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  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    Thanks @rosemow she was a npc sim I spotted so I thought I would use her with a makeover :) im glad you like her thanks.
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 698 Member
    @holodeckx87 Great looking trailer!
    @luckyheather your sim is very nice. She compliments your home well :)
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    Thank you @AlJay :) I did try to match some of her outfits with the colours in the home :) thank you for the challenge that included doing a household if we wanted to.
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 485 Member
    Challenge Number: 8
    Origin ID: SerraNolwen
    Gallery Name of Build: A witch's trailer
    Gallery Link: Gallery link
    Link to slideshow: Imgur slideshow
    Additional Notes: I hope you don't mind I didn't use your shell. I noticed it only after I had started working on imitating the blueprint. I tried to stay as close as possible to the original set up, though I had to add some counters to make the kitchen functional. The bunk beds in the living room are the only items that are not functional. (I've tested the rest and reuploaded with the link here when I noticed a tapestry was clipping through the ceiling.)

    As I built this, I imagined a quirky sim, possibly a witch, lives here alone, sometimes inviting guests and keeping beds for them to stay the night because she lives far from the city. I decided to leave most of the lot quite overgrown. The outside siding of the trailer has also only been half renovated, and the foundation is trellis that hides the wheels, like some people use when they set up trailers for the long term. I wanted the inside to look like that had been extensively renovated to fit her peculiar tastes, while still keeping the general structure sound.

    Space for Pictures: (No more than 2 please)


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  • nucleonidenucleonide Posts: 181 Member
    Challenge Number: 8
    Origin ID: nucleonide
    Gallery Name of Build: Parked by the Beach
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/111DF433BAEC11EA82FC311076027851
    Link to slideshow: https://imgur.com/a/lhbH2Q4


    I don't have the Outdoor Adventure pack, so... I moved the trailer to the beach. (I'm not actually sure if there are people who live in trailers by the beach, but this is The Sims, so anything goes... :lol:)
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,141 Member
    A Witch’s Trailer is a very nice trailer home! @SerraNolwen Very nice exterior design and the overgrown landscaping looks great! Very nice sitting nook under the tree. Sims will enjoy doing woodworking on the outdoors crafting table and painting on the easel. The hanging herbs are pretty on the exterior. Sims will enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating meals outdoors in the air. Very nice enclosed fenced sitting area!The heater lamp will keep Sims warm whilst sitting there. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The brown and black color scheme is very nice. Very nice U shaped sofa sitting area. The pattered counters in the kitchen are very nice.Very pretty floral wallpaper in the bedroom, and the stained glass windows are lovely! :)

    Parked by the Beach is a lovely trailer home @nucleonide :) It is very nice that it is at the beach. Many people have their trailer homes at the beach and enjoy living there. The chickens on the sand are cute! Very nice outdoors dining area for sims to enjoy cooking on the bbq and dining in the sea air. It is nice there is an area to take photos outdoors. Very nice furnishing of the interior!, The brown walls are nice. Very nice study desk nook beside the bed for Sims to enjoy using the computer or reading a book. The wood flooring is nice.
    It is a very nice trailer home :)
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 698 Member
    @SerraNolwen Your camper looks great! I think it is wonderful that you didn't use my shell. I always just make it available to everyone, for those who are not comfortable starting from scratch :)
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 698 Member
    @nucleonide I would totally park a camper on the beach, given the opportunity :) It looks great! (love the chickens!)
  • SerraNolwenSerraNolwen Posts: 485 Member
    Thanks @AlJay and @rosemow !

    @nucleonide I'm pretty sure I've seen people who lived in trailers close to the beach back when I was in Florida. I can't remember if any parked it on the sand, but it sure looks nice. :)
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  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 698 Member
    I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your campers, hearing the stories behind them, and seeing the families that you have created for them. Thank you to all who have entered this month’s challenge 😊

    @wanderinglizzy Your trailer for a criminal is a great idea! I love all the clutter that you have added throughout the trailer and the secret room is really cool. You have done a great job of making it look realistic. I like your choice of flooring and the way that you set up the kitchen. All the little details look so good. Nicely done!

    @icanhassims Your camping trailer looks great! It is nice that you added the pond so sims can enjoy fishing and I like that you have made the exterior compliment the inside of the trailer. The rich wood and the blues go very nicely together inside. The camper looks very luxurious, especially with the double sink in the bathroom. I think it is just the right mix of a contemporary and country combination. Well done!

    @nali272 Your camper with a slider is really nice! I love that you have made it Eco Friendly and all the plants that you have added. That way the sims living there can be self sustaining. You have done a great job of the interior as well. The bunk bed, beds you chose work perfect for a camper and the wall paneling is exactly like something you would have in a camper. Great job!

    @Falivri Your Tree RV-House is great! What a creative idea to raise it into the trees. I really like the landscaping on the lot. The pond is wonderful and it is nice that you have added a bonfire as well. The open windows suit a tree house perfectly and the roof is super fun. Nicely done!

    @JosieAnglin Your messy RV is very nice! I really like the overhang canopy that you have made along with the roof on the one side. I love all the messy items that you have added outside. Great idea to add a bike (I should have thought of that!) The inside looks wonderful as well. I like that you added missing wall paper in places and am very pleased with how nicely messy you made the inside look. It looks wonderful!

    @Becka28 Very nice trailer home! I really like your choice for the exterior walls of the home. It’s perfect for a camper. It is nice that you have added the patio with all of the wonderful landscaping around it as well as numerous outdoor activities for sims to enjoy. The interior looks great as well. The soft colors that you have used give it a very relaxing feeling. Well done!

    @luckyheather Your Eco Lifestyle trailer is beautiful! I love the cream colors that you have used throughout the build. The yard is arranged so nicely and you have added so many nice details. The way you have arranged the interior of the trailer makes it look so spacious…and those windows! (I think I’m going to have to get the Eco living pack soon) Great job!

    @holodeckx87 Your camper in the desert looks so nice! The way you have designed it suits the desert so nicely. The paneling for the exterior is a great idea and your front entry is really cute! The interior truly does have a camper feel about it. I love the bathroom; it is very creative! It is nice that you have added pet items as well. Excellent job!

    @SerraNolwen Your Witch’s trailer is very nice! Great job on the landscaping. I really like the way you used the dine out fence and also made the property look overgrown. The interior looks very nice with the blues, grays, and purples. You have definitely done a lot of personalizing with this build. I like that you took the time to make your own shell and that you extended the build out area, it makes it much more functional. Great job!

    @nucleonide Parked by the beach is a great trailer! I love that you moved it to the beach. I can’t think of a better place for it. I love the beach! I like that you have added a place to take pictures outside as well. The interior looks so very nice with the metal floor and the divider when you enter. Great idea to have the second bedroom made into a dressing room and I really like the way you have made the desk part of the bed surround. Well done!
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 698 Member
    July Challenge


    The challenge for July is to use this blueprint to design a home. Your build can be on any size lot and any style you choose. There is no budget but please do not use any custom content. Hashtag with #BB9 and #aljay2000 when you upload it to the gallery. As a bonus challenge this time, you can choose to create an outdoor entertaining area. As always, if you wish to make a household for your new build, please feel free to do that as well!

    If you need a starting point, I have uploaded a shell to the gallery for you to use. This is just a guide and can be put on any size lot with any wall and foundation height.

    BlueprintBuilds – July Shell

    Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you come up with this month!
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    Thank you @AlJay for your lovely comments about the Trailer I did for the June challenge, I enjoyed doing it and I hope I can do the next one as nice :) Yes the Eco pack is amazing I love it all its well worth getting ;):) Thanks for the new challenge.
  • holodeckx87holodeckx87 Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you @AlJay and @rosemow for your lovely comments. I had a lot of fun with the June shell!

    So excited to get started on the July shell!
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