November 15 - It's Friday, so what do I have for you? A Friday Highlight - here!
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Friday Highlight October 11th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,065 EA Community Manager
Sul sul, and welcome to our weekly Friday Highlights!

The Sims 4 got an update this week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - console players out there, I hope you are enjoying the new additions to the game! :)

However, you opened this thread to take a look at the highlighted topics, not to hear me rambling, so let's get to that!:

Capturing the daily moments, by @Firande
  • I found that screenshot collage inside the first topic I want to recommend you to check out this week: 'From Tot to Teen’. Here, @Firande is sharing the evolution of their Sims from toddler to teen/young adult, and inviting everyone to join the fun!
  • Next, finish this sentence: 'You know you've played for a while when...'. How has being a Simmer changed the way you see the world? Other Simmers will relate - a very interesting thread by @Stutum!
  • Let's have a poll on habits! Do your Sims tend to visit the same lots all the time, or do you like to make them explore? Leave your vote in @SimAlexandria's poll: 'How many lots have you lived on?'
  • Moving on to the Creative Corner! It's been a while since I recommended a starter houses showcase thread - so let me do that today! Looking for a home for a newly created household? @SageOfGlimmerBrook has you covered in 'Key Largo Starter'!
  • And to close my list this week, let's visit The Sims 3 section to share (and discover) date ideas for your Sims! @Choco446 is looking for some inspiration in 'Things to do on dates?'

That's all from me for now! Remember I'm always happy to read your feedback about these posts, and that you can recommend threads or screenshots to be highlighted by sending me a message.

Happy Simming weekend!


  • QueenAbi98QueenAbi98 Posts: 2 New Member
    I love creating families and properly seeing them grow. I tend to make my families massive and end up taking over entire worlds XD
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