiful.

    I love the warm colors you used in the living room, especially how almost all the wood objects and flooring match. That's one of my favorite wood floors too, I use it a lot.

    Nice walk-in closet. Pretty peachy/pink bedroom. Smart using those tall cabinets to mark the entrance to the kitchen. Love the screened porch! I like how you used the glass french doors for the pantry and that corner china display is one of my favs from the C&Ds pack. Nice simple laundry room, looks very clean.

    Oh my gosh, that blue & white en suite bathroom is gorgeous! Great idea using the corner spa tub. Very pretty Master bedroom. I see you like to put a bench at the end of the bed too. :) Really like the other bathroom too, especially what you did for the linen 'closet.' Nice front bedroom. Got a chuckle (har har) over the clown painting. I never use that thing, I should.

    Very, very pretty kitchen. I thought about putting the stove in the island, but I can never get it to look right unless it's a HUGE kitchen. You made it work though. I like the dining room/buffet set-up, cool. Oh! Just noticed the window seat in the living room, I love that thing!

    Great build, sorry my comments are all over the map but I think your slideshots got all mixed up on Imgur. That happens to me too sometimes. It's frustrating.


    Oh cool, another trellised back porch, looks great.I like the siding ou used and the front porch looks very inviting. I like how you put the flowerbox mailbox next to the steps. Man, everyone it seems put the stove in the island. lol And you used my favorite overhead light/stove vent. Nice.

    What a fun colorful room for a child. I love those butterflies wall art and the window treatment. Hey, I love the picnic table on the back porch, what pack is that in? I've never seen it before. Love the windchimes too. Backyard stuff is one of my fav packs!

    Nice dining room, we used the same table. :) Teen bedroom looks fun. Nice walk-in closet. The living room is fabulous! Love the warm colored wood and the seating arrangement. I like to use a table behind the couch sometimes too.

    Love the blue Master bedroom arrangement too. I think all your slides got mixed up too so I apologize to you as well for the haphazard comments. Nice build for your first try, you should be proud!


    What a sweet rustic beachy build! Love the siding, fence, front porch, and all the landscaping is perfect for this build. Love the garden pathway leading to the cookout space.

    Love the blue & creme color theme with the red wood toned wallpaper and flooring in the living room/dining area and in the kitchen. Actually, seems the theme throughout most of the build. Beautiful!

    I never would've thought to pair the Moroccan accent table with the stained glass lamp, great idea.

    Ooo, I love the green themed Master bedroom, very relaxing. Great job with this!


    I like your choices of siding for this build, it looks very Mid Century Modern to me. Ah, I see you went with an overhead plant trellis too, good choice!

    Very cozy looking living room. Love the sunflowers, pillows and that Sphinx wall art. Very nice b/w dining room/buffet. I love those chairs! What pack did they come in? What kind of tree is that on the back deck? Looks great in the corner there.

    Very nice kitchen, love the monotone colors. I like the colorful kids/teen bedroom with the inspiration posters and that print above that a dresser? Must've come with Get Famous, a pack I don't have. *is jealous* Very nice front & master bedrooms too.

    I love the layout of the walk-in closet and the laundry room. I should've put more than one hamper in my build too. lol Opps!


    Whoa! Impressive Modern build! Oh! I see you used that zebra rug in the living room too. I love that thing.

    Love how you designed the front water fountain feature, very clever. Also love the different sidings you chose for the build and the wall planters side by side, great job! The roofing looks almost Post Modern to me with all the different angles. Cool!

    Gorgeous pool area, can Sims actually use the dive platform? Looks like they'd smack their heads on the roof, I love it though!

    Looking at the interior now and my jaw is dragging on my keyboard. lol There's so much to comment on, I don't know where to start! Love the b/w, brown and gray color scheme and how you designed such an open, airy and light floor plan. Adore the waterwall with the lighted bare trees, from Dine out perhaps?

    Love the brown & creme kitchen, especially the island. I want those barstools! Gah! Think I need to purchase Get Famous. I'm assuming that's where they come from since I don't have the pack.

    Love the laundry room open door way and... I have to stop. It would take forever for me to write up everything I love about this build. Just know I absolutely adore it.


    Beautiful build! My favorite room is the screened porch area with all the flowers. Nice feature wall behind the bed in the green bedroom. Like the colors and layout of the other two bedrooms too. Great job!


    I love Craftsman homes! Great siding, friezes, fencing and the landscaping is fabulous. Implementing the screened porch with the fenced in side yard was a clever idea. Love, love, love the trellis overhead, the climbing flowers are a nice touch too.

    Ah, I see I'm not the only one that loves those Vintage Glamour mirrors. They look great behind the fireplace. Adore the dining room and the design of the buffet. One of the things I love best about the Craftsman style is all the warm, earthy wood tones. Beautiful.

    Nice, sunny and bright kitchen, very cheerful looking. I like the flowers behind the stove on the island. The kids bedrooms look fun. I love how you put the string of lights on the canopied bed. Clever. Fabulous feature wall behind the Master Bedroom bed set. Great job on the entire build, I love it!


    Already made some comments on your build, but here's a few more. :) Cool, great choice of siding and roof placement. I like how you designed the chimney. Wow, what a welcoming, comfy, cozy looking living room and dining area. The blues, orange, brown and cremes go together beautifully. Very nice kitchen! Really like the bedrooms too, especially the blue/white one layout with the bed in front of the windows. Cute toddler bedroom (and cute toddler!).

    Great walk-in closet. I love those clothing racks that came with Get Famous. *dreams* Beautiful bathroom and I see you also used an overhead lattice trellis. Very pretty and very nice build!


    Wow, what a beautiful, warm and colorful build. I LOVE the front, such curb appeal, especially with all those flowers. Man, I just love the Romantic Garden pack. Love the matching garage and how you designed the interior for it. The backyard looks like a wonderful place for a family to spend Summer days soaking up the Sun. Clever sandbox design. I like to make my own sometimes too.

    Love the brown, orange and cremes for the interior color scheme. The design of the entire interior is master class! I want to live there. lol So many great details, I don't know what to say first. I just love the entire build and another favorite from all the builds. Great job!


    I'll have to make comments on your build later as I can't look at YT videos right now. Hubby is on there and our ISP can't handle us both watching vids. o.O Look for it soon!


    Why shouldn't you enter your own challenge? It's not like we're getting money or anything, just for fun and kudos so why not eh? :) Love the curb appeal of your build. I'm a fan of lots of flowers out front myself. Is that a piano in the living room? Did you MOO the keyboard? Very, very clever! Love the color scheme you used. So many used nice warm wood tones. I love that! The chicken coop is fanfreakintastic! Gah, love it! So cute!

    Love the back porch and garden area. Hi Patchy! Where did those flowers on the dining table come from? I'm guessing Get Famous? Love the kitchen, great idea putting a halfwall in the island. Nice study in place of a bedroom. Really like your linen 'closet' design in the bathroom. Might have to steal that idea if you don't mind? :)

    Cute child's bedroom. LOVE the Master bedroom, en suite and walk-in closet. Another home I'd love to own and live in. Gorgeous!


    Aww, don't be nervous, you did a fabulous job! I love your choice of siding and windows. Very lovely living room/dining room. I like the color scheme. It has a friendly, bright country/farm house vibe going on.

    Great teen/child rooms, so colorful and fun! Beautiful Master Bedroom, and I really like the bathrooms. I see you have Get Famous too with the dressing stand thing in the Walk-in closet. Very cool. Love the back porch painting/flower arranging set-up. Lovely build, I really like it! :)


    Lots of first timers in this challenge. I love that! The more the merrier eh? Love the plant gateway to the fencing surrounding the build and the picket fence around the front porch. Fun, bright color scheme for the living room/dining room. Nice layout! Wish I could see the rest, I bet it's lovely! :)


    Wow, I never would've thought to do a build for Sulani on the beach, great idea! Love the tropical colors and how you made the front bedroom into a part of the living area. Love all the details and fun outdoor toys/activities! Clever! Very beautiful build! :)


    Great curb appeal for your build. I love the siding you chose, all the lovely landscaping/flowers and the stepping stones. I'd download and take a closer look, but I can't right now with Hubby on our ISP too. I'll take a look and comment more later. From what I can see, it looks great though. Good job!

    Whew! Alrighty, that was fun! Let me know if I missed anybody. I'm amazed at the variety of these builds from the same floor plan. Y'all should take a bow! We have a lot of great builders in this community eh?

    Happy Simming! <3
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    Thank you so much @Karababy52 I need to recruit you for my thank you's at the end of the month! What a wonderfully detailed comment. I did use MOO for the piano. I saved it to the gallery in case others want to use it because I was so excited about it :)
    And great job on your build! It looks wonderful!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,550 Member
    @Vedenhaltia your house looks great!
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
    Very nice looking home @Vedenhaltia

    @Karababy52 LOL It smudged a little, but I'll be okay. :p

    THank you for the wonderfully detailed review and I'm glad you liked it. =) I'm with Aljay, I'm hiring you as my press agent.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    AlJay wrote: »
    Thank you so much. I need to recruit you for my thank you's at the end of the month! What a wonderfully detailed comment. I did use MOO for the piano. I saved it to the gallery in case others want to use it because I was so excited about it :)
    And great job on your build! It looks wonderful!

    You're welcome! :) Ah, yes, I figured that's what you did after scrutinizing the image a little more. Thank you for sharing it with all of us and Thank you about my build, so glad you like it. :)
    Taoron wrote: »
    LOL It smudged a little, but I'll be okay. :p

    THank you for the wonderfully detailed review and I'm glad you liked it. =) I'm with Aljay, I'm hiring you as my press agent.

    lol Okay, no harm no foul then eh? ;) You're welcome, it was my pleasure! Aww, and thanks for the compliment. I just know I appreciate when others comment a bit more indepth about what they like about my builds, so I try to do the same whenever I can.

    Have a great rest of your day to both of you and Happy Simming! <3
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