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Forum Emoji List

List of Emojis & Commands to enter them in forum posts, threads, discussions. Commands are always with : on each side

angry :angry:
anguished :anguished:
astonished :astonished:
bawling :bawling:
blush :blush:
cold_sweat :cold_sweat:
confounded :confounded:
confused :confounded:
cookie :cookie:
cry :cry:
disappointed :disappointed:
dizzy :dizzy:
error :error:
expressionless :expressionless:
fearful :fearful:
frowning :frowning:
flushed :flushed:
grey_question :grey_question:
grimace :grimace:
grin :grin:
heart :heart:
heartbreak :heartbreak:
hushed :hushed:
innocent :innocent:
joy :joy:
kiss :kiss:
kissing :kissing:
kissing_closed_eyes :kissing_closed_eyes:
kissing_heart :kissing_heart:
kissing_smiling_eyes :kissing_smiling_eyes:
lol :lol:
love :love:
mask :mask:
mrgreen :mrgreen:
naughty :naughty:
neutral :neutral:
no_mouth :no_mouth:
open_mouth :open_mouth:
pensive :pensive:
persevere :persevere:
rage :rage:
relieved :relieved:
relaxed :relaxed:
scream :scream:
sleeping :sleeping:
sleepy :sleeping:
smile :smile:
smiley :smiley:
smirk :smirk:
star :star:
sunglasses :sunglasses:
sweat :sweat:
sweat_smile :sweat_smile:
tired_face :tired_face:
triumph :triumph::smile:
trollface :trollface:
tongue :tongue:
unamused :unamused:
warning :warning:
weary :weary:
wink :wink:
worried :worried:
yum :yum:

Comment below if I missed any! :smile:
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