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THE one & only Discover University complaining thread!


  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 1,760 Member
    Hopefully we will see more of the stuff for the universities in the coming weeks.
  • Simlie20Simlie20 Posts: 58 Member

    I’m also afraid we yet again aren’t able to build the dorm rooms just like with the apartments from city living this to me is a huge disappointment just as the apartments were

    The second thing i’m affraid of is the number of majors so far we’ve heard of 4 with one being rather unrealistic not that i’m against it but if your going to have only 4 majors atleast make them common ones

    Wait so is it confirmed that we are getting only 4 majors? Like what if I wanted my sim to become a fashion designer or teacher what's the best major for her? Art history?? I hope they can add more majors, like 10 so that there's more choice.

  • 2fab4uboo2fab4uboo Posts: 47 Member
    Glad I'm not the only one upset by the lack of drums. I really wanted bands to make a comeback in TS4. Also electric guitars, pool tables, and strip poker. I wish we had more than four majors, but I'm not too upset by that because I know there will be a mod and custom majors in the future.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,443 Member
    I'm worried about how bunk beds and murphy weren't shown, but as said above, this could be because they're being patched in (fingers crossed!)

    I'm also disappointed (not a whole lot, but still disappointed) that they didn't go into depth about the majors themselves. They said a few of them in the pack description, but I suspect this is all of them, and they wasted one on villainy...

    Also, @thesimmer14, I've seen that in every trailer. It's not new.

    Okay, back on topic, why if Foxbury's mascot a lobster? I'm sorry, I know this isn't relevant, but it bugs me none the less.

    Speaking of bugs, I really hope the glitches in this pack are kept to a minimum, though I'd prefer none. This, of course, isn't possible. I know programming isn't perfect. But at least let things work correctly!
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    I do worry about the number of majors and the possibility for lack of customization with dorms.
  • TrashmagicTrashmagic Posts: 909 Member
    I can only judge based on what we saw so far, so on that note - I'm not really getting University vibes yet. Nothing I've seen screams University and I can't quite put my finger on exactly why that is. Right now I'm waiting for more information. The "story" focused on such a small aspect of college life. I'm stuck between "Is that it?" and "There has to be more, relax."

    I'm only worried because the first reveal trailer should focus on small bits of everything the pack has to offer and then follow up trailers can focus on more specific aspects. The Sims 3 University announce trailer did a great job of showcasing a little of everything the pack has to offer and also left some surprises in for us to discover as we play.

    I'm Sure Sims 4 Discover University will have more features being revealed as we edge closer to release. But based upon the reveal trailer it all looks very flat. There's not much innovation. So we'll see what gets revealed soon.

    I'll say now that if everything "big" has already been shown then it'll be a pass from me. As someone already said it almost looks like Get Together 2.0 with degrees. :#
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  • KatieSimKatieSim Posts: 71 Member
    Ah finally. A place where I can be my salty self haha :D
    I've been super disappointed that the classes and new careers look like they’re going to be rabbit holes.
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,176 Member
    Kind of disappointed this wasn't an all around education pack instead of just university again. I expected it though so not too disappointed.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 86,900 Member
    Not a complaint but I"m worried cause I didn't see any photobooths and vending machines.

  • SelinaKylesSelinaKyles Posts: 1,732 Member
    Dianesims wrote: »
    I’m wondering if it will change the school system ? It really needs improvement and I was hoping we could get a general school overhaul.
    If they do, my bet is it’ll be it’s own pack. To add private schools for kids/teens. And possibly they’ll wait to see how DU turns out to see what could be done different for children/teens
  • Aeroprincess87Aeroprincess87 Posts: 6,262 Member
    I've come to accept that what you see is what you get with Sims 4 reveal trailers. My only complaint is that the "two universities" don't appear to be two separate worlds. Also I'm pretty sure the dorms will be the same as the apartments from City Living, which means we will never have real apartments in this game. I hope I'm proven wrong though.
  • bizuktagbizuktag Posts: 320 Member
    I know a real university campus needs to be big, but the trailer only served to make their world feel super empty. Large university quad with... ten students wandering around? There are a lot of building shells with what appear to be just a few lots tossed in between, and all of those lots seem underwhelming. The trailer makes it seem like all there is to do at university is a debate club, a robot lab and an outdoors art club. Oh, and visit a pub.

    The best thing they could have done would be to make all the university areas lot types, so we can create our own in any world we please. I think the chances of that are slim to none.

    And dorms look like they will be the same system as apartments, rooms in a building shell that you have limited building control over.
  • Dakota88Dakota88 Posts: 478 Member
    edited October 2019
    I’m hoping bunk beds are being patched in so that’s why they aren’t in the pack. As far as classes the descriptions mention about going to class so I’m sure some of them are active.

    I would not count on the bunks not being in the trailer and therefore being patched in and not a feature of the pack. Lounge chairs weren't a key feature of island living, they were patched in for everyone, island living only offered more variety of them. But still, they were in the trailer. So nope, probably no bunks. Why would they show a dorm with normal beds if Uni had bunk beds?
  • TheIntrovertSimmerTheIntrovertSimmer Posts: 607 Member
    so far i am not seeing anything that gamechanging. [island living flashback intensifies]
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  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 1,813 Member
    I think we should prepare for disappointment if this past year is anything to go by. Key features of packs being broken on launch and lack of depth. University has been anticipated and wanted since TS4 launch, and they've had almost 6 years to get it right so I hope they do but their track record as of late isn't looking so great eh. Every pack since IL was broken and felt rushed. Either this pack will be the same, or the rest this year suffered so this one could be epic. It's been so built up in some simmers minds by this point now, I think this one has a much greater distance to fall than past packs.
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  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,334 Member
    I don't think anything has been said about that yet, but I'm a bit worried that only young adults can go to university, not adults or elders. When I was at university, there were people of all ages in my classes. And about those bikes? Probably only for teens and older again.
  • HarukotyanHarukotyan Posts: 93 Member
    edited October 2019
    At this point I'm pretty sure (and really worried/sad) about the following:
    • Items that are not coming back: murphy or bunk beds, vending machines (apparently instead we have"university swag kiosk"), no pool tables and photo booths as well.
    • No greek houses
    • Obviously no bands (but even though it was a thing in TS2 Uni I didn't even expect to see them in this expansion)
    • Dorms will be apartments 2.0. Just decorate your own room and you can't do anything else with them. Definitely it won't be a new lot type assignable in other worlds so no opportunity for apartment lots.
    • Bikes are for Young Adults/Adults only and are locked to new world. So again no much expanding the opportunities for existing worlds. I really wish they prove me wrong with this one. But we have experience with swimming, so....
    • There will be no entry barriers for uni. No aptitude tests, grades influence, money or stuff like this.
    • Universities themselves are represented by one huge lot (ROM secret lot style) called "student commons" in description. No different buildings with different assignments. There will be zero new lot types. So my bet is for a world with 7-10 lots. Two student commons, two dorms, one library, one bar and several vacant lots for building.
    • I didn't see any Professors/Teachers in the trailer (ok, I've spotted one older sim apparently tutoring in art class at the start of Uni trailer). That makes me think that mostly classes are somewhat like semi-active careers. Either go to rabbit hole for lecture or go to library and write your term paper.
    • Of three new careers only engineering one seems to be flashed out a lot. I have a feeling other two are there "just because".
    • No or very little stuff for other age groups. (Though I admit some BUY items look really childish to me. Unicorns and rainbows stickers... Really?)

    There are still things I'm intrigued about. Secret society and other school organizations - how will they work? Exo-skeleton type costumes. Are they just CAS or something more? Will robotics be a new skill or will it be tied to handiness? And most importantly how aging and household management will work with students? What are big and juicy graduation bonuses? 'Cause if it provides a sim with a couple of career levels we already have a trait for this. There must be something else... I hope.

    So far I'm pretty sure with dedication, imagination, GTG club system and mods Uni can provide something gameplay wise. But alas that's definitely doesn't look like a game-changer to me.
  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 544 Member
    We‘re waiting on a slow dance for 5 years now, so why should they bother to give the player what they REALLY want. And if they do, it‘s half baked like the lounge chair with a stiff pose, no chat option and no leaning back to rest your head. Imagine what the slow dance would look like lol. Pool tables should be included in this pack without having to beg for and so are bunk beds. Actually bunk beds should have been long included in the Strangerville pack because of the Military stuff. If anybody really using bunk beds it sure is the Military. But naaah. So I doubt that they will ever come. But hey, who knows, maybe they‘ll surprise us in the livestream on nov. 8th like they did with the „(spiral) stairs“ lol - (my hopes are very low)
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  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 785 Member
    Simlie20 wrote: »

    I’m also afraid we yet again aren’t able to build the dorm rooms just like with the apartments from city living this to me is a huge disappointment just as the apartments were

    The second thing i’m affraid of is the number of majors so far we’ve heard of 4 with one being rather unrealistic not that i’m against it but if your going to have only 4 majors atleast make them common ones

    Wait so is it confirmed that we are getting only 4 majors? Like what if I wanted my sim to become a fashion designer or teacher what's the best major for her? Art history?? I hope they can add more majors, like 10 so that there's more choice.

    Not at all confirmed.

    LMAO considering that it’s what I do for a living, I find it so brain-wracking with The Sims 4 marketing materials don’t ever seem to line up with what the devs know the game actually does.

    Like does anybody on the marketing team play or look at the game first? Do they listen to, or talk to the devs? Why don’t marketing and engineering properly engage with one another?

    Why do they release these hollow game descriptions and music video-style game trailers devoid of actual play content? It’s pretty lazy just to make things up that are absolutely nowhere near how the game works.

    It’s not even like some video game trailers where they use some of the highly artistic, non-gameplay cut scenes. Sims trailers are literally made up.

    Can someone from EA please explain why you don’t have anyone that knows how to advertise and market the actual product you are selling?
  • TheIntrovertSimmerTheIntrovertSimmer Posts: 607 Member
    i feel like it aint gon to have any depth at all.
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  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 544 Member
    edited October 2019
    @wormstache999 Yes! As I have already stated in my above post, they should have been included already in the Strangerville pack bc of the Military stuff and Carrier. I assume that you have never seen a military base from the inside, but I can assure you that they are very common there for Adults, who live on post. They are not only kids.
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  • JemmaTheSimmerJemmaTheSimmer Posts: 192 Member
    Honest question - Why do people expect bunk beds in a University EP? I don't know any university student who has a bunk bed. In my country they're mostly for children and in TS3 they were only usable by children as well. I do want them in TS4, but I always associated them with a family/children pack (Parenthood would have been perfect).
    Are bunk beds really that common for adults where you guys live? It's so uncommon for me.

    I'm guessing previous University EPs is the reason. I'm the same as you though, I'm from the UK (and I'm definitely getting British vibes from this pack) and we wouldn't have bunk beds at university. We don't usually share rooms at university at all, though would have twin beds where people do. Bunk beds are generally for kids from my experience. Or in hostels.

    I would love bunk beds, or even raised beds where you could use space underneath. But don't see them as part of a university pack. Definitely agree they should have been in Parenthood, or even Kids Room stuff. Maybe we'll get a bunk beds stuff pack xD.
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