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Unbelievable Sims 2

Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 397 Member
I finally got Sims 2 to work on my Windows 10 computer without constantly crashing. I’ve been playing about a week and all I can say is WOW!!! Sims 2 is just unbelievably great! I love it!! This is what The Sims is supposed to be! The Sims 3 is a great game, but TS2 blows it out of the water. And can you imagine going from The Sims 4 to The Sims 2? Kinda like Dorothy stepping out of the house into The Land of Oz!!! Long live Sims 2!

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  • SimQueenie9SimQueenie9 Posts: 2,827 Member
    Nottttt sure this is the best place to post this...
  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,433 Member
    Sims 2 is far superior to sims 4.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,084 Member
    Now you know why my go-to Sims game is TS2. Like the difference between a 64-72 muscle car and a Yugo.
  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 102 Member
    The Sims 2 is the ultimate Sims game. It has some annoyances that can be fixed with mods, patches, and expansions, but it's by far the most fun.
  • windweaverwindweaver Posts: 7,204 Member
    I agree, it's the best they have ever made
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  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,549 Member
    I already have my 2 game set up to my liking (well mostly-) but then suddenly decided to check for new mods/CC and the like and I am staggered at the new mods/CC that has come out since I last checked so it has been several days spending some time each on a downloading spree lol Everytime I go back to 2 to play I can just sit and watch the animations alone for the longest time before even starting to play properly again :)
  • DijktafoneDijktafone Posts: 450 Member
    I've played it again not so long ago, and it kept me entertained for weeks; after 15 years I still found ways to refine the way I used to play, and the premades are still so remarkable...
  • sunblondsunblond Posts: 707 Member
    Plus, the mods and CC available making customizing your game so satisfying!
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