September 18 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!

Friday Highlight October 18th - A week on The Sims forums

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Sul sul!

Weekend is almost here, great time to spend some time relaxing and playing with life for a bit. ;) Don't forget about the forums though, lots of funny screenshots, absorbing challenges, interesting conversations and more going on as I type this! (And your contribution can only make them better!)

But I need to give you a warning: there's also challenging questions hidden around, waiting for you to stumble on them and threatening to keep you thinking and looking for an answer long after you come across them! :scream:

What am I talking about? Let me explain with some examples:
  • When I opened @CorkysPetals's topic a couple days ago I knew I wanted to find the perfect Simlish name for my next Sim: 'Give me your Simlish names'. You can find lots of amazing names in the topic already, and I was staring at them for a while - unable to come up with a new one on my own. Two days later, I think I'm missing the Creative trait. Luckily many of you have shared your ideas. If you haven't already, show me how it's done!
  • Next, let's go with a challenge: 'The Life Coach, or Where There's a Whim, There's a Way', by @RhiLTC. I love the idea. In their words: 'In this challenge, you are a life coach who has a plan for a sim that has hit rock bottom. They lost sight of their life goals and will have to work hard to turn their life around.' There's much more, click the link and take a look!
  • For my next recommendation, let's look back on your first experiences with The Sims 4: @QueenofMyshuno is asking everyone to 'Tell me about your first Sims 4 sim'. No matter if that was 5 years or 5 days ago, share the nostalgia (screenshots welcomed!).
  • When you are ready to come back to the present, click on 'That annoying moment when...' and complete the sentence! A great topic started by @Stutum to share some of those moments when you don't know what those Sims are thinking about. (Yeah, sure Mai, they are *thinking* :D )
  • For our visit to The Sims 3 section, let me invite you to @rubyskywalker's poll: 'Which house should I try building on TS3?'. They are planning on building some houses, let's help them decide which!

I’m not forgetting: I also mentioned above we have lots of screenshots on the forums - one more now!:

I had to share this one, that face my Sim has...! ;)

And that's it from me this week! Any links from you? Leave them below :smiley:

Happy Simming weekend!


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