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The Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 03/07/2020*


  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 385 Member
    @Queenarella I think you're right ... 4 kids aren't that overwhelming. Both Cassandra and Keoni want to try for a baby.
    Maybe I should listen to them :lol:
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
    edited June 20
    Yep you have to unhide her household with MCCC. There should be an option if you click on the mailbox, then on MC Command center. If you unhide her household you can even move her into a house so she can meet her kid!

    The dark blue colour is lovely too :)

    I really want him to have a blue alien kid now! Blue would be very happy and not jealous at all. Would make for some funny moments when she favoured the blue kid over her own kids :D

    @MonaSolstraale nooooo don't do it! 5 kids is a nighmare :D but in your game the kids would be further apart in age than Vlad's 5 kids are in my game so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @MonaSolstraale Yes, listen to them :)

    I might do this :) I could also see her traits then and use the aspiration randomizer with her instead of Blue ^^

    I love dark blue colors. My favorite colors.

    That would be too cool :D Too bad there's currently no empty slot in the household :#

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member
    edited June 21
    Makes sense when you think about it. :)

    I love using reward traits, they're fun! However, I don't use the needs ones very often anymore, mostly just; frugal, gym rat, creative visionary, marketable, observant, waterproof, always welcome, sometimes steel bladder, savant, entrepreneurial, independent, carefree and slacker, plus the moodlet solver and potion of youth...okay, guess I use quite a few but not all at the same time, depends on the Sim, of course! :D

    I'm sure a lot of them do, but there's some that don't play other than at work.

    Okay, fair enough. I can understand how it would impact bigger cities more, less smog, better atmospheric weather as a result. I live in a small town rural area in the country so not much has really changed out here. However, I have read that the waters of the canals in Venice are actually clear now. That's amazing! :o

    Uh, right, um, is my face red? It should be. :# I don't know why I was thinking we only got chapters on Monday & Wednesdays. D'oh! Chalk it up to my schedule being all messed up because of everything that's been going on. o.O
    So glad you didn't lose him! I've read of Simmers who've had their Sims die at the lab and were afraid they'd never get their urns because it was a spouse of one of their Sims and the other didn't have that career. But, they'd make the Sim left behind join the career just long enough to get to the lab and the urn would be there for them to retrieve.

    I actually read that thread with Maggie explaining how it all works after I posted. That's a big bummer! :( Let's cross our fingers Roger gets abducted then if you still want a blue baby in this Gen. 🤞

    The secret handshake would've been more fun! :)

    lol Yeah, I love that sweet erratic guy! I love all of James and Tempy's offspring! <3

    I have no idea if that's normal or not, but it seems like an awful long time to walk around covered in bubbles. :D

    The screenshot where he's sitting on the couch eating and yelling at a bubble covered Brian to not sit down or he'd kick his butt. He doesn't look entirely green, just parts of his upper body/chest and parts of his legs. It's just lighting I guess. *shrugs*

    So silly how ghosts get angry over stuff like that, especially a ghost cat that doesn't even use plumbing. Ghost Sims shouldn't have to use plumbing either in my opinion, they're ghosts! :D

    Okay, gotcha. :)

    Aww, I agree, he's a very handsome elder, I think Kaden was though too! :)

    I had a hard time finding male plant/flower names too in my 100 Baby Challenge. Here's a few I found and used though that you're welcome to use; Aster, Bryony, Cosmos, Eryngo, and 'F' was the next letter for babies when I stopped. In my notes I had Foxglove (or just Fox) for a male.

    I very much admire those that can play a full house of Sims, I can, but just barely and I detest doing it, too stressful. The few times I haven't minded a full house is for the Asylum challenge and the Free Will challenge because I was only required to control one Sim in the first and none in the latter. :)

    Have a good one! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @Karababy52 I don't even know half of those reward traits :joy: For Melina I used the curse solver potion but that's not a trait. So this doesn't count? ^^

    I think it's different in Europe because the population is denser. Yes, I've heard about the canals in Venice, too. There's more going on, like dolphins are back in an area of the Middle Sea where they haven't been seen in forever because of all the tourists :sweat_smile: Well, next week a hot and dry summer should start. Let's see if the weather man is right about this :sweat_smile:

    Nah it's totally fine ^^ I mess up things all the time, too. Especially since the lockdown. Everything's upside down.
    So the lab never respawns and all the stuff we "store" there is gone? That's good to know. With a lot going on in the family lately I didn't join Blue and sent her alone. I was worried maybe the lot has respawned and John is lost now :#

    I kinda doubt there'll be a blue baby tho. If Roger should get abducted I'm pretty sure the baby would be green. For some reason all my alien babies (through abduction that is) were always green. But who knows, maybe things have changed. I haven't had an alien abduction pregancy for 2 years now I think.

    I've tried it out before - no screenshots tho - and it's really cool. Seeing the secret handshake between Blue and Violet ^^ I guess maybe that's how they became friends so fast.

    The gen 5 offspring is just adorable :) If I had to say I have a favorite I'd say maybe Melina tho. Her curse was too funny. Disgusting but funny :D I shouldn't have cured her...

    In real life time it seems awfully long but the game has it's own logic :p And as long as they disappeared - and they did that - I don't mind the bubbles staying longer than usuallly ^^

    Ghost sims don't use plumbings but they make it hover and break it this way :D I guess Sunshine was mad because the bathroom was a dirty mess :D She always went to the dirtiest bathroom in the old house before she died and complained that it was dirty.

    Kaden looked still young because of his youngish outifts :) His ghost is the worst lately tho -.-

    Thanks for the names! I'll write them down :) I won't name a boy Aster tho. I know a girl with this name as a family name and... I don't like her :D

    There's one thing that makes playing with a full household easy to handle: have enough bathrooms :D Anything else is just normal and you get used to it asap :) Unless 6 of the 8 sims are toddlers/babies. Then you better delete the save :joy:

    Have a nice Sunday! <3
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 385 Member
    edited June 21
    @Queenarella @Karababy52 Did you know that ghost cats use the litter box?
    Maybe Sunshine misses her litter box ;)
    It was a big surprise to me.... :o
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
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    @MonaSolstraale ghost cats also eat food! I've played with ghost cats quite a lot - I like them because they don't get sick.

    I find it weird that ghosts (of sims and pets) still need to eat, sleep, go to the toilet etc. You'd have thought they wouldn't have those needs anymore.

    Also: I use that self cleaning litterbox so often that I almost forgot the others need to be emptied :D
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @MonaSolstraale I didn't know ghost cats do this :o But to be fair, Sunshine is the first ghost cat in a loooong time in my game :D

    @MaggieMarley They need to do all this? I thought they just do this because they feel like it. My ghosts always eat my leftovers.

    Sunshine had the self-cleaning litterbox but I had to empty it every once in a while.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
    @Queenarella they won't die or anything if they don't (obviously since they can't die again lol) but they still have hunger, energy, bladder, hygiene etc needs which go down if they don't eat, sleep etc and they'll get miserable. It's more obvious if you're playing a ghost because if they aren't in your active household I think their needs refill when they disappear during the day.

    I think there are two kinds of self cleaning litter boxes. There is one that you still need to empty occasionally and one which you never have to empty. I always use the second kind and have never had to empty it in my game.
  • MonaSolstraaleMonaSolstraale Posts: 385 Member
    I also use the one that should never be cleaned ... you can see it in my picture
    I am Danish and I use Translate
    You are welcome to join our new Danish forum here: dksimlinger.danskforum.net/
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member
    edited June 21

    I think that counts, you got that potion from the rewards store, right? I used reward traits & potions a lot more before whims were borked than I do now. It's a shame. I loved seeing how many points I could pile up by fulfilling their whims. I just use whatever they get from aspiration milestones now to buy them.

    That makes sense, yeah. Amazing about the dolphins. I also read there's some clams taking over a beach somewhere because of the lack of tourists too. Keeping my fingers crossed for warm/dry weather there for you! 🤞
    No, the lab never respawns as long as you're in the same save game, it stays exactly the same and everything you put there will be there for whatever Scientists go to the lab, in that save game. If you start a new save though, it'll be a new default lab as if no one has ever been there.

    All green? That's interesting, all three (a single & twins) of my alien abduction babies have been blue! :o

    I bet it is why they became friends so fast. They have a built in bond. :) I love the secret handshake, it's very cool to see.

    It is disgusting, but I can see how you'd think it's funny. :D I never let any of my Spellcasters get to the danger zone of that possibly happening though. Maybe I should with the next one I have. I have a Sim I recently made just messing around in CAS that would look especially funny with that curse. She's very goofy looking anyway, I imagined her for another try at BOTU perhaps or just as a goofy, good-hearted witch. Her name is Eloise Hurley.

    A little odd looking from the front, nothing too bad though really except the bobble head and tiny eyes. BUT, check out her profile. :D


    True, true, it would be comical to see Sims walking around like that as if nothing was amiss. :D

    I find it so odd too that ghosts in this game are nothing more than transparent Sims. The only thing special about them is they can't die and they can break stuff, 'haunt' things and a few other things. Why do they have all the same needs as regular Sims?

    @MonaSolstraale @MaggieMarley Thanks to both of you for your info on ghost cats too! I've never had a ghost cat so I had no idea about the litter box situation. It makes sense though now that you mention it. Incidentally, whenever I've played cats, I always used the laser eyes cat box that never needs to be cleaned, it just zaps and disintegrates those 🌺🌺🌺🌺 into oblivion. That thing is so funny! I love it! <3

    You're welcome and no worries. Use or don't use any that you wish. :)

    HAHA I actually had a combo of 7 babies/toddlers once in my 100 Baby challenge! o.O Thank God it was only for a day though, then a few of them aged up to child. It was a mad house, but I actually enjoyed playing that challenge except for the crying babies.

    Hope you had a good Sunday and have a good upcoming week! Looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow! <3
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @MaggieMarley That is so crazy :o It's the first time I read about this and I've played ts4 since it came out :D

    I used the one that says "self-cleaning" in the description. Guess that was a lie. lol

    @Karababy52 Yes I bought it with reward points. I still try to fullfill whims sometimes but it's annoying that they don't get completed when you complete them so I often click the x...

    The weather man says it should get hot and dry this week :D It looks sunny outside so far :D
    That's good to know, thank you! :) So I don't need to worry about John lol

    It's been a super long time since my last abduction baby but as far as I can remember they all were always green. I think it was only a few weeks ago I learned that alien babies can be other colors, too. In this thread to be honest :joy:

    Yeah, I guess so, too! Violet and Blue haven't talked as much as Blue and Maralyn so maybe the secret handshake did something big to their relationship :)

    Eloise looks... interesting :D Is she related to Vlad? lol

    I was today years old when I learned about the ghost needs :joy: I wish there were more ghosts that could do something to sims like the murphy bed ghost.

    Haven't you told me about your challenge of the 7 toddlers challenge or whatever it's called? :D

    Have a great week, too! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member

    Yay! \o/ I hope you'll have time to get out and enjoy it while you can. :)
    Nope, John will be there waiting for Blue whenever she returns to the lab. :)

    Oh gosh, I've seen all the colors of aliens over the years for babies, just not in my game. :D

    LOL! I swear I didn't do that on purpose, but you're right, she does look related to Vlad! Hmm, maybe I'll finally play him when I play with Eloise and say he's her long lost Great, Great, Great Grandfather or something. Perhaps that's the reason she's not a vampire because her line of the family started before he was turned or something, but they're still an occult. Something to mull over anyway. :)

    Man, that's right! I forgot Murphy Ghosts have a special thing they can do. I have one, Don! But he's stuck at the family cemetery right now. lol Maybe I'll bring his urn to the house of a future Drifter just for funsies! :D

    That's right, I did do that challenge. But that was 7 toddlers, not a combination with babies. Toddlers aren't that hard really once you know all the tricks to taking care of them. Now, trying to get 7 babies to toddlers? That would have me tearing my hair out! o.O No, just...NO!

    Hopefully I will and you too! <3 *looks around for next chapter*
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    And here we have today's chapter :) I hope I'll have enough time tomorrow to play because I only have like 5 screenshots for Wednesday's chapter :sweat_smile:

    Chapter 5.4
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @Karababy52 So far it's only a tad warm and kinda cloudy sunny :D
    John is a good drone :) Loyal and blue :D

    Don't raise my hopes for different colors :D I'd like green babies, too, but some variety would be cooler :p

    Eloise is an occult? That backstory sounds seriously cool :D Imagine the moment they meet for the first time :D:D

    Oh right, you killed Don with a murphy bed lol I never use those beds as they don't really fit into the style I pick for my bedrooms :#

    Hm, babies are easier to handle than toddlers, imo :D Toddlers are more demanding. But it might seem to me this way as I always try to get them the top notch toddler trait.

    Already posted it <3
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
    edited June 22
    I love how Blue and Violet seem to be such good friends with the autograph and then the serum - so cute.

    Looks like James is none too fond of his daughter in law lol

    I don't understand how you complete so many collections. I can tell I am going to fail big time on that part of the legacy challenge :D

    Rose is a cute toddler! I hope she stays cute :D looks like she got Blue's eyes and Roger's nose? So happy she will have blue hair! You may have to manually change it to blue in CAS when she is a teen as with colours that aren't available for toddlers the hair doesn't tend to automatically change to the colour it should be when they become teens if you have edited their clothes/hair in CAS when they are younger- so annoying.

    Aww James is such a good grandad.

    Bel and Mary are so pretty! Especially love Bel even if she is evil lol. That hair and makeup suits her so well.

    Poor Blue still hoping for a blue baby lol

    Another girl!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member
    Love the drones, their big eyes are so cute! :D

    No harm in hoping! I think all mine are blue from using my custom save, maybe the same Pollination Tech? *shrugs*

    She isn't yet, but has the Spellcaster Potions aspiration. I'll have a Sage make her a witch if I go that direction. I could also do BOTU with her. It would be fun seeing her with Vlad! :D

    I did. :'( Wish it hadn't been necessary. I've used the Murphy bed for a tiny home build when the pack came out and for Don. Deleted the bed afterward. o.O

    Toddlers are more work, but their cries don't bother me like the babies. Maybe if it had some variety, instead of the same grating sound. :# However, I do love their sweet cuddling coos. :)

    Current Chapter:
    Sweet image of Tempy cuddling Rose. <3

    Hello Ladies! Funny seeing Violet fangirl over Blue and Maralyn talking to the mailbox. :D I keep forgetting Maralyn's erratic. Also, I hope an EL patch to fix all the bugs is coming soon! I want to play with her!

    "the blue thing" Tsk, James, that's not nice. Better make peace with her Mr., you're both going to be around a long time. :)

    I would not gulp down an untested serum, nope, no way, no how. Violet's a good friend. :)

    Hmm, not sure if you do get a plaque for those prints, I don't remember. Hopefully!

    Can James realistically even see Bel sitting there? I'd think she's too low and the computer is blocking his view. :D

    Could someone please make it shut up? This is so me! If I had a quarter for every time I had that thought, I'd be richer than Jeff Bezos! o.O

    Rose is an adorable toddler and yay for blue hair eventually! \o/ Love the pic of Rose watching Grandpa paint AND him playing with her, so cute!

    Wow! :o The twins are absolutely stunning teens! Fabulous makeovers! Good luck if you decide to do Mary's aspiration. At least it's not Angling Ace, would be a nightmare with the squeamish trait. o.O

    Welcome Lily! Not blue, of course, but maybe she'll get blue hair like her sister will eventually. Love that James is such a doting Grandfather. <3

    Cool repair bot, does it work?

    Might want to get rid of the ball. In my experience, Sims won't stop kicking until one or all needs are red. Have no idea if it'll kill him, possibly? o.O Man, he's so skinny, makes his head look huge! :D But still handsome! <3

    Great chapter, as always! :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    It might be that the two are still friends from the bachelor part. I usually don't delete relationships between contestants :)

    The red is slowly going away but he still is a bit angry she didn't tell him she was an alien :joy:

    One big part is time :D I'm on generation 5 an had a lot of time collceting all that. Another huge help is Carl's guide site. It tells you how to get certain stuff or where :) I'm usually horrible at completing collections but this time - first time - I rock it :D

    Yeah I edited Rose's clothes :/ I may not change her hair to blue tho as the red hair go pretty well with her name. Hm, I think you're right, she has Blue's eyes and Roger's nose. The "unique" part I meant is the shape of her face. But maybe it won't look too special with the right makeup and hairstyle ^^

    I tried to give Bel the new MAC makeup. It made her look like a clown :| But I used the blush and lipstick for both :D

    Yeah and probably the last baby for Blue and Roger as the house is full ^^ Maybe - just maybe - Roger will get abducted and come back pregnant. That's the only chance from now on to have another baby.

    The way the drones' eyes wander around is totally cute, too! :)

    Now that you say it, the pollination tech was always green, too :D But it was in completely different saves and I use the "normal" template.

    Did you know that the Seasons family, the father... he's Vlad's cousin :D Did you know that? Maybe your sim could be his sister lol

    It's weird to kill a sim... But you had a reason to do so.

    I don't mind the cries for whatever weird reason :D My house is big enough to go to another place to not hear it anymore :joy:
    Violet is friends with Blue so no idea why she went all fangirl over her :D Maralyn looks like a modern lady and that makes you forget her erratic trait. At least that's the reason for me to forget it ^^

    Around for a long time. Well, James still has days left :D I don't know how many rn tho... Last time I checked I tried to do the math if he will see his twins as young adults. Can't remember the result. (I'm bad at maths)

    The prints are base game, aren't they? I think base game collections all have plaques. If not I'll send a letter of complaint to one of the SimGurus :joy:

    Agree, I bet he can't see her there. But he can hear her lol

    As long as you only think it, you're fine. When you yell at your screen, you might need a break :joy:

    Well, I'd have to change her hair to blue - weird CAS thing - but maybe I'll keep the red hair :# It goes so well with her name :p

    Thank you :) I guess I won't do this aspiration with Mary. It will be around soon anyway and maybe - just maybe - I'll do it then ^^

    It took James a few days to realize he has grandkids but as soon as he found them, he hovers around them 24/7. I bet the waterslide is jealous!

    The repair bot works. Slow but works :D

    James only looks skinny from the side. From the front he looks muscular. He's basically a flounder :joy:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
    She has a unique face shape? Oh no I hope that doesn'tmean she has a tiny chin - I can cope with pretty much anything else that my sims'genetics throw at me but I hate when that happens :D

    Also you're right the red hair goes with her name :)

    I hope that when Tempy and James are dead you leave at least 1 empty household slot so that Roger might get pregnant if he gets abducted ;)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member
    Huh, okay. Maybe I just got lucky then. I don't have much experience with aliens. :D

    I did know that, but had forgotten all about it! Good call! Thanks for the reminder, certainly another option to explore for Eloise and Vlad! :)

    I never kill my Sims on purpose without a very good reason. I love all of them too much to do that.

    LOL Okay, yet another good reason to play in a big house eh? ;) I still can't play in mansions though, too overwhelming. I'd probably keep losing my Sim. o.O
    It's just the way the gaming code is meant to happen. It doesn't care if they're friends or not. I've even seen spouses fan over each other. So silly! That must be it. I dressed her too well for an erratic Sim. :D

    I just meant a long time as in ghosts. Might die soon, but he'll always be around, like Nathan and all the others, plus Violet one day. :)

    They are base game. Aww, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! And for the poor SimGuru who might receive a scathing message. o.O

    I haven't said anything like that out loud, yet. But I have been known to say, "Oh for God's sake! or WTH are you doing?" If Hubby's around he'll ask me what happened. :D

    I knew you'd have to change it, but I think the red hair suits her with her name. At least now as a toddler. You might change your mind when she ages up. :)

    You're welcome! :) Will you pick another aspiration for her then? Or roll for one I should say.

    Aww, man, that is SO adorable. I just love James. I never played with him, but I love how you've been playing him. He's such a sweetheart. <3

    A flounder? o.O HAHA You crack me up lady! That's hilarious! :D
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    I played again today and checked her older form again because I wasn't too sure about it anymore: her face shape is normal. There's just a gap between nose and mouth - or more like the mouth is a bit too low - that makes it look like she has a short chin. Basically, it's just the mouth is a bit too low. :D No problem tho. Makeup can fix that.

    I think I'll keep the red hair :) Maybe the other baby will have blue hair ;)

    There should be 4 new slots in a few sim days. The twins will move out asap as young adults and the elders will die soon, too. So 4 new slots, 4 alien babies can use them up :D I really hope for alien babies ^^

    I have no idea either lol Maggie sounds like an expert tho :)

    I learned about it in Maggie's challenge :D:D

    It's been a loooong time since I killed one of my sims on purpose... I think the last one was actually the fugu death.

    I don't lose my sims but I keep losing my bots :# I have Roger rebuild them instead of looking for them now :joy:
    Ugh yeah I had that with Blue and the twins all the time today...

    An erratic sim is dressed differently. Either like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons or a bit over the top like George :p Well, imo that is ^^

    Unless I mess up again like I did with Damian :# That reminds me, one tomb had the strengthen spirit option today and I forgot to do it... I also forgot to take the couple picture again... o.O

    Any suggestions who should get a message? :D:D

    I sometimes yell at my screen playing the game :joy: I guess that's why I prefer playing when I'm home alone ^^

    I think Rose will keep her red hair :) Haven't had a redhead in the family anyway :)

    Wait, I have to roll the new aspiration? :| I always pick whatever I feel like as a second one :joy: I usually let the heir and their spouse have 2 asprations :)

    You've never played James? o.O

    A lot of elders in the game look like flounders :p
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 3,141 Member
    I think she's played with a lot of aliens and hybrids, so probably discovered lots of things about them over time. :)

    Pufferfish Nigeri? Who did you kill? #iscurious

    I'm sure you'll find another pile or two of parts in random places like before next to the rocket. That's one reason I don't know if I'd like to use those things. I'm too much of a micromanager. I'd have to keep track of where they are and what they're doing at all times, couldn't just let them roam free. It would drive me nuts! :D
    *sigh* Yet another feature that wasn't very well implemented and needs to be tweaked but probably never will be.

    I would've dressed Maralyn a little more eccentric, but the rules say try not to give away their traits so I tried to be subtle about it. lol Once I start playing her in EL though, she'll dress a bit, er, differently. ;)

    Uh oh, better get on that or you'll find one of your ghosts have fled to the forest, as the game calls it. o.O

    I have no idea, sorry. Don't know who worked on what in the base game. You'd have to look something like that up to figure it out.

    LOL Totally understand! That's one reason I like to wait and play after Hubby's gone to bed. Besides less distractions, I can yell at my Sims all I want without getting weird looks from him. :D

    Good idea, I love redhead Sims and have created/played many of them over the years. :)

    I don't know if you have to roll or not, I was just assuming that would be part of the rules for a Legacy. Maybe need to look that up too. ;)

    Nope, if you recall he was created in CAS using the 'play with genetics' feature as a Son of my Sim, Sunshine Beam and Don Lothario. However, since I have the modified (added YA Tempy & James as parents, aged down Brian, Roger & Melina to teens) Gen 5 children file you uploaded to the Gallery in my game's custom template now, I have seen him around while playing with Judd in the EL pack. :) I've seen all of Gen 5 there, plus George and Sophie so far.

    Indeed! :p

  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    True! Afai knows a lot, too. :)

    I had twins and they looked super identical I couldn't keep them apart. I had them be the good and bad twin, some drama over a woman - bad twin acting like he's the good twin around good twin's girlfriend etc - and bad twin made good twin eat bad pufferfish :D:D It was mainly about the heritage. Bad twin didn't want to share :p It's been so long I can't even remember their names.

    You can hover them around most of the time. The problem is when their battery is low or when they need to be repaired. Then it's time to search them. But I think you can click on the station to find them.
    I'd say let's hope for the patch but that won't be fixed :D

    Oh that comment about not giving away traits is meant as "don't tell the traits" and "don't describe the traits in the bio too much" :) She looks stunning tho! Always amazed when I see her.

    The forest? It's really called that? :joy: Yeah I will do it as soon as I start the game again! And then max photography and take a selfie with Roger and Blue. Roger is an adult by now -.-

    Oh no, I didn't mean like who worked on this. More like, who should we randomly annoy with it? :D:D

    The few times my mom saw me playing sims she looked super suspicious at the screen :D One of her friends one yelled on a party "You play sims? Watch them woohoo all the time, aren't you? :D " So not true... I guess my mom thinks that's the case -.- She usually finds me bulding tho :D

    I usually end up creating blond sims. The middle blond is just soooo pretty :love: And blue or green eyes. I love blue eyes.

    I better not look it up or I might find out I've been cheating 5 generations long o.O

    That's so cool! I feel honored to have my sims in your game :love:
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,589 Member
    Just checked the rules on aspirations. It says:
    You may not change a Sim’s current aspiration. The exception is when they fully complete an aspiration. When that happens, you may choose their new aspiration, as long as it is not one they’ve already completed

    So you can choose the second aspiration :)
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,612 Member
    @MaggieMarley Thank you for looking it up! Now I'm relieved I didn't cheat lol
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