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Freestyle Dj Booth and Pets registration rewards

Hi everyone.

I have a guestion about the Freestyle Dj Booth and Pets registration rewards. I have tried to download them and install them using my sims3 launcher. They come up with the message missing expanison pack. I have all the expansion packs and all of the stuff packs except for Fast Lane. I'm having to reinstall my store items. Thanks for helping me everyone.
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  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 453 Member
    Did you finish registering your game on the website after you downloaded it?
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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 16,391 Member
    Did you make sure that all your expansions are checked under the “expansions” tab on the launcher? And have you tried clearing internet explorers cache(even if you don’t use internet explorer personally, the launcher does) and that’s the first thing I try when launcher/download give me issues
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 3,857 Member
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    @rubyskywalker: Yes, I have all registered.

    @GraceyManor: Yes, and I haven't been on the computer until today. Tried again, not working right now.
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