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Brand new monster computer - too much for TS2?

Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 663 Member
so I have TS2 installed on my laptop and it works so-so. Getting weird graphics even after installing the Graphics Rule Maker. It's sorta playable. I created a new game, started a new neighborhood and like I said things are a bit weird.

So I thought I would get it installed on my brand new killer machine just so I could clean things up, check the families and maybe even play a little. I installed from Origin launcher, installed the graphics rule maker, got my card recognized and tried to launch the game. It crashes usually while trying to load the neighborhood. I did a "repair" of the game via Origin launcher and it still crashes.

I have

Windows10 Home 64 bit
32gb RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 w/8gb

Any thoughts?

Side note: I have two monitors and it does not like it if I try to switch to my other monitor while it's loading. It will immediately crash to desktop. It still crashes if I don't try to switch to the other monitor but thought I'd mention it.

EDIT: I did an uninstall and reinstall but it didn't help. I just did the uninstall from the Origin launcher. I noticed that the game folders didn't go away from I uninstalled so I'm guessing it really didn't completely uninstall it.
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  • MoneyquarterMoneyquarter Posts: 8 New Member
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