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4GB patch killed my game.

It is a REAL shame because while I was enjoying a nice 20+ hour playthrough (not at once obviously) I just couldn't stand the constant crashes. How every five minutes I'd save my game and hope for the best, or I'd keep my Sims living at home and never let them go out to any community lots because they'd crash, keep my Sims from going to college because somehow University is a game killer as it'll crash so often that you don't even have time to save!

So after all these crashes I decided to go for that 4GB patch that everyone tells you to get because "It's great for the random crashes!" you know what? They're absolutely right, it IS good for the random crashes because my game doesn't crash anymore! But that's because my game doesn't launch anymore instead! Anyone know how to fix this without just completely uninstalling my game? Because like I said, 20+ hours of fun progress right there I'd absolutely dread seeing go to waste.


  • guisadopguisadop Posts: 1 New Member
    Yeah, I get you. Except I didn't even need to install the 4GB patch for TS2 not to launch! I have the disc version from way back in the day. Been trying to find a fix everywhere but I couldn't solve the problem despite trying everything.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,057 Member
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    What 4GB patch would that be? Never heard of it, and if it's a patch thru Origin, no.
    @guisadop, if you have Windows 10, and trying to install your game from discs, by default Windows 10 will not allow that, it disabled the ability to use SafeDisc (written on some game discs) and will not let you install. You have to google that, I had the instructions here somewhere (maybe in the old Sims 1 forum here) but MS decided they wouldn't allow 10 and update to Windows 7 to use discs anymore with SafeDisc on them. You would have to enable a particular driver in cmd.
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  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,353 Member
    It did nothing really for my game. It lagged a lot either way (can't go to any lots or throw parties or the lag would last for literal hours. That is how bad it is on Windows 10). It also still crashed from time to time even with that patch.
  • DevSims91DevSims91 Posts: 243 Member
    It worked fine for me until origin decided to get into my game again and reset it... I had to completely take it off of my computer, I’ve yet to reinstall been playing discover university... Except all I’ve been doing is making over all the premades (again)... I had fun but I forgot to save a makeover I did of the Landgrabs 😖
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