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Problem solved. Woot.
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    C&Ds only brings the veterinarian career iirc and I never played the career so I wouldn’t know the answer to that. C&Ds doesn’t let pets spawn in other worlds beside the world they came in and households don’t spawn with pets.
    City Living brings a nice world, apartments available. They are NOT buildable like in TS3, but you can change the layout without deleting outer wall/windows. It brings a politician career, art critic, and food critic all which you can go out and play with your sim around town or send them off to a rabbithole.
    Get To Work brings a 4 lot size world, it gives your sim the ability to own a business. You can choose which sims you hire. There is a Doctor, Scientist and Detective. These are pretty much following your sim in their workplace, following daily task to reach your promotion. Or you can choose to send them to work without following should you now want too.
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