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Will the Sims 5 have a story line.



  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,585 Member
    I couldn’t get into sims Medieval, even though I really want Medieval stuff for sims. Strangerville was not terrible, but it also was not great. I do like the town, build objects, military career ( though I wish it had been an active career with an actual army base), and the secret ops or conspiracy theory stuff. The airplane bunker idea was great, as was the ship wreck in Sulani..... the underground parts, traits and lot type could be changed to your liking. I love background stories to premades, you can always ignore them if you want to. I hope we have a choice to start our sims off at scratch with nothing, or have the choice to make a premade story for them.... pick their jobs and their ranks, the amount of funds they start with, the skills and and level of skills they begin with, of course their relationship to others in the family and even start with Romantic sims living together, pregnant sims, sims with a newborn baby etc. that way we could really even personalize the townies exactly the way we want them to begin, if we could choose whether each family has story progression on or off would be great too.
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