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The Legacy-Bachelor Challenge *updated 20/02/2021*

QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,034 Member
Hello everyone!

All over this forum you can find Bachelor Challenges in many different ways. Here is just another one ... but with a tiny difference: It's also a Legacy Challenge.

About the Legacy Challenge

The Legacy part will follow the typical rules, scoring included. You can find all the rules here.

The Succession Laws

* Gender Law: Equality -> Both sons and daughters can be heir.
* Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional -> Naturally born kids only can be heir (so no adopted ones or brought in from earlier relationships).
* Heir Law: Democracy -> There will be polls where you can vote who should be heir. *yay*
* Species Law: Tolerant -> Heir can be an alien, spellcaster, vampire, mermaid or non-occult sim.

About the Bachelor Challenge

A legacy founder - and also each heir - needs a spouse. And that's where the Bachelor Challenge takes place. Instead of looking for a townie to marry into the legacy family, there will be castings to find 7 sims to woo for the founder or heir. The winner - of course - will be the spouse then.

There will be an extra thread for the casting and this one will be the main thread with all the chapter updates. You can find the seperate casting thread here.

General Information

All chapters will be posted here.

I'm not sure yet of the writing style. I'll probably pick 2 different ones, one for the Bachelor part and one for the Legacy part. I'll edit this as soon as I've come to a decision.

WARNING: I tend to be a bit mean to the sims in my game. If you're not sure what exactly I could mean with this, look at my BOTU to see what I mean. I'm adding this information because - unlike me - some people have a strong connection to the sims they've created and of course they don't want to see them harmed. If you don't want to see your sim being treated this way (I'm not that bad tho, am I?), please do not submit a sim to the challenge. I really don't want to start a fight over a sim when the challenge is meant to be just for fun :)


For previous chapters, click here.

G7.D1: Once Upon a Time
G7.D1: Fairy Queen
G7.D3: Bouncing Balls
G7.D4: Tails
G7.D5: A Titanic Quote
G7.D6: A Brennan History Lesson
G7.D7: Neat Freak
G7.D8: Hot Water
G7:D9: Talkie Talkie Time
G7.D10: One Step Closer
G7.D11: The Finale

Chapter 7.1
Chapter 7.2
Chapter 7.3
Chapter 7.4
Chapter 7.5
Chapter 7.6
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