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Old Sims3 Games Keep Blowing Up

As in crashing, without warning.

I thought it was my Sims themselves that may be causing the problem, as they are the original Sims I first starting playing from the beginning - eight years ago. Then I got a new computer with Win 10; Sims 3 installed and ran fine, but after all these years, I concluded my original Sims were just too corrupt to continue playing. So I decided to revisit old saves from years ago, as in 2012 - before Seasons and Supernatural were released. I noticed the redraw time was far less on the old games, so I figured great, I'll just play these again - relive old times. Nope. A simple trip to the public pool or even just doing some redecorating in edit mode and the game crashes, without warning. This is back when I did not have more than 8 Sims per household. I know I could try creating my Sims all over again and see what happens, but I'd rather not go through that. And with no hint of Sims 5 in the near future, I'm worried I may have to return to games like Doom or Wolfenstein. They're good games, but I prefer Sims 3.

Computer stats: 16GM RAM; Intel Core i7-800 CPU; 3.2 GHz Processor


  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,508 Member
    What does your newer computer have for a graphics card? Have you taken the steps to cap its frame rates and check the actual fps rates you are getting in game with the fps on cheat code? Remember that being an older game, TS3 has no functional built-in fps limiter.

    Do you have/still have NRaas mods designed to preserve game performance in play, most notably being Overwatch, ErrorTrap, Register, and Traffic? Does a MasterController Reset Everything run from the City Hall MC > Town menu help at all?

    If it's not any of these things, I would ask how the game plays if you were to transplant one of your older households to a new game by way of the household bin.
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  • Jed_Bartlet_02Jed_Bartlet_02 Posts: 424 Member
    NRass mods - absolutely. Wouldn't run Sims without them. And I did do a reset everything - it didn't help.

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Had not considered the fps rate, you might have to give me a little more detail here.

    I have been contemplating transporting the household to a new game, I was just hoping to avoid that.

  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,508 Member
    To see the actual frame rates you are getting in-game, ctrl+shift+C to bring up the cheats console and type fps on (enter). As you play and move the game camera around, including in Build/Buy, the fps should never wander above the refresh rate of your monitor. Most are 60 Hz, so that's 60 fps, some can run a bit higher. To make the display go away, cheats console again and type fps off (enter).

    The usual tool to start with is the built-in Nvidia Control Panel. There needs to be a profile set up for TS3.exe (for Patch 1.69) or TS3w.exe (with the "w" for 1.67), Vertical Sync On or Adaptive (whichever one works). Vertical Sync only works in full screen mode. If that's not enough to lock things in or if windowed mode is required, then we add Nvidia Inspector, which is a separate download, and for TS3 explicitly set the Frame Rate Limit to 60 (or whatever the refresh rate of the monitor is). See this post, under the spoilers, for illustrations.
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