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Have baby after first one taken by socal services?

diddlochcoojdiddlochcooj Posts: 53 Member
edited October 2019 in The Sims (2000)
Okay so I have two married Sims. I made them play in bed on the heart bed twice and then a pop-up appeared asking me if I wanted to have a baby, I said yes, there was a baby. I didn't take good enough care of it and it got taken away by social services. I wanted a new baby so I make them play in bed like 5 times per day but I don't get the pop-up. One time the phone called asking me if I wanted to adopt a baby, I said yes but STUPIDLY I actually let that one get taken by social services because it was a boy and I wanted a girl lol. Now I keep playing in bed and also kissing and kissing and kissing but no baby :( Is it impossible after having two babies taken away? Or am I just unlucky?


  • Maus652Maus652 Posts: 226 Member
    I have a vague recollection that once the social had taken a baby, you couldn't have another... I'm having all sorts of 2002 vibes here.

    But it might just be a rumour - I can't find any mention of it on the Sims Social Worker wiki page. 🤔

    Perhaps try deleting the bed and trying again?

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  • WarGreymon77WarGreymon77 Posts: 102 Member
    As far as I know, you can still have a baby, but you can't adopt after getting one taken away.
  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 461 Member
    I think you might need to wait a few days after a social worker for it too work again. I know the Sims is very random for babies, one family had a pop up every day and another took over a week.
    Also to save you some time your sims can have a baby after "kissing passionately" over and over again as well you don't need to use the bed.
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