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  • SimsStarfishSimsStarfish Posts: 133 Member
    @Octavie88 I would guess that they didn't want to include degrees that were directly linked to a pack other than DU and also have each of them useful for one of the base game ones. We'll see what the law career track requires but I'm guessing they didn't think criminology would be it.

    As for villainy being there for funsies, well, so is the criminal career track. Sims have always had weird things like that.

    That's actually a really good point. I also wondered why they didn't have say medicine, it must be because its not a base game career so they had to add it to a degree that works with a base game career.

    So like with the Drama degree, it can be used for the Actor career if you have get famous but probably also the Entertainer career from the base game?

    I also wondered why they had both Art History and Fine Art. Maybe if you have just the base game you can become a painter through both degrees but if you have City Living then you become a Critic through the Art History Degree?

    Keeping all this in mind, none of the Base game careers link to Biology? I would say that Biology would be Doctor, Conservationist and maybe Gardener? That would mean that you must be able to become a teacher by studying Biology?
  • SimsStarfishSimsStarfish Posts: 133 Member
    Maybe Athlete falls under Biology? There is no degree for Athlete?
  • SimsStarfishSimsStarfish Posts: 133 Member
    Before multiple careers were always linked to single degree categories. Like in Sims 3 , Culinary, Acting, Painting all came from the Fine Arts Degree, maybe this time it works the other way as well and you can get boost in a single career from two different degrees.

    If you assume that you can get a career might link up with two different degrees, which base game career would go with Communications? Writing? But that also go's with Language and Literature? Social Media goes well with Communications but its not base game maybe Politician too.

    But Politician could also be History or Psychology?

    Where would Military go? Villainy? History?

    The ones that stumps me are Psychology and History in terms of link to base game/uni careers, maybe its linked to the teacher degree? or Lawyer? maybe you can become a doctor by studying psychology

    Then History could also be Teacher or Lawyer.

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    12JEREMIA wrote: »
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    I'm truly surprised so far in the effort they put in the bikes they even animated using the kick stand little details like that are important to me. Now they just need to confirm bikes are useable in all worlds I wont believe it till I see it to many let downs with this game with one world features.
    12JEREMIA wrote: »
    What about urinals? After toilet stalls are here, we need urinals for male restrooms
    Do our male Sims ever get anything? I would not hold my breath on that object.

    SimGuruFrost basically confirmed Bikes being exclusive to this EP, so that also basically confirms that they are NOT usable in other worlds, and are only for Teens - Elders.
    That plum! You know what? That’s fine with me

    Someone on twitter recently asked Frost about riding bikes on other worlds. He said you can ride them everywhere.
  • SimsStarfishSimsStarfish Posts: 133 Member
    So a degree can provide a boost in multiple careers, should be interesting
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