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    Cats and Dogs is great addition for single Sims I my opinion, but it can get annoying as the pets can be very dependent on you and they are still a bit buggy at times.

    Island Living is just as good, it adds Mermaids which could be a fun addition if you enjoy occults. The new world has ocean swimming, sailing, jet skis, island festival and odd jobs to earn extra money. Plus if you want a challenge you can try living off the grid!

    Both are great in my opinion!

    Game Pack wise I think Realm of Magic is best for single Sims. It comes with a pretty in-depth system like Vampires, but it is a bit too easy to get max level. Outdoor Retreat is fun at first but can get quite repetitive fast, but the camping equipment is great especially if you have Jungle Adventure! Parenthood is focused on family gameplay, it doesn't really add much apart from behavioral traits your Sims develop through daily actions and popups.

    Out of the stuff packs, I think Kids Room Stuff and Laundry Day are great! Kids Room gives Children much needed content, and Laundry Day adds a nice albeit repetitive daily gameplay mechanic, but has some bugs. Romantic Garden Stuff is the best when it comes to building and decor in my opinion, plus the clothing and hair is lovely!

    Backyard can also be fun with the waterslide, but there's not all that much to it. Fitness stuff is good if you spend time exercising with Sims but otherwise not very useful.

    Toddler Stuff does give Toddlers more content, but it's only playground equipment which I think is too repetitive. Moschino is an interesting one, what it does for photography is amazing, but the clothes are a lil too out there for my personal tastes.
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    I've got all those packs, I agree with @Prink34320V2 with cats & dogs definitely adds more gameplay and you dont have to control them either just make sure they always have food in there bowl and that they can go for a pee and a poo and play with them atleast once in a sims day 😂, Realm of magic I personally like this pack and if you like playing with supernatural definitely a must buy. Parenthood if you dont like playing sims with families definitely not a good buy would be a waste of money but like you said that your open to play families, try playing with families first as it is in your game before buying it, if you like your sims having children, parenthood will make it much better, outdoor Retreat is a pack that I dont use that often, Island living beautiful world, nice addition to your game, I mostly use this for my sims to visit during the summer, get them a nice tan and swim in the sea, build sand castles with their family, nice build & buy items, I used the hairstyles the most, Laundry day is a nice pack, not a requirement to enjoy your game if you want more realism though, yes. Toddler and kids stuff kind of goes hand in hand with parenthood again if you wont play with families complete waste of money. Romantic garden & backyard lovely additions to the game both have lovely build & buy and create a sim in my opinion.
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