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Oh wow didn't know this...

So I was searching information on Alien Abductions in Sims 3 and I didn't know but apparently there was Alien Abductions in Sims 1!? I never had this happen...apparently it's rare though. I don't even have The Sims 1 installed...don't think I can install it on Windows 10.

Has anyone installed The Sims successfully on Windows 10? I have all the discs.

Also has anyone seen Alien Abductions in The Sims 1?


  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,494 Member
    edited October 9
    I do remember one of my sims being abducted in TS1. It was horrible, but only because I hadn't the slightest idea what was going on and thought my game was broken when I could no longer control him. He came back home eventually, of course, with what seemed to be some very interesting stories to tell others. I think it was a bit less convenient back then to stop playing and go online, my goodness I have to dial up or use a different device (what device, my landline phone?), to find answers to questions about things as they happen in the game, in real time. :)
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