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Urbz 3: Sims In the City - a recreation (looking for help!)

carvernosamcarvernosam Posts: 34 Member
Okay okay, it's technically urbz 2 since the OG console urbz never got the sequel it was supposed to, but it's a recreation in sims 3 hence the name.

I'm building a more modernized version of Urbzville in CAW and I need lot builders, and hey, maybe some sim makers too!

I'm only a little bit into it so far, here's a quick and dirty overview of Cozmo Street, with Will's bar/performance venue and the VIP backstage:


Anyways, I need lot builders because A) not my forte, B) Not my favourite thing to do. @synthwitch made some cool recreations a while ago, but I'm looking to have more separate lots.

I am building it with all EPs/SPs and store worlds + venues, plus a little bit of store content, however none of that should be required for people who want to help.

If you're interested, I can send you the lot sizes (majority of the lots are on flat land) and even references from the OG urbz game.

bonus: a couple urbz I've already made.

(there will be CC free versions too!)

Also, I'm debating merging in Miniopolis and the urbz from the handheld version. Y/N?
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