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Body Hair ~ Yes or No?


  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 1,684 Member
    They need to put it in the base.
  • katka_kynclovakatka_kynclova Posts: 77 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    I didn't mind the option in TS3 but never used it anyway, apart from the werewolves. It would be the same for me in TS4.. it doesn't really match my current maxis match style so I wouldn't use it but it wouldn't bother me

    If they ever add body hair, it would have to be in "maxis match" style lol They aren't going to add something that doesn't match sim's actual hair, beard and eyebrow textures/art style.

    haha I see :smiley: I meant to say that I don't use it because it doesn't match my style (I don't use any body hair cc or skin overlays since the ones I've seen are very alpha. I didn't search for any maxis match though because I just don't need it) but it wouldn't bother me if it was added to the game
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  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 452 Member
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    Hmm, there is Build/Buy stuff I want more and gameplay needs depth. But of CAS stuff, I would say I need this as much as I need glasses that don't float so far in front of the sims face. At the moment TS4 is great for making femme guys, not so much bears.
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  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,755 Member
    While I'm gonna be eagerly awaiting a werewolf pack, I'd love body hair to be patched in regardless. It belongs in base game.
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  • MondayMonday Posts: 333 Member
    It's literally the only thing I want from this game.

    The lack of body hair is literally the only thing about the game that actively disappoints me. If the game ends without body hair being added in, that will be the one thing that absolutely crushes my opinion of the game as a whole.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,614 Member
    no unless they include toggles to turn off the feature in game
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  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,062 Member
    I would like it as an option in skin details so we can choose. I don't think I want all the male sims with body hair.
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  • hermioniahermionia Posts: 289 Member
    I never cared for body hair in the sims.
  • paradiseplanetparadiseplanet Posts: 4,368 Member
    Body hair should've been a part of the game since the very beginning! What excuse do they need to withhold something so simple for us? How many more years do we wait? I shouldn't have to wait on something like werewolves to get body hair.
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  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,488 Member
    DaWaterRat wrote: »
    I don't like body hair as an aesthetic, and will never use it when designing sims myself. If we had it, I'd probably remove it from any sim added to my core family who developed/had it.

    I absolutely think body hair should be in the game for those who do like it.

    Body hair should be genetic/ inheritable. (Just like IRL) So your core family would be protected

    Also maybe we should have the option to wax our Sims or send them to a waxing studio to remove unwanted body hair

    And females should have body hair like leg and arm hair too!
  • PrisinkiaPrisinkia Posts: 21 Member
    It's quite important to me, just to make them look a little less like plastic dolls.
  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 4,764 Member
    10. The lack of body hair on all adult male Sims bugs me a LOT. Enough that I am tempted to try mods that will let me put body hair on mine. I tend to prefer making them blond so that the lack of obvious body hair isn't so jarring aesthetically. Not all men are bears, but a world without them is just wrong.
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  • Franko30Franko30 Posts: 19 Member
    I absolutely want it in game, this is a must and need to be better than the sims 3. I feel like, this time it is gonna be better, like more option to where to put the bodyhair and thickness as well, all inclusive like shoulders, back, chest belly, arms, legs, hands... I mean I am sure they are working on it now, because all the big expansion are out now, and they are gonna deliver more on that type of thing. Just look at Discover University, we are getting way more tattoos and facial piercings, so my hope are high for bodyhair this time around. And yes, I am a bear, so inclusivity guys, I want it everywhere possible for regular sims,not just werewolves. Of course lightly on townies, but yes randomly put on them, because we need more diversity, and bodyhair is a feature more et less present on every cultures in the world, so I don't see how they would not add it seeing there want to represent people all over the world.

    I saw a lot of comments about Luumia bodyhair, and honestly I dont like cc bodyhair, they are too much alpha style, no matter maxis match they claims to be. And Looks bad once in play mode. They are also very limitating, like how can a guy have just a bit of bodyhair on is belly and so much on chest (I know it is possible, but we are not all the same).

    Something is telling me we are gonna have it with werewolf, because it is an occult not released yet and quite highly in demand, plus that would make sense now, since we have vampires, spellcasters and now college... The college werewolf, anyone remember that TV show? I could make my own story on this!
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 306 Member
    edited November 2019
    No because I would never put body hair on my female Sims. Plus, I use my favorite cc body hair called Luumia_BodyHairv5_black.package for my male Sims. This only puts body hair in one spot near their naval stomach area.

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  • silentcyborgsilentcyborg Posts: 159 Member
    10/10 if they do it base games - would love this for uni sims especially. 0/10 if it comes with werewolves only. Still creeped out by the (ugly ones in S3.
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    I rather have other things in game or bug fixes. I don't really care as most of the time you probably aren't really going to see or notice.

    Male sims need more clothing and hair options first.
  • SiggDiggitSiggDiggit Posts: 87 Member
    I can't accurately make sim versions of my husband and I without it, lol. Body freckles would be nice too, on the shoulders,upper chest and back. :smile:
  • BelphegorCatBelphegorCat Posts: 10 New Member
    I think it'd be really nice to have. It would certainly allow more variations on how sims look like, as well as being realistic, since a lot of people in real life have body hair (and it'd be nice to create sims that look just like them).
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 1,697 Member
    I don't care for myself personally as I'll likely forget to use it like I forget about tattoos. :D (oops!) It's not that I don't like them, I just forget! I'll see a sim with it and think it looks awesome and I'd bet I'd be the same with body hair too. It would be nice to have the option though, and it would make a lot of people happy.
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  • SarahsShadySarahsShady Posts: 926 Member
    Yes it would be a welcome addition, but I'd rather have a height slider over body hair.

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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,758 Member
    What's the point? To have a testosterone filled, virile, masculine looking male sim would ruin the sweet dreams and lollipops world of TS4 that has been so painstakingly crafted these 5 years.
  • PlanetSixamPlanetSixam Posts: 244 Member
    If I'm honest, I can live without it. It wasn't really something that I used a lot in the Sims 3 so I doubt I'd get much use out of it for the Sims 4.

    That said, if it were added then I wouldn't mind it. :smile:
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,672 Member
    I'm basically neutral. Werewolves aren't for me but I'm not really an occult player.

    Hairy men? They might get incorporated if the option is added. I'm not against it and I'd probably work it in but all my male sims would not become Sasquatch overnight either. I'm fine with having more representation of that physical trait.

    I feel like this should come with 1970s/1980s stuff, lol. Disco inferno, hairy men and werewolves. Those all kind of go together. I could kind of see Judith Ward racking up more ex-husbands with that pack.
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  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,338 Member
    What's the point? To have a testosterone filled, virile, masculine looking male sim would ruin the sweet dreams and lollipops world of TS4 that has been so painstakingly crafted these 5 years.

    What in the world are you talking about?
  • PrincessSaturnPrincessSaturn Posts: 564 Member
    Why would anyone vote for LESS options?
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