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What name should this sim have?

QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,854 Member
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I can't decide what name I should give this sim. He's the founder of my Legacy-Bachelor Challenge so at least his family name will be very important.

Explanations why are always welcome :) There's no wrong or right here.

Edit: I forgot the most important part of the poll, the screenshot.


What name should this sim have? 35 votes

Nathan Brennan
phantasmkissthe_greenplumbobannaliese39mintycupcakeAngelEb95DeafSimmerDeKaysimmerLellaCupidKendranapoltergeistEvie0602VanPelt81Jasonschick80SimsandranerdfashionSims_JunkieKingGismoRapunzelMacaronCavapoo_King 21 votes
Nathan Bacon
icmnfrshkittymeowHollyHanoTodilooCheetahAlyssaWorramotRichieotto 7 votes
Brendon Bacon
TheYayToastThangwenMaggieMarleySigzy05Karababy52Cutie_Pie3074Greylady624 7 votes


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